How to change the speed of your video (Slow Motion and Speeded up)

Hello! My name is Alina and welcome to the official
Movavi channel! There are some moments in life you wish would
last longer. Moments when it would be so nice to slow down
time and enjoy a spectacular sunset, a delicious meal, or precious time with friends. On the other hand, sometimes it seems that
the time is almost standing still. For example, waiting in a queue or being stuck
in a traffic jam can make ten minutes seem like forever Those are the times you wish you could just grab the remote and fast forward to the action. Sadly, we can’t change the speed of life. But the good news is that you can change the
speed of your videos! That’s what today’s video lesson is all
about! After watching this tutorial, you will be
able to speed up or slow down any video footage! Acceleration is very useful if you want to,
for example, show a complete video in a relatively short period of time. This tool is also invaluable when you need
to speed up a long scene in a video – an effect that’s often used in movies and TV
shows for comic effect. Try recording a video of yourself and speed
it up! You’ll probably laugh at the results because
it will change not only your voice, but your movements will look as if they were filmed
a hundred years ago. The slowdown effect, also called the slow
motion effect, is often used to demonstrate points that might elude the audience if viewed
at normal speed. This effect is also a perfect way to highlight
key points in your movie – or just to enjoy your most favorite moment in the video! Changing video speed is easy, even for a newbie. For example, with Movavi Video Editor, you
can make your video play faster or slower in just a couple of minutes. Follow these 4 simple steps and see for yourself! Step 1.Install Movavi Video Editor Download the software for video editing onto your computer using the link in the description box Run the installer and follow the installation
instructions. Step 2. Add video to the program Click “Add media files” to add files, then choose the video clip you want to speed
up or slow down.The selected video will be added to the Timeline at the bottom of the
window. Step 3.Change the speed of the video It is important to remember that the playback
speed of any sound in the video will change along with the video speed. If you have a video with background music
and you want to keep the speed of the original soundtrack, select the gray audio track in
your video clip and drag it down on to a separate audio track. This way, you will separate the audio from
the video so that the speed changing effect applies only to the video. If you want to change the speed of just one
part of your video, you first need to cut that part out of the clip on the timeline. To do this, click on the video and move the
red marker to the beginning of the desired section. Then, click on the “Scissors” icon, and
the program will cut your clip in the marked location. Repeat the process to mark the end of the
selected segment. To change the speed of the video, click “clip
properties”. In the new window that opens, adjust the playback
speed using the Speed slider. Movavi Video Editor lets you increased the
video speed by up to 10 times. Step 4. Save the result Click “Export”. Choose your desired video format or your mobile
device model and click “Start”. The file will be downloaded into your chosen
folder in the selected format. Like I said, everything is very simple! What moments in life would you like to slow
down? And what would you rather fast-forward through? Leave your answers in the comments! By the way, the effect of accelerating or
decelerating a video goes perfectly with the reverse playback effect. Take a look at this video tutorial and see
for yourself! Can’t wait to try this effect on your footage? Follow the link to download your free trial
version of Movavi Video Editor! That’s all for now. I look forward to your comments below, and
don’t forget to click the “like” button if this video tutorial was useful to you. And subscribe to our channel to learn how
to create more cool videos! See you next time on the Movavi channel!


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