Ok. Now it’s all right. Transition. Fine. Synchronization completed. Ok? OK then… Youtube people, virtuosos of athletics, sweaty muscle fetishists, today we are here to play another retrogame. The game in question is’ 88Games by Konami, of 1988. It’s a game which is based on athletics… we load it. Here it is. We press the little button. This is the introduction. Ok. We are going to insert some credits. The name… we leave it like that. One moment… we set the game. Then… here are the keys… player 1, button 1, button… ok there are 3 buttons. Then… We set those that suit us. We can leave the bar key like this. Dip switches. So, difficulty set to easy, because we suck. Ok. There’s nothing here. What is Cheat? We don’t care… ok. Ready? 100 dash meters. Yes. Ok. But… why so little power? Ah ok, we qualified. Very well. Ohhh long jump. Very well. I didn’t press anything, what happened? Ok. I didn’t press anything, neither this time. Foul, ok. Then, let’s try again. 52 Maybe we can do it. I should have done 45 but… What the h**l! Nothing. Okay, you suck. Ok, let’s continue and see if we can do it. Come on, run. Eh, 46 good. Really? Ok. I guess we can’t even do it this time. As i said. Eh, this time is the good one! Ah here it is! Yes, yes, you’re great come on. 400 meters… Ok. Mark… ok. Yes. Ah, sorry. Come on, come on, run. Get out of the blocks like a splinter, come on. Noo. Eh, I am here. Champion of the 400 dash meters… relay. Very well. Skeet shoot… What is this? Ah ok… wait then. Do you mean I have to get 25 to qualify? I’ll never make it! Ok people… for this video it’s all…

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