Dude Perfect Editor Edition | Bonus Video

I’m actually sorry about this there’s only two Dude perfect guys that actually know we’re doing this the other three have absolutely no idea I’m pumped really I think stereotypes is gonna be classic I just hope you guys went all out enough I hope you weren’t afraid to push the barriers This is the laser shot We are ready for the helicopter whenever you guys are ready hope the guys won’t get mad for doing this Fun fact it’s 50 degrees outside the sun is not even out This is how you add production value to your project smoke machine let’s go dang it thanks gar Wait am I included in that nope This is the world record 600 ft shot That wasn’t even close I’m not gonna lie it is really hard to make a funnier bof This is the world record 600 ft shot From the helicopter pilot I couldn’t even see it hey I should’ve went pro Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a little segment called riddle time with Timbits Tim take it away White bird featherless Flying out of paradise flying over sea and land Dying in my hand what am I Chew on that niblit comment below when you figure out the answer We gotta do what works and we made an awesome video

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