How to make your own GIF in Photoshop

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– You probably see and use GIFs online every day, whether it’s to share
your reaction to something or to spice up your Instagram or to argue online about
how it’s pronounced, but what if there’s no
perfect GIF out there that expresses how you’re really feeling? Easy, you just make one yourself. There’s a lot of different
ways to make GIFs now, and it’s actually easier
than it’s ever been. Using a YouTube video takes
the least amount of effort, because GIPHY has online tools that lets you cut out specific parts. You can also use their desktop app to drag the part of the
screen you wanna capture and recording the clip
you need to your computer, but if you wanna expand past this and stand out with
something more original, you’ll wanna make your own. To begin, you need a basic
understanding of animation. A GIF is nothing but a sequence of frames. It’s like a digital
version of a flip book. If you take any GIF from the Internet and open it in Photoshop, you can see all of the individual frames it’s made of. This short GIF is 41 frames. Each frame is showing one
layer of the image at a time, and when you put it all together,
it creates a tiny story. We can see that it takes about 20 frames for the dog to walk up to the gate, and maybe 10 frames for the
dog to actually pass through, but your GIF doesn’t need to have a lot of frames to make sense. It can be as basic as two or three frames, and that’d be enough to
get the point across, like this drawing I did of
me typing away on a keyboard, which is just two frames. Looking at frames can be helpful if you wanna study motion and timing. Like in animation, you’re
creating an illusion of movement through a bunch of still
images put together. The more frames you have in your file, the smoother the motion will be, and the more complex
your animations can get, not to mention, your file
size gets bigger, too. Here’s one that’s made of five frames. So, let’s make a GIF. I’m going to open up
this GIF in Photoshop, and use it as a guide to draw a version of yourself break dancing, and I’ll have a link to this GIF in the description box below. Basically, you’re going to draw over this using it as a guide, and it’s kind of like a
technique called rotoscoping in which animators draw
over live-action footage. Now, we have our GIF
opened up in Photoshop, and you can see I have
the five layers here and the animation timeline on the bottom, and the Layers panel is where you can see which layers will be
visible in each frame, so, I’m going to use this as a stencil and create a new GIF. So, I’m gonna create a new layer here and adjust the opacity of the bottom layer so I can use that as a guide, and I’m just gonna draw,
maybe, like, a bear over this. So, now that we’ve drawn our five layers, we’re gonna go back and delete the original stencils
that we worked off of, just to clean up our workspace. Now, go to the timeline and set it so that each frame is
showing one layer at a time. So, we’re gonna start on
the first frame and make it so that the first layer is
the only layer that’s visible, and do the same for the second
frame, but only this time, it’s the second layer that’s visible, and you’re gonna do this for
each frame in the timeline. Just make sure that only one
layer is being shown at a time. So, now that we’ve cleaned up everything, let’s test this out and press play by pressing the space bar, and it looks like he’s going kind of slow, so, we can adjust the speed
of the animation here. You can go to the bottom of
the frames in the timeline, and this panel shows exactly how long each frame will be shown, so, I’m gonna change this to 0.1 seconds, and you can do this for each frame, and let’s test that out. So, that looks great! So, now let’s talk about how
we’re going to export this so you can actually use it on the web. So, before we go to export, make sure you go below the timeline and set looping to forever, because you want it to
keep dancing forever, and then you go to File,
Export, Save for Web, and make sure the looping options here are also set to forever. And here on this window, you
can set your GIF file size. Keep in mind that most
platforms have file limits of, like, five megabytes,
and it looks like we’re way under that,
so, we’re in the clear. So, just hit Save and you’re ready to go. So, now, let’s take a look
at our finished product. Look at him go. I’m just so filled with pride looking at my dancing bear son. I think I would use this to
express, like, a victory dance, or, I’m like, TGIF, whatever. I’m just really happy to see it go. Thanks for watching! For more videos like this, make sure to subscribe to The Verge, and let me know in the
comments how you pronounce GIF. Is it GIF or GIF? It’s GIF. Either way, I expect all of you
to be tweeting me your GIFs.


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