Do you want to make 6 figures doing photography? – Online Photography Classes

Do you want to become a professional photographer
and make six figures proving the 9-5 working naysayers wrong? Well I am about to reveal a step-by-step training
system to get you from where you are today to running your own successful photography
business, but before I do, I want to tell you a story: It all began 8 years ago when I almost gave
up on my dream of becoming a professional photographer. All my friends and family didn’t believe
that it’s possible to turn photography into a 6 figure business. You see, they wanted me to do something more
practical, so I went to college and did what society told me to do. I studied economics for the first two years,
but I was miserable every day doing something I was not passionate about. Now, if this sounds like what you’re going
through, keep watching. I am going to reveal how it all turned around
when I realized that photography wasn’t just a passion, but something I can make a
great career out of and be my own boss. The day was September 10, 2008 after delivering
my last pizza. Yeah, I really didn’t want to get a regular
9-5 job because I didn’t want to give up my dream of photography. Instead I was hustling and reading books on
photography lighting all while waiting for my delivery order. I also interned with several top photographers
in LA and did everything to get my photography business off the ground. Then it happened- the big break. While in the car delivering pizza I got my
first phone call and it changed everything – it was a multimillionaire client from
Bel Air who needed some headshots. His executive assistant saw my ad online and
gave me a call. My heart raced as I could close the econ books
(literally) once and for all. Finally, I thought all those photography classes
and years of internships are starting to pay off. From there on I gained the confidence that
I could do it and now 10 years later I have over 1,000 clients hiring me year after year. And that’s why I put together this training
system. You see, this is the mission of this academy
– help free you from your regular 9-5 job that you are miserable at and pursue your
dream as a photographer. In this system, you will learn how to shoot
corporate headshots, actor and model portfolios, engagements, weddings, family sessions, event
photography and much more. When you diversify your skills, you have work
all year long. I’m my own boss, making my own schedule,
and traveling to several exotic vacation spots with my wife every year. You will also get actual photo shoots where
I share insider secrets on how to interact with the client, what wardrobe to select and
how to find the best angles. I will also show you which backgrounds work
best for different types of people. What I will be teaching you is not taught
in art school, university or on Youtube, and I promise you that no one will go out of their
way to share these priceless tactics with you. What I will teach are the specific steps that
you can start on today to get you on the path to living the dream life from your photography. I will give you all the fundamentals of photography,
as well as advanced techniques. I’m also going to send you my free report
by email called “How to Take An Amazing Portrait” and it’s going teach you techniques
that will make your clients love your photos. So come inside and take the first step to
making your photography dream come true.

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