Cosplay. How to make a Lara Croft-style picture

Hello, guys! Lara Croft here. Welcome to the Movavi channel. If you’re a fan of video games, anime, and
movies – start rejoicing. Today’s theme is cosplay. How do you like this image? In this episode I’m going to tell you how
I made myself a new profile picture in the image of the tomb raider. If you don’t quite get this, let me clear up a few things. Cosplay is short for costume play, which is
the process of transforming yourself into a favourite character from a movie, book,
video game, or anime. Have you dreamt of becoming a superhero? Now you don’t have to wait for Halloween
to try on the image of a Marvel or DC Comics character. Lots of people are into cosplay these days,
so now you’re free to transform yourself any time. You might even host cosplay parties! True cosplayers create costumes and fashion
accessories themselves, as well as apply make-up and other features before taking part in photo
sessions. Their images can turn out so convincing that
even Hollywood make-up artists and costumiers get jealous. The best cosplayers are invited to perform
at theme festivals and shows and even appear in commercials. So, here’s why I came up with the idea of
trying out the character of the legendary tomb raider Lara Croft. I studied every single detail of her image
carefully. In my wardrobe I found a similar sleeveless
shirt, asked my friend for shorts, braided my hair, and tried applying her make-up. The tough part was to get a handgun holster
and guns. I just don’t have anything of the kind at
home. So, I had to turn to my friends. Hey presto! The image of the tomb raider is ready! But there’s one more problem I had to deal
with: how do I find a tomb? So, planning ahead (you’ll see in a minute
why), I took the picture right over here, in the studio, with a plain white wall behind
me. I like the way I look in the photo, but it
won’t do for my profile picture.What sort of Lara Craft am I, after all, standing in
front of a white wall? I’m about to edit the picture a bit: I’m
going to make it brighter and more saturated and pick a filter that will fit my image,
too. But most importantly, I’m going to change
the background. I’m going to need Movavi Photo Editor. I’ll open the program and click on “Browse
for Images”. I’ll select the image or simply drag it
here. Just like this. Go for the “Adjust” tab and hit “Magic
Enhance”. Wow! Check this out! One click of the button and the image looks
like a whole different picture. In addition to the Magic Enhance, you can
set some parameters manually, like saturation, brightness, contrast, and so on. I’m going to apply those, too. Now it’s time to get rid of the boring background! Let’s use the green brush to mark the character. There’s no need to precisely select your
character’s outline, a few movements of the brush will be enough. Now let’s mark the background areas around
the character with the red brush. Hit “Next Step”. Now we’ll refine the edges to outline the
character as precisely as possible. We can change the brush size to make the task
easier. Next, we can move on to setting a new background. Click “Add image”. In the program’s built-in collection, you
mayfind a background that’ll work for you, or you can add your own by clicking “Upload”. For this reason, you need to find a picture
in advance that will fit with your image. Don’t panic if a random object in the background
spoils your image of a superhero, or you lack an epicGotham city scene in the shot. Now you know how to fix everything! I’ll go beyond changing the background. I’ll open up Movavi Photo Editor to make
some more tweaks to my photo of Lara Croft. Next, I’ll look for a colour filter, to
make the image in the photo look more epic. To look through various effect groups, I’ll
click here. There’s a whole load of them! It’s like I’m a kid in a candy store. If you’re uncertain what to choose, hit
“Surprise me!”, and the program will offer its own option. I, for one, like “Courbet” from the Color
Filters section. I’ll grab this one! I’ll also get “Partial eclipse” from
the “popular” collection. I’m thinking this will add an epic effect
to my image. To make the intensity higher or lower, just
move the cursor. That should work now! If there’s something you don’t quite like
about the way you look, check out the “Retouching” tools. You get access to a whole set of tools that
will remove what you don’t want and add something that’s missing. Look, you can reshape your body, make your
face slimmer and even change the colour of your hair. There are some smaller aspects you might like
to polish, too. Let’s zoom in our image. We can apply some make-up, remove any wrinkles
or change the skintone of your face. With no surgery whatsoever! Now I’ll click “Save” and choose the
file type. My profile picture is complete! Wow! As it turns out, you don’t have to struggle
to go on a diet or dye your hair and purchase coloured contact lenses in the real world
to become your character. It’s enough just to play around with a few
options in Movavi photo Editor. Which version of Lara Croft do you like best? The original one starring Angelina Jolie or
the new one with Alicia vikander? Or maybe my version? Can’t wait for your replies in the comments! I hope you like this video tutorial. If so, don’t forget to like the video! And thanks for watching us. And you’re welcome to join our subscribers! Click on the notification bell if you don’t
want to miss anything new from us. If an epic title screen would be a good match
for the image of your character, Movavi Video Editor 14 Plus is ready to help! There’s a link to the appropriate video
tutorial in the description. We’ll catch up soon! Bye!


  1. RedRoofRetriever April 6, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    You just raised the bar. Smoking.

  2. Joe Mead April 6, 2018 at 7:40 pm

    She is super attractive, I still think the other female was what made me get movavi 😛

  3. NerdyGaming April 11, 2018 at 9:22 pm

    Why yall gotta make a 7 DAY TRIAL VERSION. IM A KID WHO CANT SPEND MONEY. AND I NEED ONE. This isn't a bad software. But come on man, why is it only 7 days?!

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