How To Add Edit End Screens with NEW YouTube Studio in 2019

End screen cards can help push people towards your next video. Can boost watch times. Can funnel people into playlists but
they’ve moved it in the YouTube studio. So I’m here to teach you, how to add end
screens in the new YouTube studio dashboard area – here we go! Hello and welcome back to another video I’m Alan Spicer, your YouTube certified expert, and if you’re looking to start a YouTube channel, grow your YouTube channel, or push your brand out there onto the second largest search engine on the Internet.
You should click Subscribe, START CREATING! One of the most powerful features on YouTube for any creator is the end screen. You know you’ve seen it
for either me or many many many other YouTube creators. It’s at the end of the
video for the last 20 odd seconds. Stuff will pop up here for you to go and click
on, for you to go and subscribe, to go and you check out playlists or other
channels. That may have been suggested but in the new youtube studio they now
hidden onto the editor tool and not in their own endscreen card feature. so I’m
here to teach you how to add and edit your existing end cards on the new
youtube studio, let’s go to the computer. Okay so this is the new youtube studio
the left-hand side. You’ll see videos you should be used to this page. This is
where it lists all of your video content and then you choose the video you want
to add your end screen to. In this case it’s going to be this one. Once you’ve
clicked on the title it will load you into your screen. You know where we add your title, your descriptions, your tags, your thumbnails. What we’re focusing on is the
editor option on the left hand side. This is the editor. Now it’s a little bit more
advanced than you’re used to for the previous version, but it’s still quite
easy to use. You’ll see if you scroll down there’s the option to add in the end
screen. It will ask you to pick a default template. Now you can use any of the
setups here, in which it auto fills them. It shows you one video playlist, one
video playlist or link one subscribe or in my case I’m going to use the blank
template to start so you can pick your very own. Now on the far right hand side
you’ll see that it’s filled in four boxes, here you go.
This gives you the four options for whatever you choose to put in there. You
can zoom in using this thing here. You zoom across you find what you want it to
go in the video by using the drag bar. In my case I have a specific end screen so
I wanted to go on the white to the red. Click on it it gives me the right
to choose video, playlist, subscribe, channel or link. In this example I’m
going to do video and you’ll see that it clips it to where I’d chose to start.
I can choose most recent video, best for viewer or
choose a specific video. If I choose a specific video it pops up and I can
choose any of my content. So in this case that say I want that one. auto fills it
in you can see how it is and I can pull it around and make it as big or as small
as it allows me to do so. If I want to add another element I
simply click on the next bit and then I either choose say playlist. At the moment
you can add any playlists not sure if you’re supposed to be able to do that, it
might just be a bug. So I’m typing in Alan Spicer and it lists all of the
playlists with Alan’s Spicer. Most of those are mine. Some of them are not and once again for this example say I do they feel more comfortable in
camera playlist so click on that one. It fills it in on the the preview. I could
drag it over to where I want it to be and then I move on to the next one.
You’ll notice because it played a little bit it’s moved there. If I want to
stretch out to where I want the video to be. Wait until you get the the two arrows
in the side and I can stretch it. Once again adding a third I can add a link or
I can add a subscribe button. Subscribe button will be immediately yours and you
can see whether if auto fills itself in. When you hover over it and it shows you
where it’ll pop up. So in that case it will cover most of my face. if I put it
down there they’re covered most of my chin. You can line it up and you can see
where it goes make sure they’re not overlapping because if you overlap them
you’ll notice see they go red. And when you are ready you, simply click Save. It
will say that these these changes are irreversible you click Save. So now you can update your own end screen and End cards and
start pushing people to playlists and channels and just generally keep your
channel up to date. If you need any help with any of the YouTube features that
may boost your channel or help you you know trim your video there’s a playlist
up here. Remember to subscribe for regular YouTube tricks and tutorials. Hit
that notification icon so I let it every time I go live. GO OUT THERE, START CREATING!


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