Best CHEAP Security Cameras! Wyze vs YI vs Reolink vs Ring

hey guys I’m Ben from authentech and
these are some of the best cheapest security cameras out right now
now there’s one that I’d say is a clear winner above the rest and there’s one or
two that I’d say stay far away from I’ll show you why let’s jump right in this is
the wyze cam v2 at 25 bucks super cheap this is the Yi cam 1080p about $25 as
well this is the Reolink Argus 2 with a solar panel deal at around $92 vs.
ring both of these new models recently released the indoor cam is around $60
and the ring stickup battery cam at 99 of course it’d be impossible to cover
all the features on all the cameras so I’ll summarize it into three categories
pricing a product design and the key features like video quality field of
view local versus cloud storage fees and the apps and yes some of this is a
little apples to oranges some of these are indoor/outdoor battery-powered solar
or plug-in only but these are some of the most popular budget-friendly
security cameras on the market so I hope this video could help you decide which
one might be the best fit for you I personally use some of these for
security and then others for the baby room or in the kids playroom some people
like to keep an eye on an elderly family member or maybe their pets while they’re
gone at work these could be a perfect fit for that now we’ve already covered
pricing and obviously the wise cam wins here at only 25 bucks with prime the Yee
cams are cheap too but not as cheap as the wise and possibly discontinued I’m
not sure either way wise wins for pricing now on to product design here’s
the pros and cons of each the wise is very small boxy and cute comes with this
magnetic swivel base plus an adhesive metal plate and a flexible three axis
design I think this one wins second place for product design it’s small and
lightweight perfect for placing and discrete locations Plus that three axis
is needed for example when mounting on a wall pan tilt and rotation are all
important to have for the best angle now my biggest complaint with the wise base
is the rotation is a little too loose just a little tug or tension on the
cable can rotate your camera out of position I saw him not alone in this and
hopefully they fix this in manufacturing the Argos wins first place it has this
beautifully designed magnetic ball joint that allows freedom and three axis plus
it’s super strong connection that it won’t fall off or pivot indoors or
outdoors and of course it snaps on and off the mount for recharging if needed
their solar panel is an awesome and convenient option to have lets you mount
your camera just about anywhere without the hassle of wiring up power plus they
gave us a micro USB outlet on the back for a universal charging option so it’s
easy to hardwire if you’d prefer the ring cams are more limited in their tilt
the ring stick up cam at least has the secondary mounting option on the
backside but I don’t like that as much and lastly the Yi cam only has tilt
sure you could rotate it on a flat surface but wall mount ena is basically
impossible so minus five points there on two key features like video and audio
quality field of view apps and Wi-Fi connectivity
now all these cameras are capped at 1080p but just or more importantly is
the field of view or how wide of an angle each camera captures the scene now
you usually want it as wide as possible for surveillance the wise is a hundred
and ten degrees wide the Yi is a hundred and twelve Argus is a hundred and thirty
ring indoor is a hundred and fifteen and the ring stick up battery is a hundred
and ten so the big winner and this test goes to the real link Argus two just
looking at its incredible wide-angle and high quality video it looks really good
too and keep this in mind if you’re thinking about buying many of these
cameras to cover a whole home or business a wider field of view might
allow you to save some money and purchase less units all cameras have
night vision which is important to have and here some footage comparisons of
that here’s some video and audio comparison
tests for you audio test one two three four then from all and this is an audio
test audio test one two three four I’m Ben from authentic and one three four
come Ben from awesome hi and that’s one two three four I’m Ben from high my
audio tests are pretty funny the wise didn’t even have the audio saved with
the video clip Yee sounded horrible with some garbled ringing feedback glitch so
– 10 points and Argus – will actually sounded really good and clear and who
knew both of the Rings really stinking audio as well super glitchy missing
frames I had no idea that it’d be such a difficult task maybe you get what you
paid for in this area Argus – clear winner here another detail to keep in
mind all five of these cameras are limited to 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi only and
this is sort of a bummer in my opinion now even though 2.4 has farther range
