GPU vs CPU Video Rendering and Video Editing

– Hey everybody, this is Roberto
Blake of and today I’m geeking out with you over an interesting topic. We’re gonna be talking
about GPU verses CPU in video editing and rendering. Now, if you’re into video
editing at all like I am then you’ve often tried to decide whether you should spend
more money on your CPU, which is the brains of the computer, or your GPU, your video graphics card. Now, as a graphic designer
and somebody who also does video editing and After Effects
and all this other stuff, there have been conflicting debates and arguments about this over the years. A lot of people because the word graphics is in graphic design,
assume that you need a powerful GPU in order to
do things like Photoshop. Well, you really don’t. But, when it comes to video editing, when it comes to using
things like After Effects or 3D modeling or video editing and rendering from Premiere Pro, there are advantages to
having a graphics card, a very powerful one, if you can afford it. But, at the end of the day, I honestly have to say that it is better to spend more money into your CPU. The CPU does the bulk of the work when it comes to video rendering. When it comes to video editing and you want great displays
in full resolution, you wanna use special effects, you wanna do color grading, you want smooth video playback with no delay or drop frames, then that’s when a graphics
card can really help out. It also can help out in
rendering and speed things up. In my case, when I added the
GTX 1070 from Nvidia and Asus, I used the Asus Republic of
Gamers ROG Strix edition, well for me, that cut my
video rendering times in half. And you would think that that indicates that GPU matters more, but
the reason that helps so much is because it takes some of the burden off of the CPU from doing other tasks so that it can focus on
what it really needs to do. So in combination, these things working together as a team is
really what’s important. Also, multiple GPUs set up in SLI are specifically to help you out with things that involve gaming. When it comes to video
editing and rendering, if you’re gonna use two graphics cards, then they need to be stand
alone graphics cards, they don’t need to be SLI or Crossfire. That’s a gaming thing not a video editing and rendering thing. So, keep that in mind. If you were gonna buy two
very good graphics cards, you’re looking at $600 to $700. You’d be better served spending that kind of money in a very powerful CPU. Either a very advanced
six core or eight core CPU would be a better investment
of that type of money and then using a powerful
single graphics card for $300 or $400, five if you’ve got it. The graphics cards that I
would recommend right now are the GTX 1070 from
whichever brand you prefer and also the GTX 980TI. These are relatively in
the same price range. As of the making of this video, you’ll pay somewhere
between $450 and $550, but these graphics cards
are gonna probably be the best bang for your buck overall when it comes to video
playback performance when you’re editing and
rendering from programs like Premiere and After Effects. As far as CPUs, you’re
gonna want something like an i7 ideally and you’re gonna want a minimum of four cores. I currently run four cores at 4.4 Ghz but a little bit of overclocking and I think that does really well for me and it’s great within most price ranges but if you can pop $480, $560 for something a little bit more robust, if you can get a six core,
i7 Skylake processor, then you’re probably better
off spending the money there. I’ll talk about RAM in a second video, but 16 gigs is plenty. Whenever I’ve done my video rendering, that’s about the most that it’s utilized. If you like the ability
to maybe do something else while you’re computer is rendering, do some email or some surfing or whatever else you could be thinking to do, then I would recommend that you go for 24 or 32 gigs of RAM. It may not help with your
video rendering performance. It might help when you’re doing things like After Effects though. So, that’s just something to keep in mind. If you’re doing 3D or
you’re doing any kind of motion graphics, more RAM
is always definitely helpful. If you’re using Final
Cut Pro, in most cases, you can get away with eight gigs because of the way that that
is specifically optimized. You don’t get that much more
out of 16 gigs in the Mac and Final Cut Pro so you
may not need to actually spend as much money on
the fanciest Mac there, it’s better to spend more
money into the processor than anything when it comes to that and possibly getting a Mac that has a better graphics card,
maybe an integrated one. Mac’s running AMD mostly
right now instead of Nvidia. With Photoshop and Premiere
Pro and the Adobe programs, they’re optimized a lot more for the Intel and Nvidia chip sets, so that’s just something
you wanna keep in mind. I’m getting this information
from Adobe’s website, their blogs and the Adobe
Hardware Performance white paper. It’s not something that
I just decided on my own. So I hope you guys
understand a little bit more about the conversation of
video editing and rendering especially when we’re
talking about 4K video, for CPU verses GPU. It is both of them working together, they both have a role to play, but if you’re gonna spend more money, spend it on the CPU. Anyway, if you have questions about video editing and video rendering, definitely leave those
in the comments section. I actually do have a tutorial video for Premiere Pro on the
best video export settings for YouTube if that’s something
you guys are interested in. Anyway, like this video. If you like it, don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
content on the channel. As always you guys, thanks
so much for watching and don’t forget, create
something awesome today. Maybe with the power of video editing.


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  10. TheHurricaneHunter // NickTHH February 20, 2018 at 5:17 am

    I found that when rendering selected clips my graphics card came into play, but when encoding the processor comes into play with 100% utilization across all six of my cores. I'd never had a great editing workstation until now and the combination between my processor and graphics card seems to render 3 times faster than my previously used MacBook Pro.

  11. Chevifier February 20, 2018 at 9:34 pm

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