Eat Shop Play business spotlight: Annenberg Space for Photography

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Hi, I’m Katie Hollander, I’m the director of The Annenberg Space For Photography. Wallis Annenberg and the trustees of the foundation opened the photo space in 2009 as a cultural destination for photography, both digital and print, and they really wanted it to be an intimate environment for Angelinos, and people coming to visit. For me it’s really important as we embark on our next 10 years, is to really give both photographers and visitors a unique experience and an opportunity to both see the work, but also have a level of engagement with the exhibit. So the space is free to the public We also organize private tours for people who are interested. we do a lot of school tours as well and we love having kids come to the space. The most important experience is a memory. So that when you least expect it, you return back to a moment when you saw a photograph here, or an artwork and it takes you back to that connection that you had. Photography is critical in that, in capturing our memories and preserving them. (music fades)

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  1. Erik Griswold August 21, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    This video would be so much better by showing where this attraction is in proximity to the present existing transit network. Even just linking to this Metro page would help:

    Or are we supposed to motor there in SOVs until the Subway opens?

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