Found Secret Hidden Camera after Lie Detector Test to find Truth! (Game Master Challenge)

peanut where are they are they over
there our dogs are missing right now you know blackjack do not on their bed oh
maybe back here peanut they’re not in here Arthur machine no I think they’re missing right now
Ricky let’s go come on chip right here there’s no cameras in restaurateurs no
cameras whatsoever welcome back to the Matt Rebecca channel we just said that
our dogs missing but clearly not buck teeth ready oh he just went under okay
you guys know when we did the lie detector test on the GM eyes game master
that he said that they’re always watching we got rid of anything that
could potentially be a camera in here so we think this might be the only seat
room right now here we need that you might think that we are searching for
our missing dog because we’re actually looking for this coin that one of the GM
I members Andrew left behind you guys remember Andrew showed up with
a gift basket at our last to leave the backyard challenge it turns out that in
order to get to a casting for the GM I you need a coin which is basically like
a referral and we need to get into that casting so we need to find that coin
that Andrew lost you guys know that GM I hacked into our channel as they figured
out that we were switching up the format which means we need to find that coin so
we can sneak into their casting and figure out what is going on at the GM
eye headquarters where do we look so we can check around the house but Zamfam
you guys commented that you think it might be in pumpkin patches hideout
which is that room that’s above our so I think we need to go up there and
search and if you guys see any hittin cameras let us know because we need to
stop those because that means they’re spying on us so make sure to smash the
thumbs up but if you think we are going to find that coin and pumpkin patches
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comment hidden cameras quality if you did it in that time make sure you are
subscribed to our Channel thousand dogs you guys remember I spent 24 hours in
here and it was pumpkin patches hi out but daniel said she went and searched up
there when we all search different rooms and he didn’t find any traces of pumpkin
patch and because we found nothing it confirmed to us that the gamemaster
wasn’t real was all set up by the GM ah when I think about it the only person
that actually serves up there was Daniel yeah I mean do you think we can trust
him he has been acting a little bit suspicious especially with the rz2
lately I think we need to go up there if we find anything related to pumpkin pack
we’ll know that it’s actually real in the gamemaster is real okay yeah pull
onto this I’m gonna get before we knew rocky was pumpkin patch 24 hours of this
news we have not been up here in so long oh no Oh sometime it is so we got to find that
coin in our back hold on Beck you gotta come up and see this Hey yeah yeah yeah
thank you it’s been such a long time I can’t believe whoa what is that okay
I’m up yeah okay yeah I don’t like climbing up this wait
CeCe what is up here it’s really warm Christmas stuff wait our Christmas stuff
is up here yeah my parents put the scepter that’s the wreath she made
everything oh okay but look it there’s no traces of pumpkin pad nothing that
means Daniel was telling the truth okay but the coin could be up here
yes Zamfam you guys told us to search here first so I think we need to look
there’s no trees as a pumpkin patch but hopefully we find that coin so we can go
to their casting Zachary Becky you can like almost stand up in here not really
though it’s not that comfortable when I spent 24 hours here there were clues
from the gamemaster over here but I don’t know if that GM I set it up I mean
they said they did and they got rid of all the gamemaster stuff which means
this was just a 24 hour challenge part of their game so weird so when we signed
a contract it said that it would end everything gamemaster but now it looks
like we might be part of a new well face it the gamemaster is not real
and if there’s nothing here no balloons then I would just have to think the
keymaster isn’t real I don’t know Sam family let us know what you think and
again if you find any any cameras in your lettuce that means the team is
watching but we need to find that coin it’s back there Rebecca it is so hot up
here it’s really hot do you see anything anybody anywhere
look do you guys see a coin I mean if someone dropped it wouldn’t they be in
this area or maybe it like rolled off it could be like some of this stuff you
know yeah we’re like fell into like a little cracks yeah I don’t know here
what what right behind me straight above me there’s something there
I kind of glanced it I didn’t want to look straight into it you see hell yeah
just act like you’re filming me okay can you see something zamfam okay Matt go
back to tell looking for the drugs peanut peanut
yeah is up here hey where are you hey Peanut blackjack I hooked it right up here
yeah okay Matt I’m filming you while we search her missing dogs
I got I got it you got it is there anything you see
oh no no perfect is like the SD card mistake you see get wait so forget the
humis they’re not able to access exactly they have seen this stuff before like a
bus searching for the coin I don’t see anything that’s like transmitting
anything so I think they would have to come here actually grab the SD card out
and look at the footage okay yeah stick it out and then we got to destroy this
camera warm in here glad we’re done with this room no I think they’re fine leave mouth your
mouth BEC even if they’re watching they’re not gonna see this right now
okay dogs are found they’re like oh they’re probably fine yeah here let me
say something real quick yeah dogs but Matt we should probably like go on our
