BEST Action Camera of 2020? Insta360 ONE R 5.3K 1-inch Sensor with Leica In Depth Review

Hey what’s up everybody. It is your boy Hugh here from CreatorUp. Today we are going to review another really
cool feature of the Insta360 … hold on… The ONE R right here. See it is missing the camera because it is
actually filming us right now with the 1-inch Leica Mod. And we gonna review it indepth how good is
the 1-inch Leica mod compared to GoPro Hero 8 and my Panasonic GH5. [Music] The 1-inch Lecia MOD turns the Insta360 ONE
R into the only action camera that has 1″ sensor in 2020. It has the SONY RX0 TWO image quality into
a rugged tiny body and produces 5.3K resolution with FlowState stabilization. If you love action sports and love to film
yourself doing it, this is the best looking camera you can get. Okay, on paper, this is amazing. But is it really? And if this is the first video you saw on
this channel, you might ask, who is Insta360 anyway. And who is this Asian guy speaking broken
English and telling me what camera to buy in 2020. Well, at least give me a chance to win you
over by showing you my in-depth research in camera technology. I am not a big YouTuber, but I am an award-winning
VR filmmaker, and my VR film is featured as The Top 25 VR Videos Of 2019 by Forbes. So I know cameras, especially those kinds
that can also do 360 videos. I am going to compare Insta360 ONE R 1″ Leica
Mod to 4K Mod, to GoPro Hero 8 and my Panasonic GH5 with a 7mm lens – which is filming me
right now. By the end of this video, you will know how
good or bad of the Insta360 ONE R in the spectrum of action cameras like the GoPro Hero 8 and
Cinematic DSLR like the GH5. I will use the SONY RX0 TWO if I can find
one. But that camera is not that popular or easy
to get. The 1″ Leica is for sure a replacement or
upgrade of the old SONY RX0 Two 1″ sensor small body camera. Disclaimer, This is not a sponsored video
– huge shout out to Insta360 sending me this unit so you can see the image quality and
in-depth technical review first on CreatorUp. A closer look at the 1″ Leica Mod
This beautiful beast use Leica SUPER-ELMAR-A 1:3 2/14 ASPH. It is a 1-inch wide-angle F3.2 14.4mm equiv
lens. It shoots 5.3K in 30fps, 4k in 30fps, 60fps. Next we have 2.7K in 30 and 60fps, and 1080P
in 30, 60, and 120fps. Why you need 5.3K in an action camera: The
reason is simple, b/c this is not like my GH5 with a zoom lens. There is no zoom in the Leica lens. So the only way to zoom in any action camera
is digitally zoom in. So if my final render is 4K, I can have room
to zoom in or zoom out – which unlock lots of creative framing. With Premiere plugin like the GoPro FX Reframe
– which will work with ONE R as its spec is identical to GoPro Hero 8 – you can also reframe
in post-production. Just not as much as a 360 camera. Now, let’s go to Best Buy and get a brand
new GoPro Hero 8. And also watch some of my B-rolls of the ONE
R. So right now I am in front of BestBuy in west
Los Angeles. Filming me right now it is the ONE R 1-inch
Mod Lecia Mod and I gonna go inside and pick up another GoPro Hero 8. Because I crash mine in my last job. Flying an FPV with the GoPro Hero 8 [Drone Flying] [Crash Noise] Well that is not exactly an FPV Drone and
it is actually not GoPro Hero 8. It is a ONE X. But hey, I want another GoPro Hero 8 – things
I do to my followers, right? Let’s go shopping guys. So what is the return policy on this? 14 days. Even it is open. So you can try it out if you don’t like it
you can bring it back. I got an Hero 8. So errr… Let’s do some comparison test right now. [Music] 1″ Leica vs GoPro Hero 8 vs GH5
Let’s see some apples to apples comparison to find out the image quality of the 1″ Leica. First, we have GoPro Hero 8 shooting at 4K
30fps with ProTune High Bit Rate and GoPro Color. Everything else is auto. I always use GoPro Color because I think GoPro
has a beautiful color – it is one of its advantages compared to any other camera – including the
ONE R. Next, we have Insta360 ONE R in 4K mod. Not sure you notice, but the 4K mod is actually
slightly sharper and clearer than the GoPro. Make sure you are watching this in 4K on a
4K monitor and pay close attention here. As I point out, ONE R 4K can see 1 more E
than Hero 8. The difference is very marginal, but it is
there. Again, the majority of your viewers are going
to watch the content on a mobile phone – so I won’t pick the ONE R 4K just because of
this marginal improvement because good color science is way more important than just a
little bit of sharpness increase. So the real difference comes in when you use
