hey guys what’s up I’m Rita and today
I’ll show you how to use the camera tracking tool in Adobe After Effects if
you want to be able to make shots like this or like this this is one of the
first steps you’re going to need to know alright guys so before you get to
learning any of the cool VFX like Super Saiyan or sky
replacements what you’re gonna need to know first is how to track the
camera movement in your shot because say for example you’re on set and you’re
doing a handheld rig and you move yourself with the camera and now you
need to composite something in the background, what this tool does is it
tracks the motion of your camera, so all the things that you add to the
composition now follow that exact same movement. just a heads-up for those of
you still learning, this is something completely different than a tool that we
use to track the Androids eyes. that was more of a motion tracking tool whereas
this is actually tracking the motion of your camera that you had on set. All
right let’s get to it alright guys if you want you can
download my project file and video clip from the description below.
Open up After Effects and import all of your footage and assets. I have my video
clip and all the assets I’m going to composite in my bin right here. Next,
create a new composition and drop in the video that you want to track.
This is a shot that I’ll be working with today and we’re going to add a sky as
well as a little bit of a dirt explosion. Alright so the first thing you want to
do is duplicate your video layer, then turn off the bottom layer.
all right if your shot looks good and there’s nothing moving in the foreground
you can right click and hit ‘track camera’. But in our shot Gohan is moving in the foreground and we don’t want that to throw off the camera track. So we’re gonna create a mask and cut him out. Select your Pen tool up top then create
a mask leaving Gohan out of it. Next we want to pre compose this layer, right
click hit pre-compose and make sure to select ‘move all attributes’ into the new
pre-comp. Then hit OK. Now we right-click our new
pre-comp and choose ‘track camera’. You can go up to your effects tab to see how long it’s gonna take. This tool is going to be working in the background
and you can do other stuff while it goes. Once it finishes scrub through and see
how it looks. If everything’s perfect you can go ahead and just click ‘create
camera’ but most likely you’re gonna need to do some tweaking. There’s an advanced drop-down menu and you could choose mostly flat scene, typical, or tripod pan
as well as a detailed analysis. But the auto-detect worked pretty good and most
the time it will. The point of this tool is to track things in the shot that
do not move. As you can see we have some track points on Trunks and we don’t
want those because that will throw off the track, so we’re gonna delete them.
You can delete them by selecting them one by one, or selecting and holding down
shift and then hitting delete. You want to get to a place where the track
points are only on the rocks or the sand here in this shot. Once you’ve deleted all the
track points that are on moving people or things, scrub through it and
double-check everything and then go up to your effects tab and click ‘create
camera’. Now you can turn off the layer that has the mask and turn back on your
other layer. Next let’s add the sky layer so you want to go to your
project tab and find the sky layer then drag it and drop it into the composition
below the camera tracker. Next you’ll want to make sure to click the 3d box so
it follows the motion of the camera tracker that you just created. Now I
already did my sky replacement work and I’ll show you guys how to do this in
another tutorial but for those of you working in my project file I’ve made you
a composition with my sky replacement layers so go to that comp, select the
layers in order, copy and paste them below the camera tracker in our working
comp. Now let’s check out where our
sky is in 3d space. Select the sky layer and go to where it says ‘active camera’ do
the drop down menu and choose ‘top camera’. Now we can adjust where the layer sits
in 3d space. Since it’s a sky we want to push it to the back. After you place
your layer in 3d space go back to the active camera, and then you can resize it,
mask it, feather it, blend it etc. All right cool everything looks good. Real quick, you can see what the camera tracker is doing by toggling on
and off the 3d box to see that the sky would be out of sync with the camera
movement without it. So now let’s add some more stuff, select your layer that
has the camera tracker on it and go to the effects tab to select the tracker. We
want to add a dirt explosion charge around Trunks feet, so click your
mouse and drag it around to select some track points where you want the dirt
charge, then right-click and choose ‘create solid and camera’. First thing is
you’ll delete the new camera that you just created, it’ll be the top one. Next
select your SOLID layer then go to your project bin and get the dirt charge
layer. Be sure to hold ALT while you drag the layer and drop it directly on to the
new SOLID. Now the dirt will be tracked and plays in the correct 3d space.
You can always go to your top camera and see where it is in 3d space and make any
adjustments. If you use this method you don’t need to click the 3d box. Again
once your layer is placed in 3d space go back to the active camera and then you
can resize mask feather etc. Now do this exact same process to all
the other layers that you want to composite. In my case, it’s all the other
Super Saiyan layers. Everything looks good. Alright so you can always go back
to your top camera and view where everything is in 3d space and make any
adjustments. Alright guys that’s it for today, let me know if you have any
questions in the comments below or if you have any other requests for
tutorials and happy camera tracking thank you all for watching and hopefully
you find this tutorial useful there are other ways to do camera tracking but
personally this is my favorite way and also I think universally the easiest way
to do it if you have any questions make sure to drop them below and until next
time guys see you later make sure to hit that
subscribe button and like comment share all that good stuff peace out


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