Guy Trolls People On Twitter Using Photoshop (Part 4)

He’s back He’s back The Twitter troll his name is James Friedman, and he’s the most famous Twitter Photoshop troll on the internet Hi, James. I love your Photoshop work. Would you clean the stone wall for me? Thanks James Freeman as always says I’m on it and James is in the back Scrubbing the frickin stone behind her (yep.) don’t take it literal Jamie (but still funny) guys james fridman is the most famous Twitter Photoshop troll we had multiple videos on him in the past you follow him on Twitter. He is absolutely hilarious (Really? Hadn’t noticed) He takes people super literally he jokes around when people asked for a ridiculous, Photoshop request He’s one of my favorite people on the Internet welcome to another episode of reaction time. Let’s get right into it Hi, please can you make it so my friend is running from something scary? Thank you. James says they see you Hey James, can you make this look like we are in more dangerous waters, I want to look cool oh I feel you so you you want like sharks and piranhas to make it seem like you’re adventurous James says no swimming no You’re getting cooked alive with noodles. She got freaking ramen that looks delicious. I mean I mean not the girls like the noodles I’m not gonna eat little girls. They’re so happy. They’re getting cooked alive. What does that remind me of Wizard of Oz? But you’re literally in the cooking pot getting boiled so this is what you wanted, this is a pretty dangerous right Jay Jamie’s uh He’s serious. He means seriousness. He’s real talk. He could have put them over lava when is Jamie Jamie I really like this picture But could you make it so the guy in the right this guy doesn’t look like he’s peeing on his kids Thanks yeah to be honest that guy actually looks like he’s peeing on his kids, and they’re just trying to have a group selfie But at the same time he didn’t know they were taking a photo Jamie says fixed there you go now the guy The guy doesn’t look like he’s peeing on his kids. He’s peeing in a porta potty right so he fixed what you wanted See I wonder if someone can make Jamie do something they actually want Without Jamie being a smartass and being a troll about it if you’re super specific in what you want Do you think Jamie will would still be able to troll you? I don’t know hey James Can you pet me in a Bugatti? He says I lied and told my friends I got Yeah, you think your friends believed you Bugattis are the most exposed some of the most expensive cars pretty sure they’re not gonna believe you Bye, anyways in any case Jamie says of course cuz the nice guy. He is and oh Can you pat me in a bugatti yes, Jamie’s petting you in a Bugatti This is beautiful, I’m Sam iron. You know this guy looks like he’s uh he’s trying to be super hard, but he’s a bulldog He’s against number yo J. Can you make me look like a black man gun in my hand go change all that okay? Let me put stereotypes stereotypes All over this the chains these are all stereotypes, bro. You got roasted by a Photoshop master. Hi James Can you make my right leg longer it looks very short Thanks sure This is mrs. Fantastic Number one thing I advise if you ever tweet at james fridman is to always check your spelling before he says the tweet because he Takes everything too literally. Hi. Jaime’s we love one boy, and I want to send his photo to him Can you make it that I look great and other girl and black shoes look bad, sorry? Thanks, James says sure She’s graded you’re great. You’re just a great human being guys. I know it’s cheesy, but she looks great she Should have been the First Lady of the United States make America great again. Sorry. Sorry. It’s too much. I’m a big boy Yeah, she if she could just stop asking James to photoshop her. No that would just be great okay Hey, James. Can you please close shot me into a party Charlie? I have a social life Thanks stretch line for 2016 sorry to disappoint you and is this everybody on their phones He’s the only one that wants to be social why is it so relatable because Jamie hi Jamie Please can you do something with the lady in the background now if you guys see if we just zoom in They’re referring to that lady. I mean she was she photo bombed a little bit, but it’s not her fault She didn’t know he says no problem. Oh No, I think it just coughed up my lung. That is so creepy all of a sudden. Hey James Can you Photoshop highlight on my face the contour just looks dull without it Thanks um So you got the she got them textbook smarts you guys one no guys Amazing guys if you want to see this one and many more first link in the description takes you to the original article absolutely hilarious James the legend would go follow me on twitter james fridman, and maybe you guys could submit some photos for him to photoshop Thank you so much for watching guys! That’s gonna wrap it up check out the other channel right here subscribe, but check out some more videos And I’ll see you guys next time. Hope this made you laugh. Hope you have a good day and peace out!


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