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I accidentally went to bed last night
and forgot to take my contact lenses out and when I woke up this morning… this happened if you want to learn how to do this effect in Filmora stick around, I’ll show you how I’m lying, I don’t even wear contact lenses and this is nasal spray! Hit the Subscribe button and click the notification bell to be part of the conversation The first thing I did was I filmed myself
pretending like laser beams were going to shoot out of my eyes I tried to put
an emphasis here that the way you set up your entire shot can make all of the
difference I did a thing where I pretended like my eyes were closed I had
sunglasses on and when I went to open my eyes I tried to stay fairly still
because I knew I was gonna have to overlay some laser beam shooting out of
them and if I move around too much it’s really hard to lay that in the next
thing I did is I went right to the spot where my eyes opened up right about
there this is where my effect is going to drop and a lot of times what I like
to do is split the footage right here so I’ll have an easier time knowing exactly
which portion I’m working with let me find where my eyes closed back up and
I’ll split it one more time so now when I’m looking at my footage I know this
section right here is where all my effects are going to drop so up in the
elements tab I have a few different things loaded in these are from the
lasers effects pack that you can find in film stocks this is a cool effects pack
that has all sorts of different laser blasts and lightsaber effects that are
really great for this kind of effect I’ll put a link down in the description
the first one I brought down is this glowing circle I’m going to use that
over my eyes to create this glowing pupil effect so I brought that down
right onto my timeline and right where I’d split the footage knowing that’s
where my effect begins let me shrink that down to where I need it and I’m
gonna lock my main footage and come over to this spot I lock the main footage so
I can click up in the preview screen and now I’m only controlling that little
circle I want to shrink that down and I want to put that right over my
eyeball right where the pupil is now you could see I moved a little I’m gonna
have to do some work with this to make it sit exactly over my eye but I’m gonna
start here and that’s sort of centered on where my eye is I’m gonna right-click
on that choose copy and then I’m gonna open up
the track above I have some extra video tracks enabled here you can always do
that by clicking in this window and adding a video track but I’ll highlight
the track above put the playhead right at that beginning spot again and then
I’ll just paste and that will give me the same dot again now it’s gonna be in
the same position so I want to lock the first one grab up in the preview screen
and it’ll grab the new one I want one for each eyeball let me shrink this down
so I can see a little bit better so now I have a dot over each eye let me start
at the beginning one trick I like to use is the keyboard arrows I’ll use them to
move frame-by-frame through my shot to help me make decisions on what I need to
move another trick is if you click on this preview window and have it
highlighted you can also use your arrows on your keyboard to make minut
adjustments so another kind of centered now I’m gonna click back in the timeline
so that nothing is highlighted in my preview window and I’m gonna move
forward slightly and as my body moves I want to see if those dots are staying
over my pupils they’re kind of close here but I’m starting to see this one
waver a bit so I’m going to highlight that track down on my timeline and slice
it and then I’m going to double left-click which will highlight it back
up in the preview window and use the right arrow key on my keyboard to move
it just slightly to the right back over my pupil I’ll click back in the timeline
so nothing is highlighted up in my preview window and I’ll move a little
bit forward it looks like both of these are losing position right about here let
me slice the lower track as well as the upper track I’m gonna choose the upper
track first double left-click it’ll highlight it and I can move it with the
right arrow key on my keyboard just over a hair I’ll click the lower one that’ll
highlight it in my preview window I’ll click
one over just a tiny bit that looks about right and then I’ll click back in
my time frame and keep using the arrow keys to scroll forward these are all my
new adjustments that can really help this effect move forward now you can sit
here and tweak these quite a bit to make sure that they’re doing exactly what you
want I’m gonna get them close the least amount of movement you have in your
actual shot the easier it is to pull off this effect and that’s pretty close
let’s take a peek at how those track by playing that whole section that’s pretty
good here’s a cool little trick that you can do right off the bat I’m gonna take
the very first couple of frames do you see how my eyes are kind of closed and
they open slightly I’m gonna go a couple of frames in and I’m gonna split both of
these and then back over here I’m gonna highlight one and I’m gonna use the
arrows to actually shrink this to flatten them out so make them look like
