How To Change Your LinkedIn Background Photo – LinkedIn Background Photo Tips

Are you wondering how to look more
professional on LinkedIn? Are you wondering how you can quickly grab the
attention of a new connection? Stay tuned because in this video I have one simple
solution that will help you stand out from the crowd and make a lasting first
impression. Hi there, if we’ve never met before, I’m Heather Austin from and The Career Club on Facebook and
on this channel I provide simple solutions to help you grow a business or
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when it comes to your career. Let’s jump into it! With two new users joining
LinkedIn every second, the competition just keeps rising. So what is one thing
that you can do to stand out like a true professional in your industry and
quickly grab the attention of a new connection? One simple solution is to
upload a custom, uniquely attractive background photo to your LinkedIn
profile. So here’s the neat thing. LinkedIn recently made a change where
they now allow all of their account holders to upload a uniquely attractive
background photo. In the past you needed to be a premium account holder to do
this. Not only will a custom background photo allow you to stand out from the
crowd it will also show your creativeness your personality and your
inventiveness. I have three solutions to help you upload the right background
photo. Tip number one, find a high quality photo that is specific to your industry.
There are plenty of resources available today where you can find free
high-quality photos. Here are just a few of my favorite. Unsplash
operates under a creative commons license which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free. Even for commercial purposes. The second
resource I use for free high quality images is One of my favorite things about this website is that it is so
user-friendly. It offers an intuitive search bar and allows you to sort by
category size and color. And then lastly.
The great thing about this website is that you can download industry specific
photos that are pre-sized and ready to go. Many thanks to all the artists and
photographers that allow us to use their images for free so that we can increase
our online presence. Tip number two, make sure that your background photo is sized
correctlt. The best photo size for your LinkedIn background photo is 1584 px
wide by 396 px high. This is exactly a 4:1 proportion. Once you’ve uploaded your photo, LinkedIn
allows you to crop apply a filter and even make adjustments to the brightness
the contrast and the saturation of the photo. The best file format for your
background image is a PNG a JPG or a GIF. Tip number three, add text or some
type of call to action to your background photo. This will give your
audience a greater insight into who you are, who you help and how you help them.
This is perfect for someone that is a speaker, an author, a coach or a
consultant. One of the best ways to add text to your background photo is to use
a free software program called Canva. Canva is a free graphic design program
that allows you to create unique designs for almost any social media platform.
They have templates for documents, marketing materials, events, blogging and
even ebooks. When adding text, make sure you place it in the top middle portion
of your background photo. This will make sure that your text is not cut off and
that it displays properly on different devices. Let’s recap! The number one
solution to make sure you stand out from the crowd and look like a true
professional on LinkedIn is to upload a custom background photo. When it comes to
your custom background photo, there’s three tips that you want to remember.
Number one, find a high-quality photo that is specific to your industry. Tip
number two, make sure your photo is sized correctly. And then tip number three is
to add text or some type of call to action to your background photo. Thanks
guys for sticking with me until the end I have a special bonus just for you. It’s
called the 10-point LinkedIn Optimizer Cheat Sheet. This cheat sheet will help
you get your other LinkedIn profile sections in tip-top shape so that you
are ready to receive new connection requests and land even better career
opportunities. I’ll go ahead and link it up in the description below. Also if you
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max. I’ll go ahead and link it up in the description below. So I have a question
for you. Do you have a uniquely attractive background photo uploaded to
your LinkedIn profile? If so please let us know in the comments below and as
always if you know someone that might benefit from this information please
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