DJI Mavic Pro Camera Black Screen Simple Fix!!!

Hello everyone, welcome back to Brother Qiang’s channel Today I want to talk about a technique issue That’s when I hanged out a few days ago I carried this DJI Mavic Pro and intended to shoot some beautiful landscape photos and videos However I never expected a very disappointed things happened That was when I opened the DJI APP interface on my phone Could you see it? It is supposed to have the image captured by the camera on this screen But now what I can see is a big black screen This looks like its camera is broken and stops working At that moment I was totally lost and had no idea what I could do When I went back to the hotel, I tried a few solutions searched on the Internent I found by doing the software reset or formatting SD card won’t work at all So after I went back home I searched on the Internet for this problem further Somebody said the camera lens might be broken The camera lens has to be replaced But I did a research and found out to replace that part, it will cost you about $100-$200, which is not a small number Tonight I just tried to figure out myself and fortunately I think I find the where the problem is I remember before I went out I did do the camera lens test and it was working But when I arrived there and tried to use it it just stopped working So I just feel it is likely to be a firmware issue Because I did upgrade the firmware before I went out Ok, let’s check what is current version number of the firmware on this drone Look! The firmware version on this board now is 01.04.0500 It is this version firmware which I find caused the issue That is if you upgraded to this version firmware The camera lens will then have problem It is aslo very strange right after the firmware update, you might be still able to use the camera But after you turn it on/off for one/two times, suddenly it will stop working and leave a black sreen on only Actually I’ve fixed this problem before But I want to demo this problem to you so I flash back the problematic firmware Then I find this problem Next I want to show you how to this problem Since the firmware update was performed on the phone But the problem is on the phone, you can only upgrade but not downgrade the firmware So here we need to use a PC Use a PC to connect the drone and do the firmware downgrade process Ok, next let’s see how to do the firmware downgrade Before connecting a PC, you need a micro-USB cable Then connect the cable to the micro-USB port on the body of the drone Then connect the other end of the micro-USB cable to the PC Before you connect the drone to your PC, you must install the DJI Assistant tool onto you computer Because only through this softwae, you can upload the firmware to your drone on the PC After we connect the USB cable and turn on the power of the drone We just click the Mavic Pro icon Then we click the first option: Firmware Update Now it shows the current firmware version is 01.04.0500 It’s the latest version but it is also the problematic version So DJI you should hear our customer’s voice and fix this problem as soon as possible for us So what we need to do is to downgrade the firmware to the earlier version We need to click the downgrade button Next click “start to update” We need to wait for a few minutes and then go back to test if the camera could work I can garantee you it will work because I’ve actally tried once Let’s wait for a moment … After over 10 mins wait, we’ve seen the firmware has been downgraded to ver 01.04.0400 We can go back and check it again Now we can see the current firmware version is one level below the latest one Then we can go back to the phone and look if the problem is really fixed It’s time to witness the miracle We now go back to DJI app on the phone We have connect the drone to the phone, now click “start to fly” Can you see it, see it, see it?? This camera has gone back to work Actually the things is not as simple as you see Just now when I rebooted the machine the first time, it was still balck screen Although I’ve downgraded the firmware version Oh we should checked the firmware version again to see if the downgrade was really successful Now is the ver 0400, not the ver 0500 which had problem I just want to tell you right after I downgraded the firmware and turn it on the first time, it was still black screen So how did I resolve this problem after I performed the downgrade? Later I found the battery used on the drone was a little bit low and I replaced a fully charged battery Then I turn the drone on, suddenly the camera went back to work again Even I put the low battery back it was still working Just now I turned the power on and off for a few times and it still worked This means it fully goes back to normal I think the logic error was because of the new firmware When I just updated the new firmware, it was working fine But once you turned it off and on again, it just started to have problem Then no matter what you did, it wouldn’t go back to work again So I really hope everybody could give my video a “like” or forward my video So we can let DJI recognizes the seriousness of this problem Because if you don’t know you can fix the problem in this way You may have already purchased a replacemnt part which will cost you a lot of money So we should let DJI aware of how bad is this problem Ok, this is the end of this video. Thank you for watching and see you next time


  1. Shubham Movies Banda December 7, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    Same problem in my phantom4. I try update but every time update failed. What can I do it?

  2. slylockdefox246 December 24, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Thanks I will try this with mines… Had mines down because of this problem for a year now

  3. skullmurphy December 31, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    Thank you very very much, this solved my problem straight away. DJI i think sometimes just want to cause us problems with upgrades, this sort of thing should NOT happen as many consumers are ignorant on how to solve these types of problems. Where would we be without your support, thankyou again. For those who failed to repair their Mavic, watch the video again and follow the instructions and it should work first time.

  4. Brian Shabani January 12, 2020 at 2:29 am

    Thanks so much, Unfortunately the firmware update damaged two things, first is the Black video, and the second is micro USB slot is disabled, so I can't downgrade because PC doesn't recognize by drone or micro SD card : (

  5. Brian Shabani January 12, 2020 at 2:41 am

    Awesome video man, please where can we get the DJI Assistance software? Please provide us the link to download. Thanks so much

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