How to do Black and White Photo in to Color in Photoshop

Welcome my dear friends, in this Tutorials we going to learn How to change your Black & white photo in to color Iam going to teach in very simple method and easy method without any complications let me go to open a file which i saved already in my drive This Old man picture i taken from net (open source) for you i mentioned a link for this image in Description If you want you can Download from them, or you can use for your own image too In this image first step we going to seperate as a layer Face, Lips, Eyes, Head Towel and shirt Because all those having are different color parameters First make one new copy of original face layer by hitting CNTRL + J, we going to work on that layer now now go and select PEN Tool By hitting P from keyboard Now i zoomed in eye parts for my convinient to crop I already told Pen tool is very important tool in photoshop almost everywhere pentool help we need to do image editing so you must practice more on pen tool we going to crop every object (Eye, face, lips, head towel and shirt) with Pen tool because when we change colour each and every object have difference color parameters, for example eye should me black and white and skin shoud be skin tone, head towel should be different color after crop eyes CTRL + J make a copy and name a layer as Eyes Now iam going to crop Lips like that crop lips Lips shoud be darker than skin tone so that we seperating lip as a seperate layer so that we can change colors accordingly cropped now so CTRL + J make a copy and name a layer as Lip Like that we going to seperate all objects as a seperate layers and can name accordingly Now i go for crop Head towel like i did same earlier pen tool cropping is the main work here, after you crop the layers then very easy to changing colors to do Like this Black & white to color so many options is there in photoshop but now we are doing the option is very easy and simple method easy way of teching is my main moto here after you learn this easy method then you can use your creatives and you can do so many method with your talent when you crop do concentrate on small small curves, it makes your work perfect again iam saying pen tool is very important tool here you cant use Magic want tool or lasso tool everywhere but you can use pen tool everywhere If you have your own black and photo also you can do this and practice with them. Now Head towel crop is over now CTRL + ENTER and CTRL + J make a copy and name it in layer box next i go for Shirt Now shirt crop over iam doing the same what i did for earlier layer Now face layer only the balance, iam going to crop now face always keep one master layer, when you start work make one copy for that layer and work on it we always make a copy for each and every layer and have to work on it that makes our work easy and convinient now i cropped face layer now CTRL + ENTER and CTRL + J make a copy and name it as face Now we have all objects in seperate seperate layer now we going to start colour from face layer CTRL + U Hue saturation popup will come there you can adjust sliders, colors will change when you satisfy that skin tone matched then you can give ok and close Now Click CNTL + B color balance window will open give more yellow and more red little bit megentha till you get satisfy adjust the sliders and give color next in short cut ALT + I + A + S it means Selective color. in menu Image – Adjustment – Selective color you can go and select either using menu or by shortcut In this select on Red Channel and adjust all Sliders when you get satisfy then clik ok then now i go to select Lips layer and i enable Lips layer Now again i go for Hue saturation By click CNTRL + U Lips should have red tone so make changes slider accordingly then click ok then open Color Balance by clicking CTRL + B Adjust all three sliders till you get satisfy Next iam going to use Curves Option by clicking CTRL + M you can use all Option like colour balance, Curves, Levels can use Brightness and Contrast by clicking ALT + I + A + C or go to image – Adjustment – Brightness Contrast adjust it…now almost iam satisfied this color so i click OK when you enable and hide lips layer you can see the changes you have made Now i enabled Eye layer, for eye i just going to give Auto Levels by clicking SHIFT + CTRL + L thats it Now you can see brightness on eyes, this is enough for eyes Next i enable head towel layer now giving Hue and Saturation Option and i do for same like earlier layers SHIFT + CTRL + U is the Hue saturation shortcut key then I give CURVE option by clicking CTRL + M Now i enable Shirt layer also doing the same Hue Saturation for shirt layers too when you get satisfy stop do color corrections now almost over but we need to retouch Beards, coz old man beards must looks like white zoom it and select skin layer select ERASER tool in tool box make sure Opacity is low now go to near by beard hair edges and Erase skin tone layer slowly do all over the beards wherever hair appear in face do erase slowly, make sure opacity and flow must be low zoom it and see iam seeing some places still having skin tone in Mush areas go around the areas and rub with erase tool slowly you can select now lips layer and erase smoothly on hair edges iam seeing some gap in right side so iam going to fill that skin tone with Clone Stamp Tool by selecting with pen tool now clone it smoothly…ALT click on nearby areas and Click on gap areas if you want to do more fine tuning by rub all over edges on white hair we can do more fine tunning by using Curve option and LEVEL option do this for all layers earlier this image was like this now it changed like this, see the Difference Iam going to fine tune head towel colour by using CURVES Option Thats it like this you can do your own photos too, or you want this same image i gave Download link in Description. 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