Animated Photoshop Fire Effect: Fire Any Photo with these FREE Fire Loops

What You’ll Be Creