How to crop Circle Shape Image in Photoshop

hello everyone i am ahmed welcome to my another
photoshop tutorial this time i am gonna show you how to crop circle shape image in photoshop
i have already another video about it though i am making it again because some peopleale
are having problem to follow my process on that i am gonna show you here every deatails of about it now any one can make it without any troubles first go to file and select open and find out your image double click on it now it’s open you can see here its locked now we need to unlock it just double click on it Click OK its now unlocked as a layer 0 now go to Photoshop Shapes and select ellipse tool for circle shape you can use other tools for other shapes I am selecting ellipse tool for circle shape just click on it and make sure you have selected shape here now hold on your keyboard shift button and drag with mouse and draw your circle shape you can resize your circle shape if you want go to edit menu and select free trans form path and hold down your keyboard shift button now drag with mouse holding down shift button will give you proper proportion of a circle shape every angle will be same size click on this confirmation mark now now go to your fill settings and select no color this icon just click on it If you want you can use stroke click on here select the color you want to use you can see there stroke applied if you don’t want to use stroke then select this icon no color if you want to use stroke then pick the color from there and you can resize the stroke size there just click here you can make lower or bigger size stroke now make sure you have selected this shape tool now right click on your mouse and click on make selection there is feather radius 0 you can change it or keep as it is then click OK now make sure you have selected circle shape tool and go to select menu and click on inverse now select layer 0 and make sure you have selected shape tool then go to edit menu and select Clear Now you got your circle shape You can save it if you want go to file save as you can change the format you want to save i am gonna save it as a JPEG select JPEG Then i am gonna re name it anything then save Click OK that’s all about how to crop circle shape image If my video helps you please like comments , share and of course don’t forget to subscribe me Thanks for watching


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    very simple steps ,thanku for putting this video.Can you explain about photoshop from beginning??

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    Thank you very much. Very clear. Solved my problem with your help.

  20. Jason Loera February 12, 2018 at 12:01 am

    Once you've cropped the cirlce, how do you add it to another picture? I'm trying to photoshop wheels on my car before i buy them.

  21. Gaetano Carmelo La Delfa March 8, 2018 at 1:17 pm

    I use this app, simpler than photoshop useful also for instagram

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  31. Benjamin January 26, 2019 at 11:50 am

    thankyou. finally i got it. mostly i used InDesign, not familiar with php, but i wish i could use it too, Now i can do that

  32. Brian Rudolph February 1, 2019 at 7:06 pm

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