Best photography courses for January 2019

Hi there from Best Promo Coupons! Today
we will talk about the best photography courses for January 2019. Now photography
is an art that many people are interested. Most common is that people
get it for hobby. But of course there are professional photographers and today we
will share some of our best choices for courses and discounted coupons for
photography. And we will show you our best photography courses that we have
selected for January. So if I go to categories and I select photography you
will see that currently we have five courses here with huge discounts, okay? And
we have of course the coupons that everyone can take. Now the first one is
called “Hollywood Art Institute photography course and certification”.
At stock social there is just one course from the Hollywood Art Institute but it
combines a lot of contents. You can see there are 56 hours of lectures and
already 2000 and nearly 300 people joined. It’s a lifetime access to the course. It’s a
huge maximum rating. This is where I got my first impression and look at the
discount – it’s 99% from 2595$ down to $19.
It’s really great offer having got this coupon. And what we will have here you will
have small requirements you just need internet and of course you need to have
camera DSLR or you need some basic point-and-shoot camera, okay? Now you have
15 days return policy for the course. So which you can take advantage of. But
let’s go quickly through the description. As we said we have 56 hours of content
which is really huge amount of videos that you will go
over. It separated in 22 models. You will learn different techniques in
photography, video tutorials, articles, ebooks, a pro article database and
flashcards and quizzes. This course is created from real professionals.
Personally I do photography in my free time as a hobby but with this course I
learned quite many new things. That’s why I selected to place it on the website
and provided with a coupon you have access level 3 certified pro tutors. And
you will receive free 5 year subscription to the pro article database
which is very useful I have taken an i/o net. It provides a lot of material there
for the people who are really interested to know the photography in details and
with this course for sure you will learn how to make better photos from the first
day. So this is great deal 99% off and it will bring you a lot of content.
Something that you can work on with weeks or even months, okay? The second
course is called “The quick guide to smartphone photography and video”. This
one I had a look at it and what I really liked is that first of all it’s cheap
it’s just 9 dollars, very suitable for beginner photographers or for people
like me who are interested to learn photography as a hobby. Just to make
better photos with your cell phone, okay? And you know with the smartphones people
are getting more and more involved by sharing their life and their pictures or
whatever they do in their daily life. And with this lesson you will learn how to
use better the light, the composition hardware for the smartphone and so on.
What they say is that you will learn to make photos and videos that will truly
impress the people, okay? You have access to 12 HD
videos all the time since it’s an online lesson. You will learn how to use the
natural light as I have already mentioned. Which is what we do when you
do photography as a hobby or when we’re just picturing different things or
making video of it. And then you will learn how to consider the light when you
are making photos of kids, adults, families, group photos. So there you need
to have light in mind that effects the type of picture that you are taking. The
instructor is Chase Jarvis. He is well known photographer and he was pretty
famous the last decade man. He was awarded actually as it is written here
for the photos that he was taking. What you see below requirements is just
internet so you can watch the course and basically you will learn how to use your
smartphone better for photos and videos. On the site is the course outline you
can have a look at it. You will learn how to shoot videos with 4k landscape,
editing your photos and iPhone which probably is the most important thing
after we take the photo. And there are some bonus lectures at the end, okay?
Pretty cool course as I like to say. It is a sweet and short course and it will
teach you how to use your smartphone better, okay? The third course is for
drones. This is kind of my new hobby I took a drone about two months ago so I
was interested to look for courses that are dedicated to drones. And this course
called “Learn aerial photography and videography basics” got my atention
because it has 47 lessons. Something that is not really common for drones courses. It’s discounted down to $15 which I believe is a good price for coupon. Not
too much of a content over here. Two hours. I went through it is really
systematic and it gives a lot of information.
Again you will need the Internet to watch the course obviously. Here you will
meet with Mark Richardson, who is full-time photographer and he has
mastered the aerial imagery for two years now. He travels around the world
and he’s making great shots while he’s flying I can say with his drone. And as
it says here he does not have a crash which I’m not really sure at the
beginning because I already crashed it two times. However that’s pretty normal
and you can see that already 747 people joined. What it has is 3.5
stars as a rating. Really I don’t see why people gave a little bit of a lower
rating here. Probably they were expecting something else from the course. For me it
was very interesting course. Short and sweet again, two hours content but it was
like really effective. Because it showed drone safety measures while shooting.
Which probably will have helped me if I took this course a little bit earlier.
Okay guys, now going to the third course is called “Photography masterclass – your
complete guide to photography”. Alright this is a course from video school
online. Phil Abner is pretty famous author. Now not only for photography, he
teaches people how to create courses. He is a very popular instructor at Udemy
with nearly 1 million students, you can check, here’s a profile. Pretty
interesting guy from the United States. You can see brilliant rating of 1.40
here. It has 175 lectures which is 13 hours of content. It has a lot of
material inside, okay? What you will learn is key photography concepts. You will
understand how different kinds of cameras work. And you will master situation of
photography. And with this course you can really take photography into a more
professional level. You will learn how to sell your photos, okay? This is what he
aims when teaching this course to the people and I saw some of his reviews on
Udemy. He got really great feedback from the students and they’re very satisfied
from what he teaches. On the right side you can see in details his outline for
the courses which is pretty pretty long I’m not going to go over it right now.
And the last course is that we have selected for our Best photography
courses for January is “Become a better photographer – part one”. It’s 40% down. It’s
discounted from $25 to $15. The author is Barney Rafy. What you will see here –
53 lessons and 5.5 or 5 hours and 30 minutes of content. He’s based in UK, he’s a
professional photographer and it’s very passionate about photography. Again he’s
a great instructor in Udemy and he receives these five stars ratings all
the time. Also the guy is qualified as a photographer to associate level with MPA
which is The Master Photographers Association and as WPP which is the
society of Wedding and portrait photographers in UK. He has a fun style
teaching which is probably how he gets the great reviews. But, anyway what he
teaches is very useful and I am sure you will learn a lot from Barney. As a
requirements here again internet connection and you can see experience
level required beginner. So this course is suitable for beginner traders. Alright
so these are the five best photography courses that we have chosen for the
month of January. Pretty nice combination
depending on what you need to learn. You have a quick guide to smart phone, drawn
photography and you have the master class from field and you have two other
professional courses. Which bring a lot of content. Alright, thank you very much
for watching! This is our choice for the month of January 2019 and these were the
five best photography courses that we have selected to place coupons for.
Thank you for watching and I will see you next month!

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