Armistice – But Peace? I THE GREAT WAR Week 225

What can I say about this week this week the war ends I’m indy neidell. Welcome to the great war Last week what was left of the austro-hungarian Empire signed an armistice leaving Germany as the last man standing of the Central Powers the Allies advanced all week in the West and cut the Germans last lateral railway line there a Naval mutiny at Kiel has turned into a full-blown German revolution and German delegates have gone to France to hopefully sign an armistice of their own I mean you really can’t fight the whole world on the 9th Romania gave an ultimatum to Field Marshall August von mackensen To remove all German troops from Romania within 24 hours on the 10th Romania again takes up arms against the invaders But the German leadership had higher priorities in the morning of the 9th as the week began German armistice negotiators reached Compiegne forest in France while at spa the Kaiser Tried to figure out his future. He met Admiral von hinten at 11:00 a.m And said that while he might no longer have control of the Navy He has the army and he can lead that into Germany and put down the revolution There were now 11 German cities flying the red Soviet flag and five of those were major ports the Kaiser asked quartermaster general Wilhelm Groener for his opinion groaner said No military operations either within or outside Germany could succeed the Revolutionaries controlled the rail centers and a lot of soldiers had joined the revolution Anyhow HEC Aachen the nearest German city just over 30 kilometers away from spa was under rebel control As was very air a German occupied Belgian town just 15 kilometers away the army would not fight and there were no reserves the Kaiser did not really seem to understand and first suggested military action against Vera Vieira and Aachen After that, he floated the idea of him staying at spa Until after the Armistice was signed and then returning to Berlin at the head of his mighty army Gruner said the army will march home in peace and order under its leaders and commanding generals But not under the command of your majesty for it no longer stands behind your majesty when the Kaiser pointed out that his senior generals took an oath of Personal loyalty to him Drona said today Oates of loyalty have no substance Right, then really right then a telegram was brought in from the Berlin commander that read all troops deserted completely out of hand Telegrams kept coming in all afternoon that were basically the same thing or worse one said that the Sparta cyst under Karl Liebknecht had taken control of the Imperial Palace and from there proclaimed a German Soviet republic and Responding to that a socialist leader named Philipp Scheidemann had proclaimed a Socialist Republic from the Reichstag Chancellor max von Baden trying desperately to preserve the monarchy announced Falsely that Vilhelm had abdicated and a Regency council would be set up He then resigned the chancellorship and gave it over to friedrich ebert a social democrat leader the roads leading back to germany were held by Revolutionaries and even at spa soldiers were setting up a soviet by 5 p.m. The kaiser Decided he would leave for the netherlands and exile the next morning Meanwhile in compiègne Matthias Ayres Berger tried to explain the extent of revolutionary activity and the threat of Bolshevism Engulfing Central Europe and used that to try and get more lenient armistice terms from the Allies No Dice allied supreme commander ferdinand fought wouldn’t have it airs Berger asked for a ceasefire as long as negotiations were in progress No dice Fox will not cease hostilities Until an armistice is signed Interesting quote here from Martin Gilbert the fighting therefore went on but Germany could no longer influence the outcome of the negotiations By its actions on the battlefield in the 100 days since the Allied offensive had opened at the beginning of August Germany’s power had been broken not by descent or revolution behind the lines or by political intrigue as later nationalist and Nazi politicians were to claim but by the Military superiority of the Allied armies the combined total of three hundred and sixty-three thousand prisoners and six thousand four hundred guns Constituted a quarter of the German army in the field and one half of all of its guns the war making power of Germany Even to defend its borders was within a few days of collapse But the war was still active in the field on the 9th the Americans advanced into Lorraine on the 10th the Canadians entered moans were four years ago the British Expeditionary Force had first seen action that day the British minesweeper ascott was torpedoed by a German submarine 53 drown Also that day the Kaiser left Spa for the Netherlands He did not take the train through Liege nor a car dead straight there through German territory but instead went by car through back roads after being warned that the army and Liege may be mutinous as people would Within Germany the night of the 10th news reached Compiegne from Berlin that the German government had accepted armistice terms once signed Germany would immediately evacuate Belgium France Luxembourg and alsace-lorraine and everyone from those places who had been imprisoned or Deported would be immediately returned home Germany would surrender two thousand planes five thousand artillery pieces and thirty thousand machine guns The Allies would occupy and German troops would evacuate Western Germany up to the left bank of the Rhine and the Allies would take three bridges across it mites Koblenz and Cohn Germany had 36 days to deliver 10,000 trucks five thousand train engines and a hundred and fifty thousand train cars to the Allies All the German troops holding the captured territory in the East must return to within Germany’s 1914 pre-war borders black seaports must be evacuated They asked for the Germans to hand over a hundred and sixty submarines But this caused a technical issue as the Germans did not have 160 submarines so they changed it to all Submarines must be handed over as well as ten battleships six battle cruisers eight light cruisers and fifty destroyers Germany will be required to pay reparations for damages done in Belgium and northern France The trains carrying the negotiators pulled up in a siding in Compiegne forest Not too far from ritand on the Iron River. They drew up in parallel a hundred metres apart The main German car had once belonged to French Empress Eugenie Napoleon two thirds consort But they met in fauces car a dining car wagon 24:19 D there Ferdinand Fache Maxime Wigand Vice Admiral Ruslan Weems Rear Admiral George