they’re just sort of popping open it’ll help sell this effect and make it
look like this light is just starting to creep out as my eyelids open I’m gonna
split one more time here on each of these I’m gonna fatten this one up a
tiny bit make it look like it’s growing I’ll do the same with the one on the
Left open it up just a bit let’s scroll through slowly and see how that looks
that’s kind of cool see how it looks like my eyes are opening and now
exposing that red pupil pretty cool the next thing I want to do is I want to get
my laser beams put on each eye I’m gonna lock all of my tracks so none of them
get accidentally moved and I’m gonna start with this lasers number five which
is like a straight-on laser blast I’m going to click up in the preview window
and move that up so that it is lined up with my eye like I said you can use your
arrow keys to do very my new modifications and motions it’s a little
off-center I want to make sure it goes all the way down to the bottom of the
screen so I’m gonna stretch that a bit I want it to look like it’s shooting right
off-screen okay it ends right where I closed my eye so I want to go back a
frame or two and have that cut and end right where my
eyes closed these dots are off a little bit where I’m closing my eyes I’ll go
back and fix those up a little bit after as well like we did the beginning the
beginning section of this laser blast he’s a little off-center I’m gonna see
where its alignment changes it’s pretty close right about here so let me split
that and let me realign this beginning section I’ll use the arrows on my
keyboard to get that more in line with the center of my eyes and let me see how
that looks from the beginning it seems to shoot out pretty well it jumps a bit
too much there it looks like I need something right about here starts to
fall off center I’m gonna put another splice highlight that and click it just
a little to the right you get it more towards the center I
don’t want my laser being to jump all around and want to make it look fairly
consistent coming out of my eye it looks like I lost it a bit right about there
let me put one more slice and then gradually nudge this section to the
right and let’s take a look at that laser blast it had a little jump I’m
gonna have to do a little modification on it it seemed to jump too much right
there I think this one can go a little more to the right these little cuts and
motions are sort of the same idea of creating motion tracking if I slowly
move these frame-by-frame it’s less obvious and it seems to follow my eye a
little bit better and it’ll give you the effect of this laser moving along with
my eye that’s pretty good let’s do the same thing with another laser blast
coming out of my other eye I’m gonna use a different one this time I’m gonna use
one that kind of shoots off at an angle a little bit I’ll use lasers number six
this one shoots off to the right that goes that way
let me grab the end of it and shrink it down so it’s the same length as the
other one I’m gonna lock my original laser blast coming out of my that would
be my right eye the left eye if we’re looking at it and I’m gonna click up on
the screen and I’m rotate this beam I want it to be kind of
more like an angle going over a bit I also want it to be similar in width to
the other laser beam so I’m gonna adjust it a bit stretch it out and try to get
that same laser beam effect coming out of the center of my eye
let me start back at the beginning here make sure the timing seems right as it
comes in they both start shooting out I’m gonna use the arrows I’m gonna raise
that up a touch you get a little more centered on my eye and let me see how it
tracks we’ll have to make some adjustments let me split this new one
highlight that and let me move it a touch and let’s keep going forward and
see how this lines up looks like it loses it right about in here I don’t
want to make too harsh a movement and have these beams completely jump all
over the place I just want them to feel like they’re coming out of the center of
my eyes let me try playing that and see what it looks like it’s close can you
see the imperfections these are the things that I like to talk to you guys
about is being able to look at your own work and make corrections based on what
your eyes are showing you eyes I’m making eye jokes now that was pretty
good what do you think that’d look pretty good guys this isn’t the end
though I don’t want you to think just putting in these effects is what makes
this work because there’s a couple other things we’re gonna do here to really put
this over the top the next thing I’m gonna add to this to
make it super cool is I’m gonna go up to the effects tab and scroll down to lens
flares and I’m gonna use this cinematic flare do you see this one right here
cinematic flare one I’m gonna bring that down and put it on a layer right above
this other effects section right where I bring the effects in and the reason is
can you see what it does it adds this blue line let me turn that track on and
off so you can see the difference you see that blue line almost as if my laser
eye blasts are reflecting off the camera lens you add this in and it’s just that
little bit of authenticity that will help sell this effect but let me do this
I want to make sure it’s right when the laser really starts going so right about
