How to create a Cartoon effect in Photoshop CC – Photoshop cartoon effect tutorial

In this Tutorial I will show how to apply
this cartoon effect to an image. Welcome my name is Marlon and on this channel
I make Photoshop Tutorials. If this is your first time here make sure
to subscribe and click the bell notification so your do miss anything. Before we start I have a Question, how long
have you been using Photoshop. Submit your answer in the comment section. So thing you will need is an image to apply
the effect. A link to the image I use is in the description. Once your have your image open, Duplicate
the image layer. Click Layer. Then click Duplicate Layer. Name the Layer Main then click ok. With the Main Layer selected. Click Filter. Then click Filter Gallery. Expand the Artistic Folder. Select Poster Edges and enter the following
settings. Enter 10 for the Edge thickness. Enter 10 for the Edge Intensity. Enter 2 for the Posterization. After entering the settings click Ok. Your image should now have black outlines. Now we are going to turn the image into a
black outlined image. Click Image. Select Adjustments. Click Threshold. Set the Threshold Level to 49 and click Ok. Now we are going to add an Oil Painting effect. Click Filter. Select Stylize. Then click Oil Painting. If the Oil Paint Filter is graded out, I have
a video showing you how to fix this. A link to that video should be on the screen. Enter the following settings. Enter 5.0 for Stylization. Enter 2.0 of the Cleanliness. Leave the defaults for the other settings
and click ok. Now we are going to duplicate the Original
image layer. Select the background layer. Click Layer. Then click Duplicate Layer. Name the Layer color and click ok. Now turn of the visibility of the main image
layer. By clicking the eye icon. Then Select the color Layer
Click Filter. Then click Gallery Filter. Expand the Artistic Folder. Select Poster Edges and enter the following
settings. Enter 0 for the Edge thickness. Enter 0 for the Edge Intensity. Enter 2 for the Posterization. After entering the settings click Ok. The colors in the image should now be reduced. Giving the image somewhat of a 16 bit color
effect. Next Click Image. Select Adjustments. Click Levels. In the Level settings, Move the Output Level
slider slightly to the right to reduce the contrast. After adjusting the levels click OK. Next go to Image. Select Adjustments. Check Hue and Saturation. Enter 40 for the Saturation and click ok. Now we are going to soften the colors just
a little. Click Filter. Select Stylize. Then click Oil Painting. Enter the following settings. Enter 5.0 for Stylization. Enter 7.0 of the Cleanliness. Leave the defaults for the other settings
and click ok. Now make the Main Layer visible. Then change the Blend Mode to Multiply. Select the Main Layer. Then click the Layer Adjustment icon. Click Levels. Then Move the Shadow and Highlight sliders
towards the centre of the histogram. That was the final step and there you have
it we just applied a Cartoon effect to a Photo using Photoshop. There you have it, we just applied a cartoon
effect to photo using Photoshop. If you like this video please five the video
a thumbs up, and as always thank you for watching.


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