Hidden Camera: Link is A Tyrant

You confess you’ve got
some stress, and yes, we’ve got some ways
for you to stress less. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! It’s Thursday, and on Thursday,
we use the think muscles inside our skulls to answer questions
that you use the think muscles inside your skulls to come up with. To put on the think muscle
on your computer, – which is the internet.
– Okay. – The last part kind of broke down.
– Yep. It made sense until then. – I’ll read a question, though.
– Okay, go for it. From Jenny Light, she asks,
“How do you deal with exam stress?” What we didn’t mention
is that we’re tackling stress today. Oh, we are.
We’re tackling stress. Stress-related questions. How to deal with exam stress? This is common for anyone
who takes exams. First of all, I will say that in college,
we had a roommate named Greg – that we talked about before–
– The three G’s. One time I was beginning to study
for an exam, and he’s like, “Whoa, whoa.
Why are you studying for that exam?
You know what you know.” (chuckles) – And I immediately quit studying.
– It worked on you. – That’s what’s so funny.
– You know what? I do know what I know.
But I will say that Greg went on to have to go back to college
to get a degree to get a job, so that’s not necessarily the best advice,
but it will make – for a great college experience.
– He was never stressed. No, and never. I would like to answer
this question sincerely, Jenny, because I relate.
Every exam was laden with anxiety for me–
and stress, go figure. My advice is focus
on the plan, not the exam. I made it rhyme so that
you would remember it. It’s a near rhyme. – (stammers) Work with me!
– Okay. – It’s focus on the PLAM, not the exam.
– Yeah, there you go. I developed a system
where I would make a decision of how much preparation,
and when I would prepare beforehand, so then as long as I focused
on executing what I thought I needed to do, then I wouldn’t worry
about the exam itself. When I did what I said I was
gonna do to prepare, I felt good.
I did everything I was gonna do. Before Biology, this was in high school.
I would go back there and I would say, “I’m gonna set aside 45 minutes
and I’m gonna look at every worksheet that Miss Lee
has quizzed us on over since the last exam.”
And then I’ll memorize it because that’s what she
put on all the tests. – Right.
– The same questions. And then I would feel good
after about 45 minutes. Junior year in college,
Calculus 3 or 4 or 8– I don’t know how many I had to take.
I would say, “I’m gonna take two hours on this night,
and I’m gonna rework these problems, and I’m not gonna get up
until I’m done or two hours comes first. – Really?
– And I’m gonna feel good about it.” It removed my stress because it
was something I could control, the preparation. This is what you were doing
all those nights that Greg and I – were just knowing what we know.
– Yeah! – You know?
– Yeah, definitely. I had a lot of fun
knowing what I know. That’s all I know.
Listen, we got the same job now. – I know–
– Was it worth it? We’re doing the same
exact thing right now. I reduced my stress and I should’ve
just been not stressed, but, yeah, if that’s
how you have to do it, that’s how you have
to do it, Jul-Jenny. – It’s good.
– I was gonna call you Julie, but your name’s Jenny.
Paul Lake Stintzi asks, (surfer’s voice) “I’m too laid back. – How do I become more stressed?”
– Great question– (normally) I wanna slap you
for askin’ that question. You know, if I could just slough
off some of my stress – and give it to you–
– Don’t slap-don’t slap him. Okay. (surfer’s voice) “How do
I become more stressed?” All right, Paul Lake Stintzi,
you ever heard of a gamma ray burst? It’s only the brightest electro-magnetic
event that can occur in the universe, and what happens if that happens
anywhere in our galaxy? Well, the ozone layer boils off,
you get a UV Ray bath, and all life on Earth ends.
And you know what? It could happen at any moment.
In fact, it happens once a day somewhere in the universe. So it could happen to you,
Paul Lake Stintzi. Hey, Paul Lake Stintzi,
you ever heard of a verneshot? That’s the hypothetical
volcanic eruption event, where a huge rock flies up into sorb–
sub-orbital space. You know what sub-orbital means?
It means it comes back down, and it could come back down
on your head, Paul Lake Stintzi! And there’s absolutely nothing
you could do about it. Or my head. You ever heard, Paul Lake Stintzi,
of a vacuum metastability event? Well, according
to Chaotic Inflation Theory– Wikipedia–it’s possible that our universe
is in a false vacuum-state, meaning that at any point,
our universe could transform into a lower energy state,
meaning the entire universe will be destroyed at the speed of light!
And, Paul Lake Stintzi, you’re in the universe. (silence) (snaps fingers) Like that? Faster than that. I wish I would’ve just tuned
out for all of that. Those are some things
that you could worry about. Thanks, Paul Lake Stintzi.
Nathaniel Cantwell asks, “If I’m building
a 100 meter four-lane bridge, what sort of stress would I experience
during peak traffic hours, and what kind of support structures
would I need to deal with this stress?” – Hmm.
