GoPro Quik App – Overview & Tutorial – iPhone Video Editor

Hey everyone welcome back to this week’s Tuesday tip we’re in this week’s video We’re going to be talking about a video editing app for iPhones and androids called quick So this week’s video is going to be a little bit different than past videos in that I’ve never used this app before but I Have heard that it’s supposed to be an extremely fast and easy editing experience So I wanted to download it having never used it in video my first Walkthrough of the app so that I can show you guys how easy it actually? Is and then what I’ll do for the second half is learn all of the functions of the app and teach Anything that isn’t picked up in the first use so with that being said let’s open the app which is right here I have a beside splice it’s got the cue in the app icon And let’s see what we’re greeted with so we’ve got a welcome to quick opening screen, which says make amazing videos in seconds Let’s get started Create with your photos and videos quick needs access. Yeah, okay? weekly video memories no thanks and We’re greeted with a screen looks like settings are in the top corner. We have flashbacks. We’ve got a plus sign We’ve got my stories in the bottom corner Not sure what flashbacks is right here, but I’m just gonna guess that we push the plus sign Okay tap to change albums and pick media from other accounts. This looks just like splice so from here I’m just gonna pick a couple quick clips from the other night while riding bikes, and I’m gonna pick this one Quick can’t work is magic oh okay, so Basically if you shoot in 4k you can’t use quick Well, that’s kind of a bummer so what we’re gonna do since this doesn’t work with 4k 60 frames per second on this iPhone 8 Is we’re going to take some clips into splice then we’re gonna export them individually And then we’ll pick those clips to import into our project So I’m gonna do that and then I’ll cut right back to the same screen with the new clips up top okay? So we’re back in the quick app here with our newly Exported 1080p videos from the four keh files as well as a video that I shot in 4k 30 frames per second in the most compatible format just to see if it will work in quick So let’s tap on that one first, and it says quick can’t work It’s magic your phone doesn’t support the high performance settings used in this video quick Mike crash next time lower the resolution and frame rate for easier Processing so at this point if you’re still watching and you shoot 4k 30 frames per second or 4k in general on your iPhone It’s not going to be supported in the quick app But the good news is the splice app does support your 4k files You just can’t export them in 4k So I’ve got a tutorial that I’ll link right here in an info card for splice so if you’re using 4k And you need something to edit it this video will help you out, otherwise let’s continue on Selecting our videos, so we’re just going to select the top 4 videos here It looks like you can rearrange them in the bottom just by tapping and holding. We’ve got four videos here I’m just going to click Add and Let’s see what happens So it’s making the video for us here Huh, and it looks like we’ve got different templates to use And What it looks like is that it’s using the exact same parts of the video to make these What does raw say That one did look a little bit different so basically what we’ve got here is a bunch of different templates to use for the videos Let’s see what we’ve got here So we’ve got different music to pick from no music no sound my music Travel hero six black so we’ve got all these different pieces of music to pick from then here We can edit things it looks like so looks like we can customize this and take out the text that’s in here and We can add in Clips between these we can also Disable the end point so let’s see what that does for us. We’ll go back to the beginning so It’s not doing too bad of a job here if you click on The video itself you’ll see a little pencil icon looks like you can just click the pencil icon and we’ve got the ability to add text delete it highlight and trim it as well as Rotate disable the volume change the speed we can fit it into the screen We can duplicate it, and there’s one called speedometer which says use a GoPro with GPS to display speed in videos So I guess if you’re using a GoPro you can display How fast you are going in the video so realistically these are most of the features of Splice in an app that’s meant to be faster But also give you the controls of an app like Splice and they’re made by the same person so that would make sense so when it comes to speed we have three options fast Slow regular in the last tab here at the bottom is a wrench So it looks like we can change the format to cinema square and portrait, so you can change the orientation of the video Which this is something that you can’t do in splice cinema just makes it wide the original sixteen by nine format portrait obviously crops it into a portrait mode We’ve got a duration button So it looks like this duration slider here is just a way to tighten up or extend the clip lengths in the video We’ve got a music icon here Which says great music ending then we’ve got an Instagram icon if you keep going which says great for Instagram which is nine seconds then we’ve got the quick default length which is twelve seconds And then a max length of 15 seconds for this video, which it’s still editing the lengths of the clips It’s just making them a little bit longer, so we’re gonna go with the default here push, okay And then we can select the last one which is music start Okay So what this music start setting did was change where the music soundtrack itself? Starts at in the video so if we click back on the music start icon. We’ll see the waveform here This is the waveform of the song and you can just simply pick at what point in the song you want the music to start For your video so this looks good. We’re going to push okay, and we’re going to get out of it This is everything in the settings section of the menu bar here at the bottom and the last thing that we have to click on Is save so we’re going to click Save. We’ve got all these different options We got Instagram Facebook Messenger Messages email snapchat copy a link your photo library and other sharing options. Let’s see what’s under other before we continue Says, we’ve got an error processing your video, so we’re not going to deal with that. We’re just going to click photo library Apparently it’s done already, so we’re gonna click done, and we’re gonna go back to our videos after we rate quick I’m going to give it a three so it looks like we’re finished here And we can get out of the quick app and go to our photos and preview the video right off the bat It looks like it’s in a square format the video itself is smaller in the screen with a replaying video That’s darker in the background, so let’s push play and see what we get Alright, so I’m gonna go back into the quick app after seeing that ok, so opening the project up It looks like we’ve got a couple different options here that we can talk about we’ve got a share icon Which brings up our same screen that we were just at We’ve got the edit a copy icon, which opens up the project again. I’m sure Yes, it does and autoplays it once again Exit without saving and now we’re gonna select more We can download rename, or delete the project to get to the end of this video here Let’s pause the autoplay and then go into the editing screen and we’re just going to do everything that we can possibly do to show you guys how to do it so first we’re gonna click the text We can add an overlay I’m gonna put Cody because it’s my friend Cody in the video Looks like you’re not allowed to Move it so it’s just in the center Another thing we just separated the text from the video somehow So I’m gonna delete that I’m gonna continue Looks like delete just deletes it from your video. Sorry to my friend John who that was highlight Allows you to pick the beginning and end point of the video trim Does the same thing pretty much, but in a different? Format at this point we’re just deciding when the video starts and ends So we’ll push ok there’s also a setting down here underneath of your trim bar That says play this clip without cuts. Let’s turn that on now. We’ve got rotate This one is going to be very nice actually for videos that are shot in portrait mode on accident’ because you needed to start recording before the phone sensed that it was in landscape and something happened that you can’t Recapture I do this all the time because with bike riding Things are quick getting out my phone as fast as I can to video something and oftentimes it starts in portrait mode Instead of in landscape mode where it should be so next we’ve got the volume button there’s a few different options here We’ve got mix boost and off I’m assuming mix is Normal because that’s what it was automatically on so another thing that I just noticed about this app is that? Any time you are on a clip and you pick the pencil icon here It takes you to the same screen where you can access all clips and edit any one that you want at any time Rather than doing it individually so the last few options that we have here are speed fit Duplicate we’re gonna click speed. We’re gonna make it faster. We’re gonna fit it and We’re gonna duplicate it. We’re going to take that duplicated one and we’re gonna change the speed to slow and we’re gonna see What it does so we’ve got our text? This one’s fast and This one is slow so when you duplicate it It isn’t Using the same time period as the clip that came before it because this one started as it was riding away Whereas this one starts as it’s riding up looks like there’s some editing going on that we really don’t have control over and That just about does it for these videos. Let’s save this once more save to the photo library. It’s exporting right now It’s done. Let’s go and check out the video after our resulting edits It looks like what it’s done is created a copy of our original So we have our original Still intact with the copy that we just edited up Top and in clicking through the menu bars here with all of our different options I believe we’ve covered everything to do with this app so I don’t think that I need to do a second half where I talk about everything and Learn everything because I think that this app is so simple that everything in the app can be learned as you use it And it’s very self explanatory and easy to use The only gripe that I would have with this app is For people like me who ride BMX bikes or do things where you need to have finite control over the clips and do? Exactly what you want because you don’t want to cut things off for Example this first clip shows my friend Cody as he’s landing his trick But we don’t get to see the beginning of it this one cuts in the middle of the trick the only one that’s really Well-timed is this video which it played from the very beginning almost To just about the very end of the clip So I would say for someone who needs very fine control over where your Clips begin And end this is probably not the app for you Splice is a better option But splice is made by the same people so all of the controls are very similar and just as easy to use But if you don’t need control over where your Clips start and stop this app is definitely a great option Because it takes all of the work out of it for you pretty much, and as we saw at the beginning There’s all of these different templates that have different editing styles So you could realistically make videos that are all different without having to do any specific or precise editing whatsoever I would say this app is great for someone who’s just making videos of their kids and wanting to put together different Clips just to show family and friends but when it comes to someone who’s maybe into action sports or Trying to playback maybe a sports clip in slow motion You might want to check out an alternative in splice that gives you much better control over? What you’re seeing whereas this app does most of the work for you, and you don’t get as much freedom in your The only other gripe that I would have with this app is that the autoplay is Extremely annoying, but that’s a subjective thing and just how I personally felt so that’s going to be it for this quick app Overview and tutorial I hope you found it useful if you want more tips and tricks like this hit the subscribe button It’s free down there. There’s no reason not to and thanks for watching guys. We’ll see you in the next one. Goodbye


