How I Edit My Instagram Photos & Plan My Feed πŸ“· 2017

Hi everyone. Welcome back to my channel, Lavendaire. Today, I want to share how I edit my photos
for Instagram, and how I plan and organize my feed. If you’re not following me already, you can follow me at @lavendaire. I’ll have the link down below. First things first: I open up Pic-Tap-Go!
which is my favorite photo-filtering app. These are just some photos from my recent
trip to Europe. Let’s just pick one right here. Okay, so my favorite thing about Pic-Tap-Go!
is there are a ton of filters available, and I’ve used it for long enough that now
I know which ones are my favorite. And what’s cool is that you can stack filters
on top of each other and create your own recipes. Today I’m just going to edit off of my recipes,
which is what I normally do. Usually I just look at my recipes and I try
to find a good base for this photo. And there’s no formula. I really just eyeball because each photo is
different. By the way, I’ve named these recipes based
on where I took these photos. So I have Hotel Paris, Hall of Hipsters, Coachella,
just really fun names. I have a lot of fun naming these recipes. So I picked this one. And you can see that you can set the degree
of intensity of the filter. I just play around with it. I don’t try to do too much exposure because I always want to stack more filters
on top. Once I feel like it looks good enough, then I’ll go into my Most Used settings because
I don’t want to stack another recipe, because my recipes are already like twenty
filters stacked on top of each other. I don’t want to overload my phone. So once I add on my first recipe, I’ll usually
go to the Most Used section and just pick whatever filter I feel like
I want more of in this photo. Like most apps, you can hold down photos to
see the before and after. So, before and after. I really like that. I really love comparing what it looks like. You can see here, there’s an option to save
this recipe. I’m not gonna save this one because this one’s pretty simple. But that’s what I would normally do if I find a recipe that I really love. Next, I’ll open UNUM. This is my favorite app for planning my feed. As you can see, it shows all of your Instagram
photos and then some. I’ve already added nine photos here, and you
can see how you can move the photos around, just switch it up to see what feed you like
the best. And if you notice, there’s the orange Instagram icon. That means I’ve already posted those to Instagram. And what I love is you can do this swap-y
thing, so you can see what your photos look like in every possible form. Alright, I’m gonna go back and find more photos
to filter, just so I can give you a better example of how I use UNUM. Just very quickly, let me filter a couple
more. With this photo of Paris–I don’t know if
you can see–but there are two black dots there, and that’s from my dirty camera lens. And it just really bugs me, so I use this
app to take those things out. It’s called Touch Retouch, and this is kind
of like Photoshop. Really, you can take out anything in a photo. You can even remove people from the background sometimes. It just depends on the photo. So what I would do is I would just paint over those black marks,
and then you’ll see ta-da! Those black marks are gone. And I can show you real quick. I don’t know if you can see this, but there are those black, dirty bits. And after I Touch Retouched, they’re gone! So I really like that. I’m kind of perfectionist about making my
photos look as clean and nice as possible. If there’s something you can do to make your photo better, why not do it? Some other apps worth mentioning are VSCO,
which is super popular. I sometimes use that too, as well as Facetune
and Snapseed. I would say that my most frequently-used apps
are those five right there. Now I’m gonna upload my newly filtered photos
into UNUM. There they are. And then I’ll just play around to see what
looks the most balanced. Something I like to do is I like to checker
my photos. So I’ll put photos of me checkered with photos of scenery. I don’t like to put too much of me, too much of scenery. And I just like to keep it balanced that way. I feel it’s like, you don’t want to put two
selfies next to each other. Another thing is, I try to post in chronological
order. Those are my Budapest photos, and then I went to Croatia and it looked completely
different, so I kept those photos together. And then–I tried to do this. It doesn’t work all the time. See right there, I have the castle. But sometimes it just looks better when you
mix it up. There’s no real rules. Just do whatever makes you happy with your
feed, honestly. Alright, that’s it! If you have any questions for me, anything
specific, you can leave a comment down below and I’ll
get back to you. But yeah, at the end of the day, remember that Instagram is just a creative
outlet. Use it however you want. And Instagram is not reality, okay? It’s just for fun, so don’t take it so seriously. Just enjoy it.


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