How to Learn Video Editing Online — 3 Tips and Best Resources

– In this video, I talk
to the Premiere Gal, and she shares three of her biggest tips for getting started in video editing. Coming up. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] The following
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see some test footage, just go to – Hey, what’s up. Sean here with Think Media bring
you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video. And we’re here at CES. I’m with Kelsey AKA the Premiere Gal. How’s it going? – It’s great. It’s super busy here and it was so awesome that I got to run into you. I mean, there’s thousands of people here, so what a coincidence? – Literally over 180,000
people here in Las Vegas. We ran into each other. I’ve been wanting to connect
with her for a long time because I’ve actually been
using Adobe Premiere to edit since 2003, even longer than
the Premiere Gal apparently. – A lot longer (laughs). – But nevertheless, she is awesome. She’s got a great YouTube channel, helping with tips for Adobe Premiere, but she’s also just a great video editor, and really smart when it comes to YouTube, and a lot of these things in general. And so I wanted to get some
of her tips for those of you that you wanna be creating content, telling your story, sharing your message, but video editing can be a little bit intimidating, can’t it? – Yes, absolutely. And the best way to get
started really is just, I mean, there’s so many resources. I mean, my YouTube channels. Like You can get, you know, free trials there. And it’s really just about practicing and just playing around with
it until you get comfortable. And, you know, as a
woman in this space, too, I mean, 90% of my viewers are male. There’s not a lot, it’s intimidating. And a lot of women out there
don’t know how to break in. But you just have to do it. You just have to put yourself out there. Talk to Sean. You see Sean at a conference,
go up to him and say hello. I mean, we wouldn’t have
done this video otherwise. – I love that. Yeah, you definitely just
gotta jump in and get started. But I asked Kelsey what are her three biggest tips for getting started. So let’s just break those down. Tip number one: if someone
wants to get started video editing, what would you recommend? – So, I was lucky enough
to start in high school and I had access to free resources. So, if you know of any free resources, you have a local library, go there. See if they have any
software on their computers that you can play around with. I actually went to college
for film school too, so anything education based, I would recommend as a
great starting point. – I love that. And you actually recommended
a couple different sites, you already mentioned a few, but what are some of
you favorite resources for tutorials and even getting
trials and things like that? – Sure. I’m a course
author for and I create sound editing courses there. Just general Premiere Pro tips. There’s also lots of other authors there. There’s also
and, of course, YouTube. So, PluralSight and Lynda,
you can get free trials. That’s like 30 days of free
content that you can learn from. Imagine what you can do in 30 days. It’s a lot. – I love that. And then, what’s cool
about, as she mentioned, you can do these free trials. So even if you’ve got a
month to dedicate some time, you could download the Adobe
Creative Cloud for 30 days. Try that out. Check out those. And really get your education going. And as usual, we’ll
link all these resources and any others we talk about, in the YouTube description below. But what would be your second tip for getting started with video editing? – With video, obviously,
you need video to work with, so actually, if you can’t
get access to a camera, there’s tons of free stock
video sites like You can download 1080 PHD stock video and just start playing around with it. I actually use a lot of free stock video in my tutorials. I also have a membership with And I also write for them, so there’s tons of stock video
that you can get access to and begin doing some tricks,
creating some cool transitions. It’s all about getting your hands dirty. That would be my second tip. – I love that. And then, lastly, for those
jumpin’ in, what would you say? – I would just say, you know,
collaborate with people. You need to interact with
other people to be creative. As a YouTuber myself,
I find that sometimes I spend way too much time on my own and then that’s when I feel
like my content starts to suffer because I’m not out there. I’m not engaging with people. I’m not seeing stories. Because to be a good story teller, you have to live and you
need stories to tell. Go out and experience things, like this right now, we’re collaborating because we went out in the world. – I love that. Such great tips. And I love just the theme there too is that, ultimately, you kinda
just have to get started. I think about this, if you’ve gone to the gym for the first time, which, clearly, I haven’t spent very much time in the gym yet,
‘cuz the guns are not there. Whenever you walk in the first time, it’s the most awkward thing ever. You’re not wearing the right thing. You don’t do the machines right. Anything you do the first time, it’s always your worst time, but once you get started, you learn as you go and so jump in. We have tons of resources for you in the YouTube description. But then also, talk about your channel and we’ll link that up as well. – Sure, sure. So, I started my channel
in August of 2016. It’s all how to videos on how to do certain video editing techniques from Premiere Pro to After Effects. I also do some Photo Shop as well. I love restoring old photos. So, if you have any old photos, I like to actually clean
them up and colorize them. And also, just general tips
on how to start your channel. Kinda like Sean’s, I’m starting
to dive more into that now. But, yeah, check it out. It’s – Awesome, awesome. Well, Question of the Day
coming from Premiere Gal. – What style of video do
you want to start creating? – Definitely post that in
the comment section below and remember that some of
the best tips, insights, and feedback come from you,
the big media community. So they can connect with
everybody, in the comment section. So thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe for more videos just like this and if you want to see
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    ⚡️QOTD: What style of video do you want to start created? Let us know! 👇👇👇 * Check out CES Video Playlist here:

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