Ep 3. How to photograph energetic children outdoors – Kids Portrait Photography

Keep in mind your child’s personality when thinking about the photograph they
actually going to get on the day. You might not be ought to get that formal shot of your
child sitting down as a family group, but if your child is one who runs around
a lot, you may just have to be happy with
photographs of him alone, running or you have to have the family run after them
and just continue to take photographs. I was photographing a whole bunch of
kids once so I was just working on a personal project and the little kids had alphabets and
they were meant to hold them up and just kind of, show off the alphabet. There was one little boy who just did not want
to standstill and look at me so basically, he had his letter and it was letter x , I
think, and he was just dragging it around the garden so I decided, well, I’m going to take the shot anyway. The photograph you’ll get when your child is two versus when
they’re four years old, when they’re six and when they’re a teenager, is very very different.

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