How to make a Split Screen video (Picture in Picture effect) – Movavi Video Suite 14

In this video, you can see an event observed
from different perspectives at the same time. The split screen effect is often used by film
and television cinematographers to create what’s called a dynamic participation effect. With Movavi Video Suite, you can recreate
this effect by placing several videos in a single frame, thus reproducing the famous
split-screen effect in your own videos! Watch this tutorial and learn how! Step 1.Open Movavi Video Suite Click the Video tab and select the Edit video application. Movavi Video Suite is an all-in-one toolkit
that lets you capture, convert and edit video and audio. If the software is not already installed on
your computer, click here and follow the on-screen download and set-up instructions. Step 2.Import your footage Click the Import tag and then the Add Media Files icon. Find the folder with the files you want to
turn into a split-screen video, select them, and click Open. Step 3.Drag the Videos to the Timeline To create the split-screen effect, each clip must have its own video track. To add video tracks, click the Plus button
above the Timeline and select Video Track. Simply drag and drop each video clip onto
a single video track. Step 4.Apply the Split-Screen Effect Select the first clip. Click the Effects tab and type “split”
in the search field. The icons displayed represent different splitting
approaches and the respective footage positioning on the screen. Choose the one you prefer to locate that particular
clip on the screen. In this case, it’s “Split Screen 4 – Top
Left”. Select the icon and click Apply. Repeat with the other clips, choosing the
corresponding icons to place all four videos onto a single screen. Step 5. Adjust the Effect Play the video back in the preview window to see the result. If any adjustments are needed, click the star
icon on the clip that needs tweaking to open the settings panel. In the preview window, you can adjust the
location and scale of the video manually. To crop the video, click the Crop button – in
the preview window, you can set the particular area of the video to be displayed in the Split-Screen. Adjust the grey frame and click Crop again. You can also modify the background color by
selecting the lower video track and choosing an alternative background color from the Settings
menu. Good job! Now, with Movavi Video Suite, you can create
a Split-Screen Effect for your own videos! But this is just the start… Movavi Video Suite gives you an all-you-need
video and audio toolkit! Edit videos… Create slideshows… Convert video and audio files… Capture video calls… Record Internet videos and music… Extract music from videos… Just one software solution will resolve endless
multimedia challenges! Download your free trial version of Movavi
Video Suite and start creating! Like the video? Have a question? Please leave us a message in the comment section
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useful tips and learn about other Movavi products.

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