BenQ SW271 4K Review | Perfect Monitor for Photographers (srpski prevod)

monitor for me is really important tool in photography and today I will be talking about Bank usw 271 professional monitor made for photographers so let’s start hey guys it’s Nemanja and welcome to another fun episode this is review of Bank usw 271 4k uhd professional monitor made for photographers and for videographers too of course for me as a professional photographer monitor is one of the most important tools in a set of tools that I’m using to create my final project my final photo manipulation that I will be later delivering to client so my workflow usually starts by grabbing a camera going outside or in studio to take all the necessary photos that I will later combine and retouch in Photoshop and in that part of my workflow camera is really important tools so I’m using a good quality camera that can produce good quality files high dynamic range raw files and I’m using a good quality lenses to have the best files that I can get to later retouch them in Photoshop after I finish all that I transfer my files on a computer and then in that moment the monitor is really really important to in my peripheral why well because if I’m using a low quality monitor with a bad color reproduction bad luminosity reproduction etc low quality panel maybe I will I will get photos retouched of course but maybe my photos will be darker or brighter than it should be because my luminosity levels are off or maybe my colors will be off because my yellow is not pure yellow maybe it’s going towards the greens etc so that’s why having the great quality monitor is really important to have a great color reproduction color accuracy wide color gamut good screen quality with good sharpness to have all details visible etc right now that we covered why the monitor is so important to let’s talk about some specs this is 27 inch size monitor with 3840 by 2160 pixels resolution with sixteen by nine aspect ratio it has 99% almost 100% coverage of Adobe RGB and 100% coverage of srgb and rec709 so this is really amazing to have almost 100% coverage of Adobe RGB for me this is really important because in my workflow I like to retouch all my images in Adobe RGB color space because I get to play with wider color gamut so I have more colors to work with and to have a monitor that can produce all those colors that you can see all those colors actually is really nice addition this monitor is HDR content support ready so that means that you will be able to enjoy in that high dynamic range content from maybe Netflix or place I’m HDR games so you will be seeing an image more like your eyes are seeing in a real life this monitor is Technicolor color certified so that means that it has the same strict standard for color accuracy used in Hollywood productions this monitor has the 10 bit display and 60 Hertz refresh rate so if you’re a gamer maybe this monitor is not a good choice for you but as I already said at the beginning this monitor is especially made for photographers and videographers too the build quality is really good it’s made out of the metal and high-quality plastic and base the stand of the monitor is nice heavy and sturdy which is really important to me because I don’t have to worry that the monitor will accidentally fall off the table if I accidentally nudge the table that actually happened to me a few years ago when I was using some lightweight monitor and you can imagine the rest the SW 271 comes with a detachable shading hood that effectively reduces the monitor screen glare resulting from ambient lighting so it will ensure superb color accuracy even in those kind of conditions and the shading hood has this really nice hole so you can put your calibrator cable true when you want to calibrate your screen the monitor has really tiny bezels as you can see and it’s really nice for to monitor setups if you’re up to it the screen can be rotated left and right and tilted up and down and of course you can adjust the screen height you can even rotate the screen by 90 degrees clockwise so you can work in portrait mode if you’re up to that and this IPS panel is visible from almost all viewing angles this monitor already comes calibrated with a calibration certificate in the box but you can always recalibrate it using some external calibrator like color monkey or spider Pro etc there variety of AI ports input/output ports on this monitor so on the bottom side you have hdmi 2.0 you have 2 minute DisplayPort 1.2 have USB type-c port which is really useful especially for Mac users because they can connect their laptops with this monitor with just one cable and then they can use card reader and USB ports on this monitor too then there is a headphone jack and of course on the bottom side there is one USB upstream port on the back side of the monitor you have SD card reader with a really nice speed of USB 3.0 and you have 2 USB 3.1 ports but there is a downside having a SD card reader and those USB ports on the back side of the monitor because they are not so easy to read you need to rotate your screen and to see where you need to plug SD card or USB on those ports the better solution will be if they could move all those ports all the way here on the edge of the monitor all the way to the side like they did on PD 3200 you serious which I already did review you can find it right here except that I didn’t found any other cons on this monitor there’s another really useful thing on this monitor and that’s a hot key puck hockey puck is something like a remote control for your monitor you can control all the monitor settings straight from it and you don’t need to reach those monitors buttons ever again and there is another really useful thing that you can do with the hot key back you have three customizable buttons that you can set them to do certain things for example I set mine to switch between Adobe RGB srgb and black-and-white color space and that is really important in my workflow because as I already said at the beginning in Photoshop I really love to work in Adobe RGB color space because I have more colors to work with and I can really easily just be the press of a button switch to sRGB color space to see those colors will look on the web for example or just switch to black and white color space when I’m dodging and burning because basically when I’m dodging and burning I playing with highlights and shadows and I always dodge and burn in black and white color space so before I had this monitor I did that by adding a new adjustment layer in Photoshop a new black and white adjustment layer and just toggle it on and off when I need it or I don’t need it but now I have a possibility just by pressing a button to switch to another color mode black and white color mode in all programs that I want Premiere Pro Lightroom or any other programs that I use switching to black and white from time to time is really important in my retouching workflow because in that way I can rest my eyes a little bit from all those colors on the screen and then when I come back to a color mode I can much easier work with those colors and color grade my image besides Adobe RGB srgb and black and white color mode we have rec.709 we have DCI p3 we have HDR DICOM and darkroom modes we have two another use for modes that’s picture by picture and picture in picture in picture by picture you have two screens side-by-side that you can compare different color space for example you want to see srgb or Adobe RGB or Adobe RGB and black and white color space etc so this is really useful if you want to preview different color spray space for prints for maps etc or if your color grading your video and exporting in rec 709 and srgb and I don’t know some other useful situations this is really really nice you can do exactly the same in picture-in-picture mode this is a little bit different you’ll see here on the screen so the bigger portion of the screen is now black and white color mode and the upper corner is in Adobe RGB so you can change this bigger portion of the screen between some modes and see how this will work one more thing that I didn’t mention is the price of this monitor here so the price basically depends of the country you are in but roughly the price is around 1,100 US Dollars and for that price this monitor is providing really awesome specs so if you want a good quality monitor with a great color reproduction that is Technicolor color certified that has a white color gamut that supports almost 100% of Adobe RGB and has a 10-bit display etc this is a really good choice for you I give a two thumbs up for this monitor and I will continue using this one in my professional workflow but if you’re not in that price range you want something a little bit cheaper but still good thank you has same series SW series made for photographers but a little cheaper model so you can check them the link is down there in the description rid guys and that’s a wrap for this review if you have any questions regarding to this monitor you can ask me down there in comments below I will be happy to answer them have fun and see you in my next one episode bye bye


  1. Александар Дукић February 27, 2019 at 2:02 am

    Одлично и детаљно урађена рецензија. Једино ниси споменуо да ли монитор има своје уграђене звучнике, претпостављам да нема чим их ниси ни помињао!???

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