How to Design Pizza Restaurant Flyer / Poster in Photoshop

What We’ll be Creating First, these are your tutorial assets. Download them from the description below Feel Free to Leave a Comment if You have any Questions. LIKE this Video Now to Help us. Let’s get started by installing fonts first. Create a new A4 document You can enter the given dimensions, then, change Color Mode to CMYK Hit Create File>Place Embedded to import the BG Change its size, then hit Enter Create a Gradient Make sure to choose Foreground to Transparent Gradient Change Both Color Pickers to black Then, Change Gradient Type to Radial & Reverse it if needed Scale: 160% Now, Create a New Layer Rename “Border” Go and import Dividers Brushes Pick up a suitable one This one is good for me Duplicate the “Border” layer Start Drawing horizontal borders on a layer, and the vertical on the other Right-click to change the brush rotation to 180° Now I’m Holding SHIFT to change the angle with 15° degree interval. That would help you picking the 180° quickly and efficiently Select “Border Copy” layer Change Brush Angle to 90° Start drawing on the other side too, but change angle to 270° We’re changing angle in order to keep borders non-identical Pick up Eraser Tool (E), and erase these edges Select both layers to decrease Opacity to 35% Group them with a name “BG” File>Place Embedded to import pizza.png Resize it if you want File>Place Embedded to import Flour.png I want to enhance these edges Add Layer Mask to the layer, then Pick up Brush Tool Make sure Foreground Color is Black Start drawing over the Mask Move “Flour” under “Pizza” CTRL + T to Free Transform “Flour” Change rotation and size Adjust it till you feel comfortable with the result Hit ENTER to accept changes Duplicate the “Flour” with CTRL+J CTRL+T to free transform Reposition Both of them until you get a proper result Well, that’s cool! Duplicate both layers with CTRL + J, then hit CTRL + T to Free Transform Rotate and reposition in the opposite side File>Place Embedded to import oregano.png Repeat the previous process Go to File>Place Embedded Choose Basil1.png, Reposition it in the pizza center Select all layers by holding SHIFT Group them with a name “Pizza” Snap a Ruler to the center of your document Adjust “Pizza” Group to the center Now, it’s time to add a little shadow to the “Basel” And also add a shadow to the “Pizza” File>Place Embedded to import vegetables Grab the Quick Selection Tool Select mushroom, garlic and tomato Click on Create Layer Mask icon Covert the final result to a Smart Object Select every object and right click to choose Layer Via Copy Repeat Again Delete the original layer we don’t need it Make sure that Auto Select is checked CTRL + j to duplicate the mushroom and rotate it Select both mushroom layers and adjust their size & rotation with CTR+T ENTER to accept changes Move the Garlic to the top right corner Now, go to File>Place Embedded to import garlic cloves Pick up Polygonal Lasso Tool and quickly select the cloves Click on Create Layer Mask icon to separately isolate the cloves CTRL + T to change size and rotation. ENTER to accept changes Now, Import Spoons Hit ENTER Rename it “Spoon” Duplicate the layer with CTRL + J Grab Quick Selection Tool, then select the middle spoon Press ALT key to switch between the (-) & (+) Selection Tools Refine your selection if needed Create a new mask with your selection Right-click the layer mask and choose Select and Mask Pick up Refine Edge Brush tool. Make sure its properties is similar to mine Start drawing over the flavor particles Again, and make sure to select most of them Click OK to accept changes Change Position and rotation after Free Transforming it with CTRL + T I think we’re good here Unhide the “Spoon copy” layer Rereat the whole previous process 1-Make a selection of the spoon & Create Mask. 2-right-click the mask and Choose Select and Mask. 3-Select the particles with Refine Edge Brush Tool. I hold both ALT + Right-click and move horizontally to change Brush Size and ALT + Right-click + move vertically to change Brush Hardness Play with transparency to see your progress if you want After you feel comfortable with you results click OK Now, it’s time to import the Basil2.png Double-click “Basil2” layer to add a Drop Shadow Copy the Layer Style and Select the other layers to paste it to them Group them with a name “Decorations” Pick up Type Tool and create 3 Text layers 1st one is the restaurant name with “Boulevard Bold” font and size:145Px 2nd one is the slogan with “Boulevard Light Bold” font and size: 40Px 3rd one is the “PIZZA” Text with “Bebas Nue Regular” font and size:60Px Drag & drop the file Import it as a page NOTE: If you’ve Illustrator you can open that file and copy the ribbon with from it ,and paste it directly to Photoshop Grab Selection Tool and select the ribbon you like Right-click it the selection area and choose Layer Via Copy Move the layer to the center with Move Tool Pick up the Magic Eraser Tool Start Removing the white Background Convert the Ribbon to Smart Layer Add white Color Overlay to it CTRL+ T to resize the ribbon to fit the text Select that text layer and Free Transform it with CTRL + T, then rotate. Change the Ribbon Height for better result Let’s take a “Basil” duplicate Layer and put it over the restaurant name Change the original one’s size if needed Hold SHIFT to select all layers and group them with name “Text” Let’s add footer text Choose Arial font with size 12pt and go to Type>Paste Lorem Ipsum Adjust the text if needed Move that layer in the “Text” group Uncheck Auto Select, and change the “Pizza” Group Size. Let’s add Corn seeds Grab the Polygonal Lasso Tool Select the corn seeds and create a mask with the selection Covert the layer to Smart Object CTRL + T to free transform, then, Change size and rotation Duplicate and distribute another two layers of it Add Drop Shadow by copying the Layer Style from “Basil2” layer and paste it to the corn 3 layers We’ve almost finished. Let’s add some Adjustments layers Add Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer Add Color Balance adjustment layer Change your values like mine to get a convenient result Create a new Layer and draw a gradient over it Blend Mode: Color Dodge Opacity: 40% Group the final result with a name “Adjustments” Thanks for reaching here. Please LIKE the Video and SUBSCRIBE ~_^


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