  1. knoptop February 22, 2018 at 3:34 am

    LOL! …"at this point, if you're still watching"

  2. Dennis Crowney March 20, 2018 at 6:09 pm

    Good video, Brant, with some nice first thoughts. But,
    main problem for me is that you've made some instant judgements on the app, which I'm sure took 1,000s of man hours to develop, and finally somewhat put down the app. because of things it CAN do which you've missed (-selecting where to start the video to include. No App can know what YOU think is the best bit!).
    To be fair, you did say, at the start, you were reviewing as a complete newbie to the app.
    I just think people come to these review videos for some expertise fom someone who knows and can explain the app to a new user. My fault really for watching the whole 15 mins when I'd already played with it a little and knew some things.
    Good try, though!
    PS I have NO connection with Quik/the makers – and I don't yet use GoPro or 4k video. So it's been great for me.

  3. sara vlogs March 26, 2018 at 9:44 am

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  7. @Brant_Moore July 9, 2018 at 3:55 pm

    Just an FYI for everyone regarding the 4k import issue. This is the case only for select devices and for whatever reason, the iPhone 8 is one of them.
    Here is a link where you can find whether or not your phone is compatible with 4k importing in GoPro Quik

  8. Olena Yokos August 20, 2018 at 8:31 am

    I think you were wrong about highlights function: highlight every frame that you want to be definitely included in the video – that’s how you let the app know what moments are important to show. It’s not for setting begging & end as you said – trimming is meant for that.

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    I am trying to add a picture after I’ve already started editing some media. I don’t see the option to add additional media.

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