Creating HDR Images Using AliveColors Image Editor

HDRFactory is a plugin for creating HDR images and making photo correction. Effects ->Built-in Plugins ->HDRFactory Load a set of images. Select all images holding down the Ctrl-key. If the shots do not contain any exposure information you can enter the values manually. The photos will be automatically processed to build an HDR image. Adjust the alignment quality: Fast, Normal, or High-quality. The better the alignment quality, the longer the processing time will be. Select one of the AKVIS presets or adjust the parameters as you like. The Adjustment tab lets you improve a photo or create an HDR effect from one single image. Using the Effects tab you can adjust image hues, add warm/cold tints, apply a vignette or a glow effect, etc. Press ✅ to apply the processing result. Moving subjects can cause so-called “ghosts” to appear in the combined HDR image. Activate the Ghost Removal mode and draw over the “ghosts”. The process starts automatically after using the Ghost Removal tool. Switch to the Local Correction mode to refine the result on certain areas. Draw over the image with the Local Correction tool. Right click within the selection to open the parameters for this area.

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