Build a Budget 4K Video Editing PC for $650 in Late 2019! | AMD Ryzen Build

– Hey guys, my name is Matt Johnson and at the start of 2019 I created a video showing
you the exact parts that you need to buy to build a 4K video editing PC for $700. Well, we’re now toward the end of the year and a lot of you have been
asking me for an update. So today, I’m excited to bring you a video showing you the parts
that you need to build a 4K video editing PC for $650. Yes, the price has gone down, but the power has actually gone up. I love when that happens. This computer’s gonna easily enable you to edit HD and 4K video
in Adobe Premiere Pro and in DaVinci Resolve
as well as mix music, stream on Twitch, game,
whatever you really want to do. And it should be powerful
for years to come. Before we jump into the parts, there are a few quick things
that you need to know. First, all of the parts that
I’m gonna be talking about in this video are going to be linked down in the video description. So if you don’t wanna hear me
ramble and wanna see the parts you can do that. The parts will also be
featured on my Kit page where they will be nicely
organized for you to check out. Second, this video is
going to show you the parts that you need to buy, but now how to put them together. Do not worry though, I have a video that I created a while back showing you the exact step by step process that you need to take
to build this computer. From taking the parts out of the box, all the way to turning it on. That video is linked
down in the description and the parts for this
build should go together the same way that the
parts for that build did. The third thing that you need to know is that for some of the parts, I’ve included upgrade options for you. So, if you have a little
more room in your budget and you want to make your
video editing experience even faster, you can do that by purchasing these upgraded parts. The fourth and final thing
that you need to know is that while this video is
about showing you the parts to build a $650 video editing computer, I have another video that you can watch that is gonna show you how
to build a much higher-end video editing computer. So, if you have a lot more budget and you want to build
something that can edit 4K, 6K footage, raw footage,
anything like that, then I would highly recommend
checking out that video and I’ll link to it up in the corner and down in the description as well. Now on to this $650 budget
video editing computer build. Up first, let’s talk
about the motherboard. This is where you’re gonna
put all of your parts like your CPU, RAM, and graphics card. I recommend the MSI
B450-A Pro Motherboard. With this motherboard,
you are getting a good mix of features for a good price. And you’re also getting a motherboard that should work with future AMD CPUs, so you can save some money
and not have to upgrade your motherboard if you
decide to upgrade your CPU in the future. Now let’s talk about the CPU, which I have referred to in the past as the brain of the computer. And this is arguably the most
important part of your build because if you can purchase a CPU with a high number of cores and threads, it is going to make a
noticeable difference in how fast you can edit and render video. Here’s the good news. AMD released the 3000 series of their CPUs in summer 2019, which have a nice boost in performance over the previous generation. Here’s the better news, the
release of the 3000 series of CPUs has driven down the cost of the 2000 series of CPUs, which makes them a perfect choice for a budget video editing build. I recommend that you purchase
the Ryzen 5 2600 CPU, which is the same CPU that I recommended in my last budget video editing build. Why am I recommending this CPU? Because the price has dropped
down to an average of $120. This is a fantastic price
to performance ratio for a six core, 12 thread CPU. If you have a bit more money though, as an upgrade to this CPU, AMD has also dropped the
price of the Ryzen 7 2700 CPU, which offers eight cores and
16 threads of performance. The price is now around $170 and if you can afford this upgrade, you’re getting two extra cores and four extra threads of performance, which is gonna make a
significant difference in the speed of your editing. Moving on, let’s talk
about RAM AKA memory, what your computer needs
to run its programs. For RAM I would recommend
16 gigabytes of CORSAIR LPX memory at 3,000 megahertz. This RAM is gonna be enough
for 4K video editing, but I wouldn’t recommend
running many other programs while you are video editing. As an upgrade, especially
if you find yourself multitasking or editing a
lot of longer 4K videos, I would recommend purchasing 32 gigabytes of CORSAIR Vengeance LPX
memory at 3,200 megahertz. I ran this amount for years in my desktop and it worked great for 4K editing. Up next you have the SSD, which is the very fast hard
drive that your computer’s going to use to store all of your programs and operating system
