Elektronika Tutorial 4 – Using presets

Hi guys, welcome to this tutorial for Elektronika.
In this video I’ll be explaing how the preset system works. To work with presets click on the presets tab button at the bottom left of the main window, here. Presets allow you to save and load the state of module control values. I’ll demonstrate how presets work by showing
you an examaple. I’m going to add 3 modules to the rack: a
Video out module, a 98 wrapper module, and a Vmix module. now on the left of the main window I’m going
to select this first preset slot here by clicking on it. At the bottom of the preset panel I’m going
to click on this button ‘Store preset [all modules]’.
Pressing this button saves the state of the controls for all the modules currently in
the rack into the selected preset. You’ll see that it now says FILLED next to
the preset number. You can click here on this label and enter
a name for this preset; I’m going to call it “First”. I’m now going to select the second preset
slot. Next, I’m going to change some values on the
98 wrapper and the vmix. At the bottom left, I’m going to click on
the ‘Store preset [all modules]’ button again. I’m going to name this preset “Second” .
If I now double click on these slots and look at the modules in the rack, you’ll see the
values I changed switching between states. Note that you have to double click here on
this number; clicking on this part of the box allows you to change the preset name,
but won’t actually load it. I’m going to load our “First” preset again.
This time, I’m going to make changes to the controls on the v-out module, which I hadn’t
changed before, and the VMix module, which I had changed before. Now I’m going to make sure the V-out module
is selected, by clicking on it so that this bar on the right changes colour. At the bottom left of the main window, I’m
going to click the “Store Preset [selected modules]” button. I’m going to rename this preset “Third”. Next
I’m going to load the first preset — and then the third one again. Notice that when I do this, only the values
on the v-out change, the others stay as they were in the first state. This time I’ll load the second state, and
then the third state again. You can see that only the values on the v-out
change, and the others stay as they were in state two. This is because the third preset only contains
the state of the V-out module, and doesn’t know anything about the V-Mix or any of the
other modules in the rack. Loading a preset by double clicking on it
loads the state of all modules saved in that preset. This is equivalent to clicking on the “Recall
preset [all modules]” button here. By clicking on this button here, “Recall preset
[selected modules]”, you can choose to load only the state of the modules selected in
the rack from a preset. In our example, the state of the whole rack
is stored in the “First” preset. I’m going to load the second preset. Now I select the VMix module and select the
first preset by single-clicking on it. When I click the “Recall preset [selected
modules]”, you’ll see that only the state of the VMix is loaded. You can clear a preset slot by selecting it
and then clicking on this delete button at the bottom right of the preset tab, here. Theres a few additional things about preset
to know: You can’t save the state of video output module
‘output options’ dialog box. But you _can_ save the state of the module
power buttons, which is useful when working with large projects. Also, if you have a MIDI device which can
send ‘Program Change’ messages, these can be used to load presets. Make sure to set
the Preset channel option in the properties dialog appropriately. Presets also don’t save the state of module
sequencer tracks or of MIDI mappings. Ok, thats it for this video, hope you guys
found this helpful. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

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