Chicago Steampunk Exposition with the Canon EOS M5 and EF-M 32mm f1.4

Today we’re going to take a look at this
Steampunk convention I went to with my friend Kale. Definitely an interesting
experience I was using the Canon EOS M5, which I just recently got. This
convention is called the Chicago Steampunk Exposition. I think it was the
first year. Turned out really nice. It wasn’t huge, but definitely a lot of
stuff to check out. I approached this convention like any other one. You have
different panels. You have different vendors all around. For the cosplay I was
definitely trying to find good opportunities to take photos of people.
There weren’t a huge a number of them, but it did work out where I got quite a
few. Kale helped out with that a little bit as well. The way that it usually
works is you would find a good opportunity. They’re not eating. They’re
not on their phone. Ask ’em for a photo… Take a few snapshots and that’s usually
how I do things. With not a huge amount of cosplayers, I was trying to fill out
the time with different types of photography. So I was doing some more
detailed shots. Any type of business card that I got from the vendors I would
take a photo of it. And I would actually talk to the vendors. Potentially take
photos of them as well, which I did a few times. That was fun!
My friend Kale decided to do this panel word they were making books. Basically a
little notebook where you get the pieces. You put it together. So that was a nice
opportunity for photos. Those details shots, and they also used the action
camera to do a time-lapse… With conventions it’s nice to do kind of
a documentary style of photography. So I would take photos of panels that I’m
going to. With the lens that I had the 32 millimeter f/1.4… it’s not
good for any type of range. So in those situations it is that documentary style.
Just simple snapshots, but I do think it’s good to get those type of photos as
well to just have that as an extra piece to the whole group of photos. Usually the
lens that I like using for these conventions is the 22 millimeter f/2
lens, which I’m filming with right now. It’s a good lens for those situations
because it’s decently wide. The 35 millimeter equivalent, but I decided to
go with the 32 millimeter because it is a lens it actually came out after the M5.
So I was just curious to see how it worked with autofocus and it turns out
worked very nicely. I didn’t notice any issues. In the dark situations, especially
at this convention you’re gonna get the higher ISO noise so sharpness wasn’t
something I could really judge too well in those situations. I didn’t use any
type of lighting. Definitely I think it worked out alright. The day before the
convention I did set up the camera as well as I could. I did set one of the
custom modes to what I think I would be using in that setup. It worked okay, but
I’m still fumbling with the camera because I had not set the ISO to a
dedicated dial. I had it switch between Tv and ISO. Definitely want to learn
about the camera specifically. Because every one is a little bit different.
There’s gonna be some things that are slightly off, slightly changed, and you
just have to get used to the camera itself as a singular tool. But overall, I
really like the layout of the M5. Especially compared to the M50. Has more
buttons, more dials, and those custom modes. Which are great for photography. For
this convention I took 237 photos and around 2.5 gigabytes of video at 1080p
24 frames a second. I was using the new battery that was freshly charged, and at
the end of the convention with all that stuff taken it was still showing fully
charged. I don’t know if there’s a way to see a percentage, but it did show all the
little bars on the icon. Hope you enjoyed that look at the Steampunk invention in
the Rosemont Chicago area. Really interesting to see. A little bit
different than what I’m used to. Hope you enjoyed the video itself and the talk on
the Canon EOS M5. Interesting camera… A good to set up for lots of dials and
buttons use right on their. That direct control is super nice. With the
convention and the camera I think it worked out decently well. Definitely
it’ll take time to learn more and get really used to it, but overall very nice. Thanks, Scott from Photography Banzai!

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  1. Tino Master October 23, 2019 at 1:29 pm

    Great job Scott!! Don t stop creating!!!

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