How to Change any Color | Photoshop Tutorial in Tamil

One of the most wanted trick on Photoshop is “How to change the COLOR!” I’m about to teach you how to do that, pretty easily! Open the image in Photoshop which you want to edit duplicate the original layer from the layer section using “Duplicate layer” option after duplicating it, click on the circular icon which you can find on the bottom of the layers section now you’ll be getting a lot of options popping up from it. from those, select “Hue and saturation” by doing that you’ll get a small window Here, I’d like to change the dress color of this girl since the color of her dress is green, select Greens from the edit option on the small window click on the green colored area with the “Add color sample” option so that we can change the green color now. if I go ahead and change the Hue & Saturation values, I can able to change the green color on this image all the areas which is occupied with green color will be changed you can play around with these values until you get the desired color change and hit OK to make the changes. Using this option, not only the dress color, we can able to change any color we want. Here, you can see, all these flowers are in yellow the same method can be applied here to change the yellow colored flowers. go to Hue & Saturation option, select “Yellows” in order to make changes on yellow colored areas add the yellow color sample as like before now, we can change the yellow colored flower into any other color we want likewise, play around with the Hue and Saturation values now you can see that yellow colored areas on the image starts to change color. I’m okay with Orange here, hit OK to apply the changes. To show you the difference, I’m going to bring the bottom layer to the top, so that you can able to see the difference now you can able to see the difference, when I hide and show the original layer on top. This is the basic step for changing any color on any image In this image we can change the red color to any color with the same trick. take the red color on sample play with the Hue & Saturation option as like before to see the changes. Note that the color of the dress only changes, without affecting any other part of the image. that is the important thing! once you’re happy with the color you got, hit OK to apply the changes. You can able to see the difference by hiding and showing the Hue & Sat layer. If you like this video, hit a Thumbs UP! and do SUBSCRIBE to my channel. This is Subash, signing off! நன்றி, வணக்கம்!

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