Hope and Captain Jack Mariette met Matthias Aris Berger Ernst von Zell old count Alfred von Oberndorf and Detlev von vinter felt in the final discussion Harris Berger got the concession that Germany would surrender only twenty five thousand machine guns seventeen hundred planes and only five thousand trucks This was designed to have something left to combat internal chaos The armistice was signed at 5:10 a.m on the morning of November 11th Fache telegraphed the news to the Allied commanders that Hostilities on the front the whole front will cease at 11:00 a.m. And the war in the field the world war will be over Fighting did continue all morning even after getting the news of the signing early in the morning for example the American army ordered the fight to continue if you think Those soldiers who died in those last few hours died needlessly You are not alone for that order provoked a congressional investigation. It is hard to say Who? Was the final soldier to die in the active war? Just east of Mons Canadian private. George price was killed by sniper at 10:58 John Buchan the novelist who would later serve as Governor General of Canada wrote At 2 minutes to 11 opposite the South African brigade A German machine gunner after firing off a belt without pause was seen to stand up beside his weapon. Take off his helmet Bow and then slowly walk to the rear with the stroke of eleven there came a Second of expectant silence and then a curious rippling sound which observers far behind the front Likened to the noise of a light wind it was the sound of men cheering from the wash to the sea in Cities around the world hundreds of millions of people soon flooded the streets to celebrate Winston Churchill would ask a decade later who shall knock or begrudge these Overpowering and transmits every allied nation shared them These hours were brief their memory fleeting They passed as suddenly as they had begun Too much blood had been spilt too much life essence had been consumed The gaps in every home were too wide and empty the shock of an awakening and the sense of disillusion followed swiftly Upon the poor rejoicings with which hundreds of millions saluted the achievement of their heart’s desire There still remained the satisfactions of safety assured of peace restored of honour preserved of the comforts of fruitful industry of the homecoming of the soldiers, but these were in the background and With them all were mingled the ache for those who would never come home Many of you have followed this channel for several years some From the beginning and I thank all of you however long you’ve been fans for your support you well know This project would have been impossible without it. This will be the last regular episode of the series by that I mean the last episode that follows the events of the war in real time a hundred years later There will be a series of epilogues Starting Thursday that talk about what came after this day and there are several Mondays specials yet to come as well But the war is over This has been without question the greatest most challenging And most fun thing I’ve ever done in my life researching writing and presenting The whole world war I did research and write all of the regular episodes myself The specials were researched In amazing depth by experts in their fields from around the world who donated their time and their knowledge to make this project The best it could be I don’t even know the words how to thank all of those people from the bottom of my heart for their labor, and of course, I Have to thank everyone who made this show Spartacus Olsen for coming up with the idea with me and developing it David Voss and Daniel zeppos our who were producers back in 2014 and set up our studio Astrid Einhard for set design also she and I came up with my totally iconic look together Philip at bug and Adrian min dak who were instrumental in developing our motion design and animations Chris grapha who has recently taken over motion design, dan Kogasa, and lynn davis who built proper maps for us starting with the battle of verdun Mark looks bullion, Novick Felix Michels and Sebastian honkies who created the soundscape Rulest ian. Halfa Marcus crouch Marv, France Jana CH and Stephen Roberts who did some great editing work for us Laura Pagan who helped with social media? Well, we definitely want to thank all of our interns Anna Ravel Christopher Hawk Rory Kirk B max Rose Mario rezende Jack salt House yoram a Pelt and Robert Maloney and of course the team that you know And love that’s been the core team since the spring of 2016 markus linka tony stellar florian fatigue and julian sang As I said there will be more material to come over the coming weeks but today Coincidentally conrad von hotzendorf birthday seriously, there’s only one way today can end I’m, indy neidell. That was the great war You


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    Fast forward to November of last year and, after hitting rock bottom, life was starting to become a little bit better. I was just ending a long period of isolation and was becoming determined to turn my life around. The looming centennial of the Armistice had me fired up for the first time in a long time. After what this hobby meant to me, I wasn’t going to just let such an important day pass me by. I decided to go to the centennial memorial at the Smithsonian in DC.

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    Well, here I am a year and two weeks later. Lol, originally I wanted to post this on the 11th, but the apathy is a bit of a constant battle. However, I’m getting better and better. November 11th 2018 wound up being a bit of a catalyst. I started getting off of my back more; rebuilding my relationships with my friends; reflected, analyzed, and started to understand my life mistakes; and best of all, only a week after that trip, starting a new and invigorating career that I still work at to this day.

    Thank you all for making this channel. It feels kinda morbid that one of the most horrific events in human history would help me through the darkest period of my life, but you helped teach me no matter how horrible the war was, we study it to learn and remember. I apologize that it took me over a year to write this and for the sheer length of this comment, but I thought you deserve to know how much of a positive impact you guys had on someone’s life.

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    There is only one sure way to not lose, DO NOT BID!

    The invention of this game and its frequent running was long after The Great War.

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