How to Photograph Dior Perfume Bottles Like a Pro | Tutorial

Okay welcome back to SUB’S CHOICE, today I was
thinking we should do a shot quick quick and dirty shot of a perfume bottle. PARFUM! Do we have any focus on this camera I have absolutely no idea. So this one will
shoot, doesn’t really matter what we are shooting because what I really want to
show today’s a bit about the background and how easy it is to make it look
fantastico. Today we’re shooting with Canon Canon 5d Mark IV, today I’m testing out
Capture One, everybody says it’s a great software so let’s try it out see… maybe. As a photographer it’s very important to
hang on a C-stand and look cool. As usual we start with with the camera to make sure
we have a black canvas, black frame we want to under expose two or three stops,
if we like to raise the shadows in post. Okay, so right now it’s on ISO 100, 125th of a second shutter speed and the
aperture is 2.8, I will take a shot without any flashes and what do we get?
Yes now we see that this LED lights goes in to the picture, we don’t want that, we
don’t want them to mess up our nice picture because we want control with
only flashes. I will put up the aperture a bit, maybe to like let’s say 13. Okay now
we almost have a black frame there is some reflections in this glass but let’s
go for this, it’s almost totally black. Today I was thinking that we should use
a tabletop, this tabletop is from IKEA and it’s called Glasholm, I don’t
know if they still make them, maybe they do. They are great, the other side…
It’s a black glass table and you can use it as a background when you
shoot, it’s great. The reason why it’s upside down is because I destroyed the
the other side because I was doing a photo shoot for a magazine, a Swiss
watch magazine and I had an idea with this. I wanted to make sparks of fire, I
mean I wanted to make some sort of sparks flying around, so I put in the
drill and then attached steel wool and then I put it on and then I lit it on
fire and then it started to fly all over, because I was making
this as a background the watch was in the foreground and I
was doing like this and then spinning around and then I was clicking the
camera, and with longer shutter speed they fly all over the place and they
landed, this glowing burning small parts from this steel wool ended up here and
they burn this glass. They were so hot so they burned the glass so now it’s like
small holes in it yeah. So don’t do this. I turn it upside down and I think it
will work. Let’s take another shot, do we have a black frame? Yes almost, so how do we start? We need to light this nice bottle of course so let’s put up a light.
This is the hard part to know… crappy sh#t The hard part is to know where to place
the light, just have a bare flash. So now the flash is on and let’s take let’s
just hit the product with some light and push flash what do we get?
There we go, well what do you think? A bit overexposed maybe, we can turn down the power a bit, it’s it’s kind of nice but isn’t there anywhere else I can place
this flash where the product will look nicer? Well I built this tool, this is a
very great tool to know where to put the flash. If you see the camera, this is the angle of the camera, you see? Like that and if I should try
if I try to not spill out the coffee and I want to recreate this angle, like that,
and then I lock this. Now I have the angle of the camera and then I’ll turn
it around like that and this is how I know where to place the flash. It should
be placed somewhere along this line, it can even be placed up in the roof
there because it’s exactly the same angle as the camera. I have a white roof
here maybe if I shoot the flash up there what will happen? I will take the flash
and shoot it along this angle up there maybe somewhere around there. Starting to
be a bit more interesting I would say because this is… maybe I can put on this
modifier to get it a bit more spotted and raise it up like this. Let’s create like a
spot there. Take a shot, you see this surface right now it’s bit matte so it’s not
highly reflective but if you had like something reflective, okay we can take
this golden paper, if I place that like that maybe, test shot, you see. Let’s put down the power. To bright, put it down, it’s extremely reflective actually
oh it’s minimum, well do you get the idea this looks much nicer I would say but I don’t think we should use golden background today. If you don’t have a
shiny plexiboard or whatever it’s called, then you can create
your own by adding water. Now we have water and if I place the
project into the water right now what will happen? Let’s take a shot, because still the only flash we are using is the one in the same angle as the
camera let’s turn the power up and move it out of the frame like that,
take a shot, you see, but we have all these backgrounds and everything so probably
it’s not the best spot but you get my point?