there is where we should see that start so let me click on this lens flare and
let me shrink it and have it start right there so that the timing is correct
I might actually bring it back one more just when my eyes are open you see the
reflection so my eyes open up you see they’ll see that come out how cool is
this you see my eyes open up and right when they’re open bull you see that
reflection off of the lens and then the lasers come out we’re gonna do another
thing here that’s really cool to watch this trick I’m gonna shut off all of
these effects by hitting the little eyeballs next time so all you see is
this particular screen I want to unlock my main footage and right here I’m gonna
double left-click on that section that I’ve isolated of my main footage and
then I’m gonna click on color up in the left and let’s go to advanced because
we’re gonna do something really cool here I want to take this section where
I’m doing that effect I’m gonna scroll down to the color and I’m gonna bring
the saturation up quite a bit I’m also gonna bring the brightness up just a
little then I’m gonna scroll down to the HSL tab select red and crank up a lot of
the red to the point where it’s insane it looks like I’ve been out on the beach
without any sunscreen for a very long period of time I’m also gonna grab the
yellow and pop that up a bit too and you’ll see why I’m gonna try to get this
reddish yellow glow as if the laser beams coming out of my eyes are actually
changing the color of the room will hit okay now watch what happens as we scroll
through this I’ll turn the other tracks back on so I can see all of those pretty
cool huh I’m gonna take this effect even farther watch this to really sell the
power of these laser beams I’m gonna go up to the effects tab scroll to the very
top of the drop down on the left and click on shake I’m then gonna grab the
extreme shake and bring that down into the timeline right above my other
effects now what this is going to do is where those beams come out it’s going to
start taking the footage and shaking the entire screen as if the power of those
beams is actually rumbling the screen we want to make sure it starts at the right
time back it off just a hair have it start
right about there now if you double left-click on this you
can control the frequency so it’s not quite as extreme but that shake will
really help sell this effect now you might think I’m done already but I’m
gonna add even another effect onto this in the elements tab I’m gonna grab this
intense fog I believe this one came from the free
martial arts packs that’s also available on film stocks let me bring that down
into the timeline put it right above I want that fog to start hitting right
when those laser beams come pretty close right in there
now this fog is way too intense I just want to get the effect of maybe a little
smoke rising from my laser eyes burning into whatever they’re hitting so let me
double left click on that and up in the compositing tab let me hit the drop down
and let’s dial it way back let’s just get a little bit of smoke happening ok
let me look at this there’s the shake starts the shake might
be a little bit early let me pull this back
I want the shake to start more when that beam really hits and there’s a smoke the
smoke comes in kind of heavy so I’m gonna do a cool trick here watch this
one let me go up to the transitions tab let me type in dissolve pulls up my
dissolve transition I’m gonna stick that at the beginning left click and hold and
shrink it because I want this fog or smoke to come in a little more slowly
there we go I’m not going to end it right with a
laser beam ends because the smoke would kind of hang in the room right so let’s
go a little bit past and figure out where I wanted to kind of dissipate
right about there I’ll put another slice there I’ll get rid of this end and let
me bring down to the dissolve again into this I even want a slower dissipation of
that to make it feel like it’s slowly just dissipating into the air and let me
scroll through this effect and see how it looks
pretty cool now to really sell this I used some sound effects to put it over
the top there were three different electric sounds that I had found from
the YouTube audio library that are completely free that I layered
underneath in different tracks and combined to really sell that electric
swooshing sound creating these different layers of sounds and getting it to all
mix the way you want is what can really help sell this effect there are also
some great sound effects that you can find through Filmstocks in Filmora if
you click on the audio tab and then scroll down to sound effects you’ll see
you have a library of different sounds that you can use as well I’ll put links
down in the description that not only will get you to Filmstocks but I’ll put
a 20% off discount coupon in there so you can get these things cheaper to use
in your next project and don’t forget to check out this video over here where I
show you how to really take your editing to the next level


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  100. Daniel Batal January 3, 2020 at 9:10 pm

    ⚡ Learn How to make the Marvel Movie Intro in Filmora! ➡️ https://youtu.be/tYwW3-s2C8w

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