Fitness force

My name is Kara Donbrock and I am the
program manager for fitness and wellness at Wright State University’s campus
recreation and I have started a challenge called a Rec at Home. Which is
basically doing workouts at home and I’m offering virtual workouts for people to
follow so that they can continue to stay active even when they are not
necessarily at a gym. The coronavirus it’s very serious and your health and
wellness is also very serious and for a lot of people including myself who I
workout in this gym also at Wright State it was a huge bummer to have that closed
you know working out does support your immune system so I didn’t want people to
feel like we were taking that away from them I wanted them to feel like this was
needed. We have Wright State campus recreation
on Instagram and Facebook and on Twitter and Snapchat so we have pretty much all
the major platforms for social media we are on. I basically as now I’m taking
videos of myself teaching the move so that people are not wondering well what
is that exercise I don’t understand what that is. So today we are going to be
doing a AMRAP which stands for as many rounds as possible. I’ve been telling people to please like take a picture of themselves
after a workout like if you’re all sweaty I mean we embrace that here at
campus rec so it’s a norm for us. As of now I’m taking videos I even have
my group fitness instructors they’re going to be taking videos at home they
teach yoga they’ll take a video of themselves at home teaching yoga and
people can follow along with it whenever we have gotten tons of positive feedback
it’s meant to be fun and that’s what campus rec is all about.

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