How to Combine Photos in Photoshop Hey Cafe Crew, it’s Colin Smith here from
PhotoshopCAFE and this week I’m going to show you how to combine two photographs together
inside of Adobe Photoshop. It seems like this is an area that people
trip up a lot, so I’m going to do a tutorial on it right now and just kind of answer all
those questions once and for all is how do you combine two photos. So there’s a couple of different ways of doing
it. The easiest way to do it inside of Photoshop
CC is to click and hold on the photograph that you want to bring into the other one. Then move your mouse right up until you see
the other one appear, move your mouse or your pointer, if you’re holding a Wacom, over the
top. If you hold down the Shift key, it will center
it and now release. And notice what we’ve done is we’ve now got
both the photographs there inside of two layers on top of each other so we can combine them. But let’s go back and I’m going to show you
some other things. So if we choose under here, notice there’s
a thing called Application Frame. Now this is only on the Mac. You won’t find this on Windows. So if I turn Application Frame off, notice
that these are kind of just floating and I can take a photo and drag it into the second
one; notice we’ve combined them. Okay, so let’s go back to the Application
Frame and turn it back on again because on Windows you’re not going to have that option. You don’t have the floating windows like you
do on the Mac. Okay, so here’s another way that we can do
it is if we choose Window and then we choose Arrange, and then just change this to, say,
2-up Vertical. Now we can see the two documents side by side. Click and drag on one, we go to the other
one, hold Shift for centering and release it. So let me just go back here. We’re going to go back to Arrange and then
we’re going to go Consolidate all the tabs and now it just takes everything back to where
it was. All right, so now we’re going to create a
little composite really quickly combining these two photos. So I’m going to do it this way, which is my
preferred method. Click, move up to the tab of the destination,
hold down Shift, release. Then I’m going to hit Ctrl T or Command T.
That brings up the Free Transform, but notice that the photo that we put in here is so much
bigger we can’t see those handles. If I zoom out, eventually, you’ll see those
handles. There’s a quick way to do that and that’s
just hit Ctrl 0 (zero) and it would be Command 0 on Mac, and it will zoom out until you see
those handles. And now I can go on the corner, hold down
the Shift key and drag it out proportionately. If I also hold the Option key, it will drag
it up from the center and now we can get it to kind of match there. We could go and I’m just going to hit Enter
to apply it. All right, so I’m just going to go a little
bit bigger now. So what we need to do, though, is we need
to combine these two photographs together so it kind of looks like this is over the
top of it. So we could actually just paint it out for
a mask. That’s one way of doing it, but I’ll show
you another way. Why don’t we just grab the Quick Select Tool
and I’m just going to go over there and notice what I’ve done is I’d drag in. I’ve just selected all those area over the
top. If I hit Command Shift I or I’ll show you
under here, you go under the Select and under Select, go Inverse Selection, which you can
see is Command Shift I on Mac, Ctrl Shift I on Windows. Now we’re just selecting our area here. Now it didn’t really matter. I just wanted to show you that because I want
to show you how to inverse a selection. Now we’re just going to create a mask. With this area selected, go down to the Mask
icon and we’re going to click. Now if we hadn’t inversed the selection, we
could get exactly the same result by holding Option and then clicking. And then we’ll mask the area that we see now,
but instead, I’m just going to click on the masked area and notice now it’s masking it
there. All right, so I’m not going to go like super
in-depth here into showing you how to, you know, make this absolutely perfect. I just want to kind of give you the tips. So notice we got a little bit of a hard edge. We could just do a little cheat here a thing
by just going up on to the layer, selecting that layer mask, double click it to open the
Properties panel if it’s not already open and then we’ll just push that a little bit. And we’re just going to soften that edge. See that, to just kind of soften that off
and we got it selected. Now, in the real world, I would use Select
and Mask, and I’ve got other tutorials and stuff like that on there, but I’m just trying
to show some basic principles here. Okay, so the colors here, they’ve got this
kind of red kind of color cast and on the other side there’s a kind of a blue color
cast. So here’s how you will deal with that. Select one of the layers. Let’s grab the background there, actually,
because we want to change this. So how do we match it? Here’s a quick way? We go to Image Adjustments and then go down
to Match Color. Now here’s our Match Color and what we want
to do is we want to choose our source. And our source is going to be this image which
is likejacksons.jpg that I grabbed from Adobe Stock. And the layer that I want to use now is actually
going to be Layer 1. That’s the one that I want to grab the colors
from. So notice when I do that, it applies the colors
from this layer onto the other one. Of course, right now, it looks a little bit
strong, so we just want to bring it back, and we can do that with the Fade slider. So if we take the Fade slider down a little
bit, we could combine it till the colors sort of match. We can also play around with Color Intensity
which will make it less saturated or more saturated. And then, of course, Luminance, which is lighten
it up a little bit or darken it up to match the image that we want to match on the top. So, we can just go down like that. Now, in real life, this is actually off in
the distance so we’d have less color than the other one. So here’s another little tip that you can
do when you’re doing this kind of work and you want to kind of combine things together. What we can do is we can actually just add
a color over the whole thing. So if we’d just go here and we choose solid
color and we want to give it some kind of a cinematic look, I don’t know, let’s give
it a nice kind of an orangey glow, and then we change this to–this is the color layer–change
this to color blend mode. There’s other ways we can do this, of course. And then if we pull the opacity all the way
down and then just give it a little smudge, just give it a little touch. There we go and notice what it does by dripping
this color down on to the other two layers, it kind of merges them all together and gives
them this kind of a nice feel. So don’t forget, if you like this, hit that
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see you at the Cafe.


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