– (chuckles) This is great. You know,
I have a Civil Engineering degree. And I haven’t put it in use
in quite some time, so… – (papers rustle)
– Let me do this. Okay, here we go. 100 meters, I’m gonna
round that to 300 feet. The average number
of cubic yards in concrete, two lane road, okay, yeah.
Double that for four lanes. – Peak traffic hours.
– We don’t need a suspension bridge at this point.
This size is more like an arched bridge,
a traditional arched bridge. Peak traffic hours,
talking about 15 cars per lane. That times four, that’s 60.
The average weight of a car is 4,000 pounds, and I’m gonna
take wind shear into account. You’re gonna need a bridge like this. You’re gonna have to invest
in a hamster. (chuckles) Can I have that, by the way? – That’s good work, Rhett.
– You can rip it. You can rip it right out of my notebook. I just put that together, just like that. Next time I feel stressed,
I’m just gonna stare at this. – And those are all the stress questions–
– Moving on from stress, we also got another comment
that I wanted to take some time to address.
This was on one of our videos from skyborg.
He says, “I feel like Rhett and Link are pressuring
their employees to do things which they do not want to do,
and is not part of their job/contract. Link physically preventing his employee
from spitting the food out is not appropriate behavior
for an employer. Five thumbs up on that, so there’s
a little of a groundswell here. People seem to think that
there might be a movement here. We’re gonna show that clip
’cause I think I know what you’re talking about.
This was during a Good Mythical More, in which Link had
something to say to Eddie. – Chew it!
– Begone, demon! (Link) I got it down! (laughter) – Please, no more.
– (Link) No, don’t, don’t. No! You know, I could see it there.
Definitely not with me, I don’t suffer from this problem,
but I could definitely see it with Link and, let me tell you,
what you saw in Good Mythical More is really just the tip of the iceberg.
I thought that it was high-time for me to bring this light,
so without letting you know, Link, I set up some hidden cameras
around the office, and just wanted to show you
a typical day working for Link. (static crackles) Chair! (Eddie) Coming. (typing rapidly) Alex, tell me if my shoe stinks. Yes. Do something about that. (slams door) Ow! Ah! AAAAAAH! I didn’t say “stop”. Ah! (static crackles) – I like that shirt.
– Thank you. Let me have it. (Link) I’ll just put it on now. – (Link) Thanks.
– Yeah. I need to use the bathroom! (employee) Here you go. Wait here. So, Link… what do you have to say for yourself? Uh… well, you know, Rhett,
I-I feel a little violated that you put up hidden cameras. But I want to thank you
for doing it. I think the message
is really hitting home. (voice wobbles) It’s totally hitting home. Yeah, right there. – (normally) And–
– On the nipple. you know what?
I need to change. Stevie, I need you to draft
an apology letter from me, it’s gonna go
far and wide on Facebook, just for me to be sorry,
and I want you to get on that now. I know you’re not gonna
do a great job at it, but just do your normal,
and do it right now. – (Stevie) Okay.
– Right–Are you doin’ it? – (Stevie) Yeah.
– Do it. Right now.
That’s it. – (Stevie types)
– Type, type more than one letter on the keyboard.
I can tell you’re not really typing – my apology.
– Oookay, this didn’t go well. It might be the last time
I install hidden cameras. And, Eddie, I am sorry for putting
my hand on your head and keeping you from spitting
out the caviar doughnut. – I won’t do that–
– (Eddie) [inaudible]. Well, you did.
You won! Are we friends? Can you tell everybody
that we’re friends? (Eddie) We’re the bestest of friends. – (crew laughs)
– Well, we’re not–I mean, – we have a healthy–
– (Eddie) It’s so healthy. – Employee/–
– It’s limited to work. employer relationship. Okay, thanks for liking and commenting.
Thanks for your questions, no matter how weird they were,
and you know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Julia.
– I’m Hillary. (both) And we’re from the Philippines. It’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! You’ve got a hole that you
punched in the wall, and we’ve got a solution for covering it.
The Good Mythical Morning poster, available at Rhettandlink.com/store. Click through to Good Mythical More,
where we open some mail and taste-test Sriracha popcorn! What?! Oh, it almost landed on the special spot! It could’ve been LGMM win face. But it landed on “repeat sandwich
until it loses all meaning”. (both) Sandwich. – Sandwich.
– Sandwich. – Sandwich.
– Sandwich. – Sandwich.
– Sandwich. – Sandwich.
– Sandwich. – Sandwich.
– Sandwich. – Sandwich.
– Sandwich. – Sandwich.
– Sandwich. – Samwich.
– Sandwich. – Samwich.
– Samwich. – Samwich.
– Sandwich. – Samwich.
– Shandwich. – Samwich.
– SANDwich. – Shamwich.
– Sandwich. – SANDwich.
– SANDwish. – Sandwith.
– SandWITCH! – Sandwitch?
– Shandwitch! -SAND-With.
– Sandwich. – Sandwich.
– Sandwich. (chuckle) – Sandwich.
– Shandwich. [Captioned by Sara:
GMM Caption Team]


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