How to Edit Instagram Photos + Perfect instagram theme

You know those people on Instagram who look
like they have professional photographers and stylists around them at all times? Well
some of them do, and some of them just have some really simple tricks that make their
photos look amazing. (music interlude) This professional aesthetic is called an Instagram Theme. and in today’s video, I’m going
to show you a few apps and a few tips and tricks to get your own unique look, feel,
and vibe to your Instagram account. Why do you need an Instagram theme?
Well you don’t. If you’re using Instagram for personal reasons, it really doesn’t
matter. However, if you’re using it for any kind of branding or business purpose,
or if you just want your Instagram to look a little nicer, a little more professional,
then you definitely want to consider implementing an Instagram theme.
Having a consistent look and feel to your Instagram photos does increase engagement
because it helps you stand out amongst a cluttered feed. But also because it’s just plain facts.
In a study of over 8 million Instagram images a few findings were that light and bright
images got more than 24% more likes, images with low saturation got more than 18 % likes,
and images with high levels of texture got 79% more likes. I’ll put a link to that
full study below. So how do you perfect your Instagram theme?
There are five key elements. Number one? Crop all of your images the same
way. There are so many different tools you can
use to crop your photos, but one of my favorites is called Afterlight. So you go into your
camera roll and choose your photo. I’ll use an example that I posted recently on Instagram.
You can use this go to all of the different crops here at the bottom, you can see there
are the original crops that you can use with borders, outlines, circular, oval, – tons
of different options. And you get out of that, there’s also some really cool, um, different
shapes you can use and try out for your photos on Instagram.
Before you pick any kind of background for your crop, you want to make sure it’s the
right size to fit your theme. So all of the photos on my Instagram page are 4 x 3. So
I make sure that it fits those dimensions. And another option for cropping, which is
what I use, is Squaready. And you can add your photo from your favorites.
And you can crop it into any kind of rectangle or square that you want. I like it to hit
the borders, so this is the crop that I use. Number two: Keep a consistent filter. You
can add filters to your photos within Instagram, but I usually do it with an external app,
so Camera + is a great option to do that. Go back into your photos. So you can choose
clarity to make things a little more vibrant. There’s also tons of different filter options
within here, uh, that you can try out. And I use Afterlight before, but I also come back
to Afterlight if I want to add some light leaks, to add a little dimension to your photos.
And you can flip them around, using this tool. And it just adds a cool effect, uh, to your
photos on Instagram. And Pixlr is a great option to brighten your photos. Remember,
bright photos perform really well on Instagram. So the tool that you can use in here, there
are so many, but the one that I like to use is ‘brighten’.
And you just increase the brush size to as big as you want it to be, and you just brush
your hand over the screen and it automatically brightens the look of the image.
And Facetune is an option that a lot of professional bloggers use, they pick the whitening tool
at the bottom here, and you can whiten the background of the photo really easily, to
give it that bright white quality. And you just have to be really careful around the
edges but you can erase anything that doesn’t look quite right, but you get the gist. So
you can add, uh, a white backdrop to pretty much any photo that you want to make it look
a little brighter. And you’ll notice this is a really popular option for a lot of bloggers
on Instagram. They love that white, clean, backdrop.
And one of the most popular apps for filters, outside of Instagram, is called VSCO Cam.
So you can import your photos, so you add your filters through the tools at the bottom
here. And they have presets that are really really nice filters to give sort of a raw
look and feel to your photos. But you can also play with the tools down here, and tune
it to your own liking. You can also increase the contrast, sharpen your images, increase
the saturation, or decrease it, increase the color temperature, and you can add a little
bit of a color tint through VSCO Cam 2. Another option for brightening your photos
is through VSCO Cam 2. You use the exposure option. You can go as bright as you want to.
Number 3: Find a subject or a category, and stick with it.
Once you become known for something, that’s what people expect to see and consistency
is the key to higher engagement. So you can post things in the category of food, or fashion,
or architecture. Those are some of the most popular categories on Instagram. And of course
you can also post images that are more fun, like pictures of a dinosaur doing different
things. Or even your cat. We all know that some of the most successful Instagram accounts
have nothing to do with people and everything to do with cats and dogs.
Number 4: Staging and Posing. Now this may feel totally unnatural, but remember
that you’re competing against big brands with big budgets and they’re putting stylists
and a lot of thought to the posts that they put on Instagram. So in order for you to compete,
you have to put a little bit of thought and strategy into your photos. So if you’re
a food blogger, uh, map out how your photos are going to look before you post them. If
you’re a fashion blogger, have a friend go out with you and take photos of you in
set up locations. Act natural, make it look natural, but we all know there’s someone
there taking the photo of you. And that will help with the aesthetic of your photos and
make them look more professional. And the fifth, and final element, is your
captions. Keep them consistent. If you always do long-form captions, try and
stick with that. Uh and there’s a few tricks that you can use to get long-form captions.
Don’t write them in Instagram, because you can’t actually put in a paragraph break
in Instagram. You have to write your captions in your notes on your phone, or in an e-mail
or text message, and then you just copy and paste that into Instagram. Or you could use
bold lines in your captions, that’s another popular method, or forward slashes, whatever
it is that you like the look and feel of, stick with that in your captions across the
board on Instagram. My friend Sue Zimmerman has some amazing tips
on creating unique looking captions. And obviously some other great Instagram tips, because she
is ‘theinstagramexpert’. I’ll put a link to her account below, and you’ll find
lots of great resources and information there. I put links to all of the apps that I mentioned
below, and I’d love to hear what apps you use to make your Instagram photos look amazing.
If you found this video helpful, please share it with your friends, hit the ‘like’ button
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tutorials every single Tuesday. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys
next time.


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