Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera Test Comparison

– What’s up guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV, and welcome to another
SuperSaf-style camera comparison. This time between the
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ and the Huawei P30 Pro. This was the most requested, so a thumbs up for that
would be appreciated. We’re using the front-facing
cameras currently, but we’ll be doing lots of tests. Front and rear-facing, low light, images, video, audio as well. Look out for the audio icon
on the corner of the screen. Currently we’re filming
at 4K, with the Note10+. On the P30 Pro, it can only
film at a maximum of 1080p. So you can check out
the quality right now. It’s quite windy. Let’s switch over to 1080p before we do the stabilization tests. Now we’re at 1080p from both devices for the front-facing camera. This way things are fair, side by side. Now let’s test out the stabilization. So I’m just gonna do bit of a walk. Right, now let’s go ahead and run. (wind blowing)
(keys jangling) (footsteps crunching) Now a new feature that
we’ve got on the Note10+ is live focus video. So, should be getting a bit of a blurry background
effect here on the Note10+. You can change this to a few
different effects as well. So for example, this one
is where the background is gonna be black and white. Quite interesting. Different effects. And then we’ve got this sort
of ’80s distortion effect in the background, which also might be
something that you like. Now testing out the video
from the rear-facing cameras. We’re at 4K, and we are
on the primary camera. Now we do have two times
optical zoom on the Note10+, but we have five times optical zoom on the P30 Pro, and then we have 10 times
hybrid zoom as well. So, that’s something that you
definitely might like, yeah, on the P30 Pro. Let’s go ahead and test
out the stabilization from this primary camera. (wind blowing) So we’re walking, and now
we’re gonna go ahead and run. (child yelling) Okay now let’s switch over to
the ultra-wide on both, so. (child yelling) What I like about these is you can switch. You don’t need to switch off video when you’re switching modes. You can just do that while you are in the
video mode continuously. Let’s test out the stabilization
now with the ultra-wide. So we’re walking, now
let’s go ahead and run. (footsteps crunching) Here we go. Now to do another stabilization test, but this time we’re at 1080p because you should get much
more stable footage at 1080p. So, let’s walk, now
let’s go ahead and run. (wind blowing) Switch over onto the ultra-wide
as well, at 1080p on both. Again, we’re gonna walk. (footsteps crunching)
(wind blowing) And now let’s run. (wind blowing) Right, new feature on the
Galaxy Note10+ is zoom in mic. So if you zoom in, it should
make it sound clearer. And we are now zoomed in
at five times on both. Still talking the same. Let me know which sounds bad. Now one of the new features that we’ve got on both smartphones is the ability to have portrait videos. So a blurry background doing video. And that’s thanks to the
time of flight sensor that we’ve got on both devices. Now this feature also allows
for a few different effects. One of the effects that’s on both devices is to have a black and white background while I should still be in color. Let me know how well it works. (wind blowing) Now we’re just testing out the auto focus on the Huawei P30 Pro. Seems to be doing pretty well. Same test, now on the
Samsung Galaxy Note10+. Also seems to be doing really well. And, I’d say a tad faster as well. Right, so the was the video. Now before we move on to
images, if you haven’t already, then be sure to subscribe to this channel and hit that bell icon. That way you won’t miss
lots of coverage like this. Having said that, now let’s
look at what we’re working with. So, for the front-facing cameras, the P30 Pro does have a
much higher resolution, and it also has a slightly wider aperture. But for the rear-facing cameras, we have a very similar setup, in the sense that we
have a primary camera, we have an ultra-wide camera,
we have a telephoto camera, as well as a time of flight sensor, which should help with depth information. Now there are some differences here. We do have high
resolutions on the P30 Pro, but by default, we are gonna be shooting at roughly about the same
resolution as the Note10+, and that is because that’s where you’re gonna get
the best software processing, and that’s what it’s set at by default. And the P30 Pro does have
five times optical zoom versus two times optical
zoom on the Note10+. This is using periscope zoom technology, which is super, super cool. And the primary sensor is a
red, yellow, and blue sensor, not red, green, and blue,
like we have on the Note10+ and pretty much every other smartphone. The P30 Pro also has a larger sensor compared to the Note10+. And it will be interesting to see how this affects low-light
images in particular. Now all the shots that you will see have been shot on automatic, and this is to keep things
as fair as possible, and also to get the most out
of that software processing. Both devices do have pro mode, so if you are somebody into
that, then you can use those. Let’s get to the images. So initially, we’ve got this
outdoor image in good light. We’ve got light coming in
from the background as well, and both are doing a very, very good job. The Note10+ a little bit more vibrant, a little bit more punchy. Now this is something that
Samsung devices do tend to do. You may or may not like that. But, I can see that the Note10+ does have better dynamic range. If you look towards the
shadow areas in those trees, those have been better maintained
compared to the P30 Pro. Now let’s try out the zoom. So of course we have
more zoom on the P30 Pro, so you can get in much
closer to your subject. That is five times optical versus the two times
optical on the Note10+. But you can have up to
10 times hybrid zoom. So this is where it uses a combination of digital and optical zoom. And if we do 10 times hybrid zoom versus 10 times digital
