FCPX Camera – Professional 3D Camera Tools in FCPX from Pixel Film Studios

Pixel Film Studios presents, FCPX Camera,
a collection of professional camera tools for Final Cut Pro. FCPX Camera
contains over 40 title and effect based tools designed exclusively for Final Cut
Pro. FCPX users can add viewfinder interfaces to any shot. Quickly add DSLR
style viewfinder looks, film camera style heads-up displays, simple and custom
viewfinder looks allowing users to apply their own media and icons. FCPX Camera
features a highly useful set of basic camera movement tools. The camera path
tool lets users set a start and end position over any media. Editors can
easily and organically move from one point on screen to another. FCPX Camera’s
3D tool allows users to modify the camera position, rotation, and zoom, amount
using a simple set of on-screen controls. Users can even keyframe camera
parameters and create dramatic custom camera movements. The 3D framing camera
tool lets you set up start and end frames and automatically moves the
camera between the two framing points. Instantly draw your audience’s attention
to on-screen subjects in unique ways. FCPX Camera also contains valuable
camera settings tools. Easily edit the amount of light in your shot and add
noise to any clip in post by making a few adjustments using the built-in ISO
tool controls. The shutter angle tools allow you to apply slow shutter speed
effects to your footage and add trail and echo effects to any moving subject,
plus you can decrease the frame rate of any shot using the reduced frame rate
tool. FCPX Camera also comes packed with
camera filter effects. The graduated filter tool allows you to tint the
exposure of the selected area in any shot. Set the start an endpoint of the
gradient using on-screen controls. Completely transform any lighting
conditions, commanding the look and feel of any scene, then with the starburst and
streaked effect filters you can enhance the intensity of any light source and
stylize your scene with beautiful light effects. FCPX Camera’s focus tools
provide the needed aid to apply amazing camera blur effects in any scene. These
effects include the custom bokeh tool which allows you to apply your own
images to create beautiful bokeh effects, defocus tools that can help take
any object out-of-focus, directional blur effects which can
quickly enhance camera or subject movements, and simple Gaussian blur
adding blur to the entire viewpoint, plus you can draw focus to any subject by
blurring the rest of the shot using trackable selective focus effects. Add a
soft focus blur to dark or light areas with a quick control modification using
the soft focus tool and add dramatic zoom blurs to any show exaggerating the
intensity of motion and speed. FCPX Camera also contains a set of essential
focus shifting tools, such as the gradual focus tool, which allows the camera to
emphasize the focal point and blur the unwanted areas using built-in
masking effects. Apply a mask to any shot and easily rack focus from one subject
to another and focus to or away by applying the simple rack focus effect.
The FCPX camera lens tools allows users to add or correct lens effects such as:
the chromatic aberration tool which adds a prism RGB effect to your footage, the
curvilinear lens tool which adds barrel distortion to your original shot, the
fisheye correction tool used for fixing viewpoint curvature presented due to the
use of a fisheye lens, the tilt shift tool which allows users to mimic the
effects of a tilt shift lens and create spectacular miniature effects. FCPX
Camera also comes with camera shake tools allowing users to add and adjust
the amount of shake in any shot using the screen control points and optional
motion blur effects. Add a simple camera bump to your footage or add the random
camera shake overlay to any shot to create a handheld camera effect. FCPX
Camera includes an amazing collection of zoom effects that are the perfect
addition to any editor’s toolset. Zoom in to any subject. Zoom out from any subject.
Zoom in and zoom out quickly and easily using these amazing zoom tools. FCPX
Camera tools give the users the professional results they want,
perfect for any editor’s arsenal. Speed up your workflow quickly and easily with,
FCPX Camera, an incredible collection of professional camera tools and effects
from Pixel Film Studios.


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    Please, make the FCPX Roto brush… I need it❤️

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    This is dope!!! Need!! 10.4.6?

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