How Do White Balance Canon DSLR Cameras | Photography Tips and Tricks

Hello, and this is a quick tutorial from Gmax Studios to tell you how to do a custom white balance on the Canon cameras, specifically the Canon 5D. So you press the white balance button on top of the camera, and rotate the dial at the back of the camera that will make your camera change the white balance settings, and the custom white balance setting is denoted by this funny strange looking symbol to triangles and a square. So that is what you need to remember. So anyway coming back to we have this image, and right now I’m on auto white balance and this is lit by lamp, a table lamp, and you can see that the tones are fairly warm. So all that we have to do is under these same lighting conditions we put in a white piece of paper. By doing this we tell the camera that this is white, and we take a picture. Once we have taken the picture we go to the manual, to the custom white balance setting which is just beneath the white balance setting, and if we press that, if we select that option we see the picture that we have just taken to be displayed, and we press the set button, and it says use white balance data from this image and you say yes. And then you go to your white balance and set the custom white balance. And that’s it and once you’ve come back, you will see that the image is much more neutral, all the colors are just the way they are supposed to be. Here is the difference between the two images, the first one on automatic white balance, and the second one on custom white balance. Subscribe to Gmax Studios on You Tube to watch more videos like this and we will be back with other tips for you. Thank you.


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