zoom on the Note10+, you can see a massive difference here. The P30 Pro with a much,
much cleaner image. And that is thanks to that periscope zoom. Now let’s try out my favorite,
and that is the ultra-wide. So we’ve got our regular shot here. You ready for it? Boom, look at that. You can get so much more in, just by standing in the same place. And you get some very,
very interesting shots. Both doing a really good job here. I’d say the Note10+ is wider, so you are getting more in to your shot. And it also seems to have
slightly better dynamic range. Once again, if you look towards those shadow areas in those trees, those have been maintained
a little bit better on the Note10+ compared to the P30 Pro. Now I thought we’d play around with the zoom a little bit more. So here is a regular outdoor shot. Now if we do use the maximum
optical zoom on both devices, you can see that we can get in much closer on the P30 Pro compared to the Note10+. But the Note10+ does seem to
have better dynamic range. Now if we use digital zoom on the Note10+ to kind of replicate that side by side, you will once again see that the Note10+ does seem to have better dynamic range, but you do get more detail because of the optical
zoom on the P30 Pro. Trying out 10 times hybrid zoom versus the 10 times digital
zoom on the Note10+. I would say once again, dynamic range slightly
better on the Note10+. On the P30 Pro however,
you do get that detail. Now trying out another outdoor shot, this time in very tricky lighting. So I was under some trees, and we had lots of light
coming in in the background, whereas the foreground was pretty dark. Here you can see that
once again the Note10+ is a little bit more
punchy, more vibrant colors, which you may or may not like. But one thing that you can
definitely see on the Note10+ is the better dynamic range. You’ve still got all of the
details in the foreground, but those clouds are still
maintained much better compared to the P30 Pro, which
has blown out those clouds. Now if we try out the
ultra-wide here, boom! Once again, this theme continues where you’ve got more vibrant, more punchy colors on the Note10+, but also better dynamic range. The details in those shadows
have been maintained better, and you’ve still got those
details in those clouds. So I do like the dynamic range that you’ve got here on the Note10+. And I also like the fact
that the Note10+ is wider compared to the P30 Pro, without giving you any sort of distortion. Now an outdoor macro shot. You’ll notice straight away that the P30 Pro does have
more of a blurry background, and this seems to be because the Note10+ has
applied the variable aperture. So it’s using the f2.4
aperture to get more in focus, compared to the f1.5, which
is very, very shallow. So this is gonna come down
to personal preference. One thing I do have to say is that I do prefer the
colors on the Note10+. They do seem more natural compared to the more yellowy
colors on the P30 Pro. And this is something that I
have noticed in the P30 Pro, maybe because it’s got the
red, yellow, and blue sensor. Things do tend to lean more
towards the yellow side. This is something that I have noticed, and it’s also present here
on this portrait mode shot. So this is where we’re gonna
get the blurry background. In terms of edge detection, I think both are doing a
really, really good job. This is using the primary camera. And you can see that even
the section between my arm, because of that time of flight sensor that both devices have, they have managed to
blur that out as well. So edge detection, thumbs up for both. But colors are so much
better on the Note10+. We have that sort of yellow,
sort of tint on the P30 Pro, which I’m definitely not a fan of. Now the Note10+ also allows
you to use this portrait mode from the telephoto camera, which gives you the
equivalent of around 50mm, which is quite nicer for portraits. And the P30 Pro does
let you do a two x zoom when you’re using this. But I’m assuming it’s using digital zoom because five times would
be quite a bit of zoom, and you’d have to move quite a bit back. And here, the Note10+ doing much better. Edge detection is good
on both I would say, but the Note10+ has a much
sharper image with more detail. The P30 Pro is now
starting to get a bit soft, and you are starting to see
some noise here as well. Once again, more on the yellow side. Another portrait shot
from the primary camera. Both doing really good in
terms of edge detection, thanks to that time of flight camera. But I do prefer the colors,
once again, on the Note10+. A consistent theme here. A bit too much on the yellow and green
side for me on the P30 Pro. Once again using that two x, you do get a much better portrait, in my opinion on the Note10+. This is something that initially
wasn’t there on the S10+, and Samsung, I’m assuming,
after watching my review and lots of other people’s reviews, have introduced this
feature now on the S10+ as well as on the Note10+. And I do really like it. It does do a good job in terms
of giving you nice portraits with that sort of 50mm equivalent. Now let’s move on to low light. So this is where things
will be quite interesting. So this initial shot has
been taken on automatic. This is not applying
any kind of night mode. And I do like the P30 Pro better here. You do see some more detail
in the clouds and everything, and that is, I think because of that red,
yellow, and green sensor, as well as the larger sensor size. And then if we do use
night mode on both devices, the Note10+ actually does much better compared to without it. So that is quite interesting. This is something that
wasn’t initially available on the S10+. This is something that is available on launch on the Note10+, but, overall I still
prefer the P30 Pro image. If you look towards the clouds, there is more noise on the Note10+ compared to that on the P30 Pro. Another low-light image. Firstly, it’s taken on automatic. The P30 Pro, a brighter image here. A little bit on the yellow side, again. If you look towards the ground area, it has sort of gone
towards that yellow side. So this is something that
I have definitely noticed. And if we do use that night mode, the Note10+ does do a
lot better than without. But once again, you can see
that noise in the clouds area whereas the P30 Pro is much cleaner, and I do prefer the image
overall here, the P30 Pro. Now an indoor low-light image. So this is an extreme test. So very, very low lighting. The P30 Pro a much brighter
image, straight off the bat. That is thanks to that sensor. And if you do use night mode,
then the Note10+, once again, does produce a much
better image than without. But once again, the P30 Pro
winning out here for me. The details now looking much sharper compared to when we used it without. Night mode was something that
was introduced by Huawei, and it’s something that
I definitely do like. And I’m glad that more
manufacturers are using it. But for me, overall, the P30
Pro is still low-light king. Now before we conclude,
let’s look at some selfies. So this is a selfie in sunlight. And here, I do prefer the
colors on the Note10+. Definitely quite a bit
on the yellow side here on the P30 Pro. But generally speaking, both are doing a good
job in terms of detail. The P30 Pro does seem a tad sharp, but thanks to that high resolution. Now let’s try out the portrait mode. So this is where we’re gonna
have the blurry background. And neither of them are
doing a perfect job, but I definitely do prefer the Note10+. The edge detection is better. If you look towards my ears, then the P30 Pro has
struggled a little bit compared to the Note10+. Also the P30 Pro, now the background is a little bit more blown out compared to the regular image. So if we just go between the two, it seems like we do
lose some dynamic range when we’re using portrait mode from the front-facing
camera of the P30 Pro. On the Note10+ you can also
adjust the blur after the fact. You can also do some different effects. This is something that you
can’t do on the P30 Pro. Now another front-facing camera shot. So, once again I think both
are doing a pretty good job. The P30 Pro not as yellow this time, so it’s a bit more on the blue side, which I do like this time. And then let’s try out the portrait mode. So, the P30 Pro once again is struggling towards my ears and things, whereas I think the Note10+
is doing a better job. And also the blown-out background. Now it’s not completely blown
out, but it’s much brighter compared to what we had
without portrait mode. So it looks like it’s trying
to brighten up the picture for the portrait mode, but dynamic range doesn’t
seem to be as good as without. Now, just some low-light tests. This might’ve been a bit extreme. I went out completely in the dark. I just wanted to see
how much these sensors can pull in light. Both of them not doing great here. The S10+ may be a tad brighter because it’s not using as many pixels compared to the P30 Pro. But really so you’re speaking,
in a situation like this, you will use the front-facing flash. And here I do prefer the P30 Pro. It looks like a sharper image and the colors have been
better maintained on my face, whereas I do look a little
bit too kind of washed out on the Note10+. Right, so that was a lot to cover. What are my conclusions? Well, I’d say that they’re very similar to when I did my camera comparison between the P30 Pro and
the Samsung Galaxy S10+. The Note10+, very similar to the S10+, in terms of the hardware, as
well as a lot of the software. So I’m noticing a lot of
similarities between those. And I’d say that the P30 Pro, when it comes to, firstly zoom, of course you do have that
five times optical zoom, so it does win for zoom. It also wins overall for low light. That larger sensor, as well
as the red, yellow, and blue compared to the red, green, and blue. And a new thing that we
tested this time as well was portrait video. So this is where it’s
gonna blur the background, which was a little, kind
of bad on both I would say. But when we had the black
and white background effect, that worked so much better on the P30 Pro compared to the Note10+. However, when it came to
pretty much most of the things, I did prefer the Note10+. Dynamic range was clearly
better on the Note10+. Yes, colors were a
little bit more vibrant, which you may or may not like. I personally don’t mind those too much. I also preferred the ultra-wide
camera on the Note10+. It was more consistent,
and it was also wider compared to the P30 Pro. And for video as well overall,
I did prefer the Note10+. You had better stabilization. You had better audio overall as well. Both were pretty good, but,
especially when we had the wind, the Note10+ did do a better job
of canceling that wind noise compared to the P30 Pro. Plus you do have that zoom in mic, so you can zoom into
places and get better audio compared to the P30 Pro. There’s also HDR10+
recording as well as 4K out of the 60 frames a second
available on the Note10+. These are things that I couldn’t test in this particular video because this video is at
4K 30 frames a second. And also for the front-facing camera, I did prefer the selfies
overall on the Note10+, apart from in low light. The video from the Note10+
from the front-facing camera, you do have 4K and you
have all of those effects, if you want to or not wanna use them. You do have that
flexibility on the Note10+. So for the front-facing camera as well, I did prefer the Note10+ overall. That’s what I think it’ll be. What do you guys think? Which one of these did you prefer overall? Definitely drop me a comment below, and let me know your thoughts. If you want to see lots of image samples from lots of different devices, then be sure to follow me on Instagram. I am @SuperSaf, and I do
post very regularly on there. I hope you enjoyed this
video, and found it useful. If you did, then do hit that
thumbs up button for me. These camera comparisons
take a very, very long time to put together. So a thumbs up would be appreciated. And if you wanna see more stuff like this, as I mentioned earlier
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future content coming up. Thanks for watching. This is Saf on SuperSaf TV,
and I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)