while you edit videos. For a very fast budget option, I would recommend the Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe 250 gigabyte SSD for $70. If you want more space though, I would recommend the Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500 gigabyte for around $120. There’s even a one terabyte model for $213 if you wanna go crazy. Please keep in mind that to
edit as fast as possible, I only recommend using the
SSD to store your programs, not your video files. As someone that travels a lot, I would recommend purchasing
an external hard drive or SSD to edit your videos from. Alternatively, this computer’s case will support internal
hard drives and SSDs. So if you wanna put them inside the case, you have that option as well. I’ll be sure to link to
some of the hard drives and SSDs that I recommend,
both internal and external, down in the video description. Now let’s talk about
everyone’s favorite part of any computer, the graphics card. For this budget build, I would recommend the Radeon RX 570. This GPU is going to work
well if you are editing video in Premiere with a lot of effects applied. As an upgrade though, I would also consider the
MSI ARMOR OC Radeon RX 580 for around 180 bucks. Or the GIGABYTE Gaming RX 590 for 209. The 580 and 590 will both be a bit faster. If you only have a bit of
extra money to spend though, I would upgrade your CPU
before your graphics card, as video editing programs
still rely on the CPU more. Almost done. We need to talk about the power supply, which is gonna give all
the computer’s components the juice that they crave. I would recommend the
EVGA 600W Power Supply, which I’m sure some of you
are thinking is total overkill from a power perspective
for this computer, but this power supply
is consistently on sale for a great price of around $40, which is quite reasonable, so I think it’s a great choice. Please keep in mind that this
is not a modular power supply, meaning that the cables
are permanently attached to the back of it. This can make cable management
a bit more difficult, but it does keep the cost down. If you have some extra money though, and want easier cable management, I would recommend the
EVGA BQ 600W Power Supply, which is semi modular and should result in a cleaner looking build
for not too much more money. Lastly, you need something to
put all of these parts inside, the case. One of my favorite current
cases is the NZXT H510, which is pretty, but
still looks professional. There’s no RGB or crazy colors, it’s just a well built
case that will look good on or under a desk. The roughly $70 price
tag isn’t bad either. Now I do want you to
be aware that the H510 does not have any 5.255
inch expansion bays. This means that you’re
not going to be able to internally install a
Blu-ray or DVD burner. The good news is that you can pick up an external DVD burner for about 25 bucks and an external Blu-ray
burner for less than 100. If you really want a
case that you can install an internal DVD or Blu-ray burner, I would recommend the
Cooler Master HAF 912. This case isn’t quite as
pretty as the NZXTH 510, but it has great airflow and
thousands of people love it. And that is your $650
video editing PC build. I’m sure some of you’re thinking, Matt, there’s still a lot
that we need to talk about. What about mice, keyboards,
speakers, monitors. Don’t worry, I have you covered. Linked down in the description are all of the physical
accessories that I would recommend that you purchase. I realize that everybody
has a different opinion, but this is just what I would recommend. I would pay special
attention to the monitors that I recommend and if
you are planning on editing 4K video, I would highly
recommend investing in a 4K monitor as well. As far as the operating system goes, I would recommend Windows 10. And I’m gonna link to a
Tom’s Hardware article down in the video description that’s gonna show you how
to get that for very cheap or even free. With that, thank you so much for watching. It would be a huge help to me if you would consider liking this video and subscribing if you wanna
see more PC build videos like this in the future. Please also keep in mind that
the prices for these parts can fluctuate from day to day. Also, if any of the parts
that I’ve talked about look significantly more expensive
than what I talked about, or happen to be out of stock, please leave me a comment down below and let me know so I can update
the links in the description and on my Kit page with better parts that are actually available. Lastly, please keep in
mind that I also have that higher-end video editing PC build as well. So if you are editing
4K, 6K, raw footage, 8K, whatever, that video is
linked up in the corner and down in the description if you wanna build a more
powerful video editing computer. Thanks so much for watching
and have a great day. (epic music)


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