Blue Friday PRO EDU Is November 12th | Black Friday Photography Education Sale 2019

(upbeat instrumental music) – Here’s Genie. – [Announcer] Unbelievable. (laughing) – You know, I’ve been thinking.
Kind of stuck in this box and I’d love it if you
could help me get out. Life’s not bad in here. I’ve got central air, I’ve got WiFi, but I don’t have arms. (awww) So if I grant all your
wishes, maybe you’ll help me out of the box? What do you think? (cheering) And how do you help me? Tell all your friends about The Genie, because the more people that know about me the more powerful I become. (oohs) So what do you think? Help me out of this box? (clapping and cheering) Yeah? Baba Kabokeh. Well that’s embarrassing. I can part the Red Sea but I can’t close these tiny little doors. (mystical instrumental music)

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