Apex Photo Studios: Creative Studio Space in the Heart of LA | Reach Further

(music) My name is Bobak Kalhor and I’m the owner of Apex Photo Studios in downtown Los Angeles. We rent studios, we rent gears, we rent equipment for filming, photography, videography, event space… The millennials, they’re there making movies with $10,000 worth of equipment. They’re making stuff that can rival that of Hollywood. The need is there for space. It’s like there’s a lot of painters out there and they need a blank canvas. What we do is we provide them that blank canvas. And and if need be, we provide them the paint, the brush and easel. 1-2-3 Right now, we have three floors in downtown LA, about 25,000 square feet. And we have two rooftops with panoramic views of the city. These have been industrial, manufacturing buildings for many years. Several years ago, as we saw the need, we took it upon ourselves (with my partner), we took the top floors of the buildings, completely remodeled them, from electrical, to new windows, bringing out the original texture of the buildings and the original flavor of them and making really beautiful, beautiful space for people to do photography shoots here. Our number one aim is that they have a successful shoot. Whatever it takes to make that happen, it’s our job, that’s what we’re here for. We do all we can. I’m not saying everything goes smoothly all the time but people appreciate when you’re doing your utmost, when you’re doing your level best. I like to think that’s been part of the reason we’ve had good reviews and feedback. You have to give people quality. If we didn’t have good studios, if we didn’t have the best equipment, if we didn’t have the best professional help and we wouldn’t be where we are. I’ve actually been with East West Bank for many years through different businesses that helped me. When we were planning to expand, we looked at different options: renting new space, building out in your rental space or purchasing. We looked towards purchasing because we see that a long term success of this business and we feel that you can

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