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    P30 pro better

  75. Jay Max Ug October 20, 2019 at 11:11 am

    SAMSUNG hands down

  76. Sorrow Vibes October 24, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    Hey man ! What would you suggest for someone who's planning to shoot 4k
    videos with a tripad (I don't use stabilization) in lowlight environment
    ? Main criteria is clarity. I want to be able to crop in post-prod up
    to 400% and still have details and minimal noise. Thinking about the P30
    Pro, do you think there's a better android choice ? Cheers !

  77. Aaqib Yaragatti October 28, 2019 at 6:20 pm

    Really good comparison and specially the technique and how you were able to do it with both devices. Thanks for the video.

  78. Gavin Schoonbee October 28, 2019 at 6:44 pm

    Which moron compares these 2 phones. 2 generations. Wait for P40pro to compare.

  79. A. Smith October 29, 2019 at 1:31 pm

    The Note 10+ seem to be the winner overall.

  80. Jutsu October 30, 2019 at 11:57 am

    где небо у хуявея почему все пересвечено, почему при тряске на хуявей морда обрезается, стабилизация тупая, а без гугл сервисов мало долб…ёбов купит!)

  81. Dennis Keith Gaso October 30, 2019 at 3:14 pm

    Do Mate 30 pro vs Note 10 plus.