YouTube channel and just look at our videos really quick it’s a great idea
okay let’s go hold on hey we need to act like we’re just looking at a YouTube
channel yeah yeah we should look at some of the footage you know yep have we got
okay yeah okay sampan bit in the drawer so just in case they’re watching you
need to see this back what what that’s just a Christmas stuff what danger he
was in our place the zebra was right once that’s the pumpkin patch stuff Matt
that’s proof right yeah okay well I was definitely up above our garage well they
did say that they were gonna get rid of everything and he works for the GM i he
just looks so casually like he’s just going around our place today break-in
this is all the pumpkin patch stuff they must have sent him to clean out the
underground tunnel in my closet and where you looked on the other area Matt
oh look at that hold on there’s a spot wait play the
sound on that do you hear that the coin did you guys hear that that’s
the coin dropping okay where did it go we looked like it was right there he
dropped it like right in that little spot he might just be there or maybe he
kicked it to another area so if he hasn’t found it that means the coin is
still up there coins up there right in that location
Zamfam smash the thumbs up button right now so we can find that coin and
get into a GMI casting I’m just he yep he cleaned everything out okay we won
he’s the one that erased all of the gamemaster stuff
yeah he’s the cleanup crew for the GMI okay so we need to go back there we need
to get that coin we have a chance of getting into the castle yep let’s go all
right she’s getting Christmas supplies that means the queen is here
that’s probably why Andrew with you with the gift basket hurry what Andrew shows
up here max okay the truth searching for their things so the candle is right up
there yes I think right here aha aerosol drop the coin right here it makes total
sense why picture not here here the advance smash a thumbs up give
us good enough we’ve got it my lord boy got afraid just in case he’s coming to
this what this makes cookies pick one caption or cure it also proves that the
game master might be real you need to talk to rocky we found the coin have the coin oh my
god amazing this means that we’re gonna be able to get into the GM eyes casting
so we can figure out what’s going on with our game we gotta go tell everybody
okay hey we found him okay okay Zam family we
have the coin which means we’re gonna be able to get into the GM ice caste but
we’re gonna have to go in disguise yes absolutely and we have to figure out
what the casting is right what if they kick us out it’s like hey guys it’s
Andrew no come on that works for the GM I
should I let him in I mean you do have a choice okay Sam fam let me know what I
should do okay let me know um we are we’re just uh fill me in a
YouTube video babies didn’t happen to like see like a it’s like a little round
like golden like a medallion oh no we haven’t seen a coin here at all are you
sure wait you said coin no no if you have it the GM I cannot know that I lost
this coin it’s really really important but we could have it back we can figure
something out you you can have it if you do have it the only way you can use it
as with a referral I’d have to vouch for you to use it
you’d have to bow to her okay can we can we have a second really quick yeah I
just think you in the water okay yeah what did you hear that I mean if we go
to the casting and they ask us who referred us we don’t have anyone so we
almost need Andrew to vouch for us he seems like he wants to help us to see
him let us know if you think we should trust Andrew I feel like that’s our only
choice if we want to go to this casting I mean in the past but he seems like
he’s actually pretty honest with me okay so if we give him back the coin what if
he just takes it then we can’t get into the cast first I can catch him if we
give it to him well he said he only needs it for for a little bit maybe he
didn’t tell the GMI he found it right yeah but then we get to use it for caste
knows given okay okay okay yeah okay Oh your arm oh yeah okay so uh we do have
the court oh my gosh you had it yeah yeah yeah yeah but if you want this back
we have to come to an agreement compromise okay yeah we want to get into
the GM eyes casting but you’re saying that we have to have a referral right
you’d have to vouch for us okay so if we give you this coin back you can convince
the GM eye that you found it but then we get to use it to go to casting and
you’ll vouch for us yeah yeah okay how are you gonna do this I mean how you
gonna communicate them if you let me go in the backyard like to make a quick
call and take like two minutes and I can see what I could do okay but just know
Matt’s really fast so don’t try to run over yep okay we get this back we need
to trust you on this okay yeah for sure okay I’ll bring it back promise okay
good well let me make a quick phone call yeah yeah yeah so I ended up finding the
Queen back here it is the coin I got it back I have a friend named Veronica yeah
okay okay exam p.m. let us know if you think that we should trust Andrew make
sure you are subscribed to have notifications on and give the video a
big thumbs up we are about to hopefully go to a GMI casting right now and check
out the video right here and go to the gamemaster
to take quizzes watch the videos all the way through to earn points for shoutouts
March and possibly being in a gay Master Network video I will link that all in
the description below okay you’re going tomorrow to the casting but your name’s
gonna be Veronica you’re going to need to get a ground wig I can send you the
coordinates of the text message if that works I’ll give you the coordinates
where you guys need to be okay is that just make sure
like I’m going to the casting


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