the 1″ Leica Mod. As you see right here. You also notice my new action figure Tanjiro. I am so excited for Season 2. Put it side by side with the GoPro Hero 8. The Leica Mod looks so much bigger is because
it is 5.3K. So a lot more details are captured. If you care about a thing called dynamic range
– look at the shadow area. It is not because GoPro Color is more contract
and not afraid on crushing the black to make thing looks good. GoPro is losing details in the dark. Reducing contract of Gopro Color won’t bring
them back. No matter how you put it, ONE R has a better
dynamic range thanks to 1″ sensor. And can’t argue with that. Download the samples from the link in the
description below and see it yourself. ONE R 4K mode also has HDR video, which is
NOT in the 1-inch Leica Mod. As you see here, it does increase the dynamic
range compared to GoPro Hero 8. But, the details look blurry, and you see
nasty purple and digital color noise appear in the shadow – it looks way worse than GoPro
Hero 8 without HDR. If you see the 1″ Leica compared to the 4K
HDR, you can tell the HDR is not good. The 1″ Leica is a lot better. So I won’t suggest filming with HDR video. What about comparing it with my Panasonic
GH5? Here we have the GH5 filming with a 7 -14mm
fisheye lens. Put it side by side. Mmmm….look pretty much the same. Let’s zoom in. Still beside colors, they are mostly the same. I will even say the Leica 1″ is a little bit
sharper than GH5. Probably due to the quality of the lens. The Leica lens is small and beautiful. Better looking than my thousand dollars Olympus
M.Zuiko 7 – 14mm. Wow. So is it the 1″ Leica Mod the holy grail of
action camera in 2020 for any filming senario? Not exactly. If you see the beginning of this video when
I use my fingers to count down very close to the lens – practically touching it, you
see that my hand is out of focus compared to GoPro Hero 8 or the 4K mod. So there is a focus distance of the 1″ Leica. If you are filming a very close subject – like
micro-detail – the 1″ Leica mod is not going to work. So right now we are going to a comparison
test between the Insta360 ONE R and the GoPro Hero 8 right here. And I Rig it together in a single format. So you see a fair comparison. I gonna do a stabilization test, just running
test, riding on my onewheel test, and all kind of testing to see which one is the best
stabilization. And also audio quality. Let’s do it. So right now I am just walking down the street
in front of my house. errr just casually walking. So to see how good is the stabilization while
you just walking. and also you can see dynamic light change b/c the sun is right there setting. the california sound. I am just walking to see how good is … wait
hold on … REPECT YOUR PETS. Okay cool guys. Errr so, we just walk around and then I gonna
run around to see how good is the flowstate stabilization vs the Hero 8 and again this
is capture right now without mic just straight out the audio from the camera. So we will see how good the audio as well
when you don’t use mic. So now flip back and let’s run. So I intentionally going up and down jogging
as well. You actually see some vibration. I just found something really cool look at
this thing. What is that? I guess I will never know. Okay let’s back to running. Because I need more exercise. I have been pushing so much video and have
not been able to exercise at all. But again, I am pretty tired. So now you should have a good idea how good
is the stabilization between 2 cameras. But if you still not. I am gonna go on my onewheel right around
the block to see how is snowboarding, skiing stabilization let me catch my breath and hop
on my onewheel and do the test. So right now I am gonna connect this little
USB to Mic jet into my Insta360 ONE R right here. As you can see right here you can open it
up and plug this little thing in. They only sell it $10 way cheaper than the
GoPro Hero 8 which cost around $80. So when this is in, I will right now unplug
my GH5 audio recorder. Two very boring minutes later… Okay right now the Insta360 ONE R should record
directly to my Blink 500 wireless mic directly into the camera. And again on the left we still have the the
GoPro Hero 8 also capturing the audio. So we will compare directly how good is the
blink with the Hero 8. I gonna ride my onewheel with this exact setup
so we can actually hear no distracted by wind noise. Because wind noise is impossible to remove
it in post. So let’s do it now. [Hopping on OneWheel] [Audio from ONE R] [Audio from Hero 8] So, as you can hear, with the external lav