  82. Velma Ruth Macliing November 1, 2019 at 3:23 am

    I like note10+

  83. Someday Night November 1, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    3:39 P30 seems way better here why people are saying Note 10 is superior?

  84. IƧΛΛC GΛЯCIΛ November 2, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    Note 10 is amazing, I want to see how Mate 30 will do…

  85. ProHax Professional November 7, 2019 at 8:23 am

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  86. shashi karunanayaka November 7, 2019 at 2:59 pm

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  87. Mid December November 8, 2019 at 5:08 pm

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  88. tnglobe25 November 10, 2019 at 3:32 pm

    I remember comparing camera of Huawei P6 against Samsung Note 1. Until now Huawei never won against Samsung.

  89. B Rad November 10, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    Such a Samsung fanboy. Only reason I don't subscribe, undermines all his good work.

  90. Brett-david Hill November 12, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    Pro 30 is noticeably better I just brought a note ten plus now I have seen this I'm sad lol

  91. Julian Loo Chia Ern November 13, 2019 at 5:39 pm

    Yes Saffon supper SaffTV iconicc person favorite person eventually I shall make OsmirmiumeRedealtsoneysameti to clothe my Huawei mate pv30 PRO color gamut naturality with xiao inbetween Huawei and matericoiner Notes sexyPROnier 8.12 X PRO sophiaticaterarerjurer font-text really as you once mention yearningly many years back, maybe you can recall there the dates of your specificized comment to remind me when was the time i needed GOD of igod most to through my stroggle struggle around my google stand to give you the best specific answer you wanted or wanting to.note sxa 11.7 Aperture 1.65 defaulted first stop-fixed, pure view p64 base megapixels 4x (fourtimes)=256 Base on AMD kirin Ryzen 5767 + Ryzenkirinxeonkirinzen (AMDArmIntelpentiumaicccerare) quantum newer model chip chipset north and south bridge chipset has pixels XL8 PRO pluxserare plus 5G safety Saff fasterare. (two affordable model are 1.) p30 will have an update; 2.) p40 Notes 8 sexyPro (upper model price), p64 Pentium spenNotes sexyPRO 8.11. Yet when the highest end model mobile the p256 seXYGoPROSee will BE greatly❤as icompatible as into BlackBluetitanteslaicciticccteatiatBerriesayeaHessLoveGoD; as there are features By auto fit recompasater computational + Auto or manuel mode HDR automaticc 3D singularitieseaniggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggy(32) picture and SBCL supported 4:2:2. videos selectable formats; foldable Love LTIPSGOLEZOD (LoveGoD)in short. The 3 sets of lenses + two sets of lenses from samsung y dual pixels pixel autofocus staibilizealalitization with take half the chip to manage automatically voice choice motif. Raw + Nights sight GCam autotimaticc Aperture automaticc focus and portrait picture mode, or live focus pro portrait video mode + Night Sight Gaicccam, slow motion 240 fps, selfie inc. portrait night sight mode, Ultrawide & recomputization finest fit hidden restitch, zoom in micshuresentechnicaiserare and Beimasamsung exynos galaxy dual speaker top and bottom. volume roccker and fingerprint sensor, tensors.supersilents and superinvisible.

  92. Rifat Hossain November 13, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    6 month old phone P30 Pro beat recently launched galaxy note10+ phone wow ??????
    P30 pro is a camera king ?….

  93. chris zarganis November 14, 2019 at 11:09 am


  94. Ikki Tenryou November 16, 2019 at 8:06 am

    K33p it UP

  95. MC Vlogs November 16, 2019 at 3:51 pm


  96. W B November 22, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    Good video except the Samsung didn't have better dynamic range. The post processing simply makes the photos a little more contrasty on the p30 pro. If you edit the photo you'll see detail in the shadows is maintained. Sick of reviewers calling over exposure "better dynamic range"!

  97. W B November 22, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    P30 pro is just better.

  98. Abdullah Saad November 23, 2019 at 9:15 am

    They suck in terms of blur/portrait unfortunately

  99. Andy T November 25, 2019 at 4:53 am

    these phones are so crazy

  100. M Abbas November 25, 2019 at 6:32 pm

    Well done , great video ?

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