It’s the same thing like food photography, all the food
photographers they always like to stand by a window. Window, food, camera. The same
angle you know a window down you get specular highlights on the food and it
looks very nice and you want to eat it. Let’s place the flash closer
because I don’t want to have this I don’t want to have this big flat surface
I would like to have a spot then we need to make it smaller so I think we should
move it closer, which one should we use? This one, this is a Profoto D2 you can
use any flash off course this is, sort of, the same angle. The guide light, let’s take a
shot and see what happens, that’s interesting you see it’s the reflection because
water is highly reflective so it makes a perfect mirror of the flash head, it’s like a
mirror yeah, what to do when you have highly reflective surface? We need to
diffuse the light as usual okay so let’s take a diffuser and place it in between
the flash and the product, what do we get? Wow, look at this, now it’s starting to
look kind of interesting yes it’s a bit too dark we can always put up the flash
power, let’s take another one Wow, wow… because now we will see this
spot diffusing diffusing frame I have it’s a bit too small we need
put on another one but as you see now we will get the spot from the flash and
because it’s in the right angle we will see the perfume shining up so let’s put
on a bigger one, my old scabby trusty diffusion, by the way, if you’re not
subscribing… something like this maybe we leave the flash as it was, now we have a
bigger diffusion that will cover the whole yeah that’s nice
maybe somewhere around there yes that’s nice but what can we do now when we have
water maybe we can play a bit with the water, what would happen if I just freaking out a bit… you see my finger
there but that can we can always retouch out if you just, wow I love this, you know
water is so great to work with because it’s always looks fantastic. Do
we need some more lights? You see, maybe we need a bit here on the neck, because it’s
very dark this is beautiful golden mini chain or whatever it is
so I think we should put out another flash because we have other flashes and
then I think we should use them yeah so let’s take another flash over here turn
it on and let’s not go too crazy with the power, now it’s quite low power and
put on the guide light see it looks like it will hit the neck of the bottle, let’s take a shot it’s
nice on the neck, a bit overexposed but we also get a lot of flares in the glass and
everywhere maybe we can put on the honeycomb grid and it will spot the
light a bit, focus the light on the neck yes maybe we actually need a bit more over all light then I will go to aperture F11 actually and
now maybe this looks very nice when you just dropping the bottle makes this…
looks very beautiful, it will be nice with some drops and stuff but it’s a bit
plain, the picture, maybe we can play a bit with shadows with this
kind of… you know it’s just a foam board you can find it everywhere, everywhere! By
the way this is what I used to make my diffusion frames because it’s always
always a pain in the ### I make this once, it’s actually my photographer friend Hans who was here, I saw he made this kind of frame, so this is actually the same
and then I just cut out the frame and then this actually this one is with glue on
one side you cut out the frame and then you glue the diffusion material, it
doesn’t have to be the thick one – Savag,e you can use just a regular diffusion.
Shadows, let’s play with shadows now we’re starting to mess up this nice light spot,
holding it in front of the flash, if you like to have a sharper edge then we can
place it as close as possible to the bottle, now we’re starting to get like a
sharper edge, as close as possible. Placing this into the clamp and what do
we get? That’s kind of cool yeah, it’s a bit
messy but it doesn’t really matter right now because we will mess it up with water. I think it will look very interesting to
break up this sharp edge with some water action. Let’s see how it looks
now if I just dropping this bottle, hope I’ll not break it. You see, very cool now there
is something more going on. The water right now is black and white you know, I
mean it’s gray… gray and black, let’s go crazy and make everything golden! CTO, color
temperature orange filter… gel. And we can put this in front of the flash. It’s a quarter yeah a quarter CTO orange, I think we need more than one
layer actually I think we need to cut out one piece so now we have this piece
I will double it by folding it and let’s take a shot and see
what happens with double, the question is, is it nicer or is it… not? So, golden I
think it’s kind of cool maybe it’s easier to see when I do…
yeah it looks more luxury, doesn’t it? There we have the picture, but I want to
have some splashes I think. There is focus. What you can work with,
you can work with air, this is canned air, if I just blowing, it’s also a bit cool yeah.
The problem here is that you really need to have a friend helping you out with
this because if you want to have this waves, some splashes and press the camera at the same time, you know it’s very very hard to do this by yourself so maybe at the end I will
combine different exposures in Photoshop. I would like to test to pour some water
on the top, maybe it can be cool if the bottle a bit on the ‘sniskan’ on the
side let’s start to pour some water on this. You see, they’re frozen
because we have this fantastic Profoto flash. I would like to have a bit more
action now I think we will have something. Yeah please subscribe if you
like this, because e if you do then you have not only the chance to come here
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a subscriber, one of you guys. Okay so don’t forget, if you’d like to join: [email protected] See you next time!


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