DinoTrux Toys – It’s a Tar Pit – Ty-Rux Hides Golden Nugget Ore Construction Set by FamilyToyReview

D-Structs put tar in our ore again! argghh..!
yea that’s so uncool! Ty what can we do about it?
Let’s ask our little reptool friend Revvit. He’s always got a plan..
Well.. first I would appreciate it if you would stop calling me “little” okay?
and second.. I think I do have a plan.. hmmm..
this would make a great hiding place. hmmm.. and we have lots of materials.
hmmm.. okay.. here’s my plan.. Ding! see you do this and then you do that,, and
you look at this picture. now that we planned it, we’re gonna build
it! here’s the plan guys. Ton-Ton you load it!
all right.! Dozer! you help me move it.. okay..
and skya lets build it! ok lets do it!
hahha. that’s.. lets go!
let’s puuusshh. puuushh.. I’ll help you dozer. Thanks!
lets do this! lift! I got this!
move it! build it! move it! build it! move it!
arrrgghh! Great.. SKya keep holding that bridge, And
ton-ton lets get those boulders! yea! all right..
ill help you load these ton-ton.. here you go revvit!
last one.. arggghh.. all right.. last one revvit!
here you go.. hey!
i’ll help you buddy! this does not fit!
thats because it goes on the other side.. argh..
but its really heavy.. good job Ty..
Good job Ty..! last one.. all right..
and the final piece goes here.. all right good job!
now we can hide our order from D-Structs. speaking of D-Structs.
He’s right over there! mmmmm….
Hello Ty… What are you doing in my crater? D-Structs.. we all belong in this crater.
There’s plenty to go around and share. Yeah dude.. whoaa dude we built a ramp? cool!
so loud.. and so irritating.. ughhhhh… I gotta go..
uhhhhh… mmmmmm.. awesome he’s gone now we can play!

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