– the audio quality is more professional sounding. If you are a vlogger, this is setup you need. So both walking, running, and OneWheeling,
if that is a word, are mostly identical between 2 cameras. I also want to add, I am on the latest firmware
– the same firmware you will have when you receive your camera. I saw some other reviews on YouTube that have
bad stabilization. This is probably due to the beta firmware. They fixed that in this version and also introduced
the same FlowState system you saw in my 360 reviews right here. You should check that video first BTW. Because I am skipping things that I already
covered in that 20 min long video. So indoor and low light filming, you have
to check the “indoor stabilization option” to remove motion blur. Here is a side by side comparison with the
GoPro Hero 8. Freeze the frame here so you can see it better. The anchor on the GoPro is all blurry but
the same anchor on the ONE R is still sharp. If you pan down on my hats – you probably
see it better. Again, this is not as obvious as 360 videos. 360 FlowState is going to be better than 2D
FlowState. So for filming low light action sport, I actually
suggest using the 360 mod instead – the stabilization result is going to be better. Slow Motion
What you are watching now, both cameras are in 1080P 120fps and slow down to 30fps. The quality is pretty much the same, with
the ONE R Leica a little bit zoom in. Just be careful with that, with slow motion,
your frame is smaller in ONE R. Also with GoPro Hero 8, you can go all the way to 1080P
in 240fps – super slow motion. You can not do that with the Leica Mod. You can tho, with the 4K mod. The spec of the 4K mod is exactly the same
as the Hero 8. Low Light video
Action cameras are never designed for low light capture. But since your boi is crazy, let’s do some
extreme low light test. Here is GoPro. And here is ONE R. We hand-held both cameras
and the indoor stabilization is on with the ONE R – which means the ISO is prob higher. Both cameras are on AUTO. Let’s put them together. The ONE R looks slightly better with better
AI auto exposure. The GoPro, mehhhh. In my honest opinion, both are bad. I will not suggest filming anything in low
light with an action camera. Not even you have 1″ sensor. It is still a smaller sensor. You will need a full-frame sensor for this. So if you think the 1 inch Leica can solve
your low light problem, well, no. Use a SONY camera. You probably will not use an Action camera to take photos. But if you in a pitch and forget your Canon
5D Mark 4 – here is photo of GoPro Hero 8. And here is the Night Shot of ONE R Leica
1″ Mod. You see the impressive quality of Night Shot
– thanks to 9 DNG merging technology and Virtual OIS – as this photo is actually captured handheld. You would never use a tripod on an Action
camera, Virtual Optical Image Stabilization is very important to make your image look
sharp at low light – as not everyone has a perfectly steady arm
Take a look at another even darker photo. Here is GoPro, and here is ONE R. You should
be able to make the call. Comment below and tell me which you like better. Cool features of ONE R 1″ Leica Mod
Let’s talk about some cool features. A very cool feature no one seems to mention
is the detachable lens cover. You can screw this off, and that is how you
put the 1-inch into your protected frame. Insta360 is working with many third-party
lens filter providers, like PolarPro, to design dedicated ND and PL filters – so you can control
your shutter speed outdoor. This is extremely important if you like to
film snowboarding or any outdoor action sports. Experience action sport videographers will
know exactly what I am talking about. That applies to photo as well. If you want that nice silky smooth long exposure
photography in daylight – you need a Neutral Density Filter, aka ND filter, to achieve
this kind of effect. And Insta360 has this plan out already. So smart. Another unconfirmed information is a 1″ custom
mod. If you don’t like the Leica lens or you want
to change into professional glasses – there will be a mod coming later this year allow
you to put any lens you want – zoom lens, Prime lens, Probe Lens, VR180 Lens like the
200 degrees Entaniya lens I have here. The possibility is endless and that is probably
1 way allows Insta360 ONE R continue to upgrade into a better VR180 camera or macro camera,
whatever you need it to be. Another cool feature is tap to zoom. You can tap the screen to zoom in and really
see your face. If you complain about the tiny touch screen