it’s much slower than 5 gigahertz and I found sometimes when I place one of
these Wi-Fi cams at the outer skirts of my home they have a poor time
maintaining Wi-Fi connectivity and also remember some newer routers or mesh
Wi-Fi networks they only broadcast a single ap Wi-Fi main by default and this
can make this setup of Wi-Fi connection a lot more difficult I personally had a
lot of Wi-Fi issues especially with the Yi cams and I’ve had them for years but
recently even after I reset it place it right next to my router it still had a
ton of trouble connecting to my phone and the Wi-Fi network now the Argus 2i
place outside my home as a test with that solar panel to charge and more on
that cool feature in a moment but it was placed about 40 feet from my routers
penetrating through a brick wall and it did ok now you can see here sometimes it
had difficulty connecting other times it loaded up pretty fast
now sidebar here when it comes to security cameras I’m a big believer in
reliability and sometimes you just can’t be hardwired like POA cams they’ll give
you much higher reliability over Wi-Fi that’s just a fact of the technology but
in many cases hardwired isn’t even an option or it’s not needed like when used
as a baby or pet monitoring camera so thus Wi-Fi can often be good enough if
you need top-notch security and reliability well then consider staying
away from Wi-Fi and going hardwired another important feature of these
cameras are the apps that they come with I think wise wins first or second place
for their app the feed loads up pretty quick most of the time which is
important it’s easy to change the camera settings with plenty of standard motion
detection event recording or continuous recording notifications plus some nice
bonuses like Alexa integration or creating rules for automation which I
like to see timeline scrubbing or playback is okay maybe like a B+ it’s
not over smooth scrubbing and playback like the ring cameras will see in a
moment but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this on a locally safe storage
camera let me know in the comments if you know of any a sweet little feature I
like on the wise cams are those little green motion tagging squares you can
easily toggle them on or off and I find them really helpful to see the exact
motion that the camera saw surprisingly I don’t think any of these other cameras
even have this feature one last big deal I really like on the wise app is
simultaneous streaming or a multi cam viewing at the same time this was a semi
recent update and if you have multiple of the wise cameras set up in your app
it makes it super fast and easy to quick check on all of your cameras and see
them at once a negative on both the wise and the Yi saving clips through the app
can just be horrible you have to record at the timeline playback in order to
save a clip and this is tedious and an efficient often these clips can be
garbled or out of sync and it’s just sort of horrendous now of course if you
needed a clip for security or safety reasons I’d recommend ejecting the
microSD card and pulling that footage straight to your computer as that method
might yield better results more negatives on the Yi app sometimes when I
load it up it’s frozen half the time or it’s Auto logged me out
which is kind of unacceptable in the security camera app they’ve got banner
ads trying to sell me on their cloud service no multicam viewing here and
when I tap the camera’ feed it often can take way too long to load the real link
app has lots of power and customization under the hood it’s semi-fast to connect
and live view plus multicam viewing is easy here it’s playback viewers probably
my biggest complaint it’s not easy to find a specific clip or motion tag and I
really hope they can redesign this in the near future but downloading and
saving Clips is pretty easy the ring app well it doesn’t have true multicam
viewing you get this recent snapshot of your cameras and then you tap to view a
live device and it’s semi fast semi slow sometimes my favorite feature is the
true smooth timeline scrubbing and playback of your Clips now this allows
you to see what I’m talking about I find it so helpful to smoothly scrub through
and find that certain moment or action event to maybe save or share that clip
or it’s just as important to find that critical moment for safety or security
means now just remember these nights ring features are only enabled by paying
for their cloud subscription fee I’ll explain that in a moment
as for desktop apps I think this is a huge feature to have and wise loses a
few points on this one as they don’t have a native desktop or web app for
live streaming their cameras now they do allow a firmware workaround to enable
RTSP and sure that’s nice to have but it’s not beginner friendly and the
majority of people just don’t even know or care what RTSP actually is we just
want a desktop app that works out of the box
I saw we can use tiny cam cloud service for web browser viewing but there’s a