– do that. As I mentioned already, it can connect to
a professional audio recording device using a USB-C to audio jet converter right here. It only cost $10 instead of the boaty GoPro
Media Mod that cost $80. I can connect to my Saramonic Blink 500 lav
mic and record the best audio for vlog even in the noisy environment. The reason why I choose the Saramonic instead
of the Rode – which is other influencers like, it is because Saramonic Blink 500 is cheaper
and comes with 2 lavs for interviews instead of just one. And honestly, the quality is exactly the same
or even better. Why pay more and get less, right? Hit the like button if I help you to save
money. Lots of people ask me how long the battery
can last. It lasts around an hour for continuing filming
– so it is okay. Not as long as GoPro MAX but def longer than
ONE X. My ONE X goes out in probably half an hour. There are winter battery and extra capacity
battery – which will be released soon with build-in GoPro mount – so even lighter weight
and allow you to shoot without the frame like a true action camera. If you don’t want to buy extra batteries,
now the ONE R support fast charging just like the Qoocam 8K. Half hour charge will give you 80% battery
level. And as you see here, I use this invisible
battery stick – NOT by Insta360. If you are interested, I will put the link
down below. And if you have any accessory suggestions
and want to help the community out, don’t forget to comment below. The Cons
Now, let’s talk about some Cons. Yes nothing is perfect, and it is your boy
responsibility to tell you things that is … Mehhh So the biggest thing is overheating. I do not run into any overheating in both
the 360 Mod or 4K Mod. But when in the 1″ Mod, I got overheat in
about 7 min filming – when I am doing my hyperlapse – which require a long filming time. When it overheat, the camera stop recording
and you need to wait for it to cool down or pop the battery out and do it again. Changing the frame is super annoying. As the 1-inch Mod has an extra glasses – you
need to screw it out to put the frame in and screw it out again to swap to selfies mod. It might risk dropping the camera Another annoying thing is when in selfie mode,
you can not really click the video icon as the lens is in the way. Tiny touch screen does have its drawbacks. All your videos are captured in a special
Insta360 format with FlowState IMU data and AI data embedded in the video. This creates an extra step for transcoding
from the camera to Premiere or Final Cut Pro. Compared to GoPro, which directly recorded
in mp4 and ready to be CUT immediately, Insta360 post workflow for desktop users is a little
slower. As transcoding does take some time depends
on your GPU. But, Insta360 does give you ProRes – which
means it will save you time on proxy if you are using Final Cut Pro X – so apple users
actually gain time in post-production if you are on some of the latest Mac. So not necessary a bad thing. Lastly is the weight issue. This thing is heavy when fully loaded. Check on screen for the exact weight compared
to GoPro Hero 8. As action sports require a light camera and
this is not exactly light. If you are an FPV pilot – this thing is heavy
and you need a stronger frame to hold this. Thank you for watching another in-depth review
of the Insta360 ONE R. Def get the 360 mod as well. Want to learn more about the 360 mod and the
invisible drone mod – watch this in-depth review. The next review of ONE R, and yes, more are
coming almost every other day. This is a complicated camera and you need
to know everything before you pull the trigger. Even tho you decide to buy the ONE R, it does
not mean you need to buy every Mod to waste money. There are things you need and there are things
that you don’t really need. And we will cover them all for you so you
can save money on your boi Hugh. The next video tho, it is the 360 video, I
promise. In that video, you will find things that you
don’t know when compared to Insta360 ONE X. There are lots of ONE X users here and if
you need a reason for upgrade and it is a big one – you need to hit the bell and watch
that video in your VR headset. Again, if you are new here, please consider
subscribing. We teach you how to produce immersive content
for VR headset – which will be the future of content consumption. You need to get ahead of the game and capture
that trend when it is here. You boi is an award-winning Filmmaker more
than just a YouTuber – and I can really help you, if you let me. Until next time, Chao!


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