monthly fee per camera so again far from ideal all three of these other
cameras have desktop apps and I’m using a Mac on this one the Yee home app is
okay maybe a C+ for me it makes me real aughh in every time I open the app sort
of ridiculous there’s no remember me option once logged in it’s easy to
toggle through your cameras and probably the best feature it has is we can pick
up to four cameras at once create a group and there we can multi cam view
which is very and another weird quirk I think each
camera will timeout automatically after 30 minutes or unless you click it’s just
kind of silly besides all that the app is simple but fairly limited probably
the best desktop app here belongs to the real Lync client now I personally use
this app every single day it’s usually running on my side minor or in the
background 24/7 I can live view all of my cameras at once even up to 16
simultaneously and yes even the wireless Argus 2 connects in here though since is
battery-powered it’ll prompt me to turn off the live video feed after five
minutes to conserve battery life it’s fast and easy to double click and view a
camera larger and more clearly plenty of basic and advanced settings here and the
playback tab with timeline scrubbing works pretty ok
I also have an NVR running here 24/7 and I really wish there a smooth timeline
scrubbing but there’s none and onto the ring desktop Apple it’s clean and
minimal design simple to pull up a live view cam but pretty lame doesn’t look
like there’s multicam viewing here plus I had plenty of bugs with this app like
my live view automatically disappearing after a short time or not even able to
show the feed with a black screen now honestly I wish one of these cameras had
the web viewer like the nest camps it’s super well designed fast loading and
super smooth timeline scrubbing I kind of wish I included nest in this
comparison but then again they’re quite a bit more expensive than most of these
so it’s a whole different price bracket let me know if you’d be interested in
seeing an S camera comparison se versus ring or another now the biggest and
worst news for a ring specifically is you’ve got to stay away from them unless
you’re willing to pay their monthly subscription fees there is no local
storage option you can’t view any of your recorded
videos without paying the subscription and that would be a deal-breaker for me
personally I try stay away from getting locked into those monthly or yearly
subscriptions if possible and unfortunately this looks like this is
the route that ring has taken now if you have a lot of spare cash lying around
then paying monthly to unlock their key features could be pretty nice and you
might really like the results but if you’re looking for a budget affordable
option well then you should probably stay away from the whole ring suite
at least until they give us a free 24 hours recording plan or something like
that another major con to the stick up cam is
it’s not even using micro USB for the charging port it’s this lame barrel
connector unlike usb on all of these other cameras
and funny enough that removable battery inside is micro USB but while it’s
inserted you can’t charge it it’s turned around so if you want to use the stick
up battery cam to be plugged in well you must purchase their charger separately
or buy the plug-in model so which is the best well I think if you just need
something simple mostly indoors or possibly outdoors under an awning and
you want that cheapest cheapest option well then wise is the best it has great
mounting options it’s small and discreet great app and overall the most bang for
your buck my next favorite is the real link Argus 2 it’s great for indoors or
outdoors it has a super wide angle field of view with great resolution and
quality it’s a powerful mobile and desktop app
plus that optional solar panel and magnetic base makes it my favorite for
mounting anywhere it easily plus real link is always having sales like today I
saw you could get the solar panel basically free for a discounted price
and they gave me a discount code to use so they’ll be down in the description yi
is an OK option and I know they have other models as well I just don’t like
their app as much Wi-Fi connectivity can be super finicky they do have a desktop
app which is nice but they’re a little bit too similar to the Y’s cam which is
just better and cheaper and sadly I say last place goes to the ring camps now I
say it’s sadly because they have great potential but mainly due to the fact
that all of its best and important features are locked under a paywall and
I don’t like that they could have at least given us a micro SD card slot to
save local clips or unlock cloud storage for maybe 24 hours free and then pay
beyond that but that’s not the case so unless you don’t care about paying those
monthly fees you might want to stay away let me know which one you guys think is
the most bang for your buck and until I see you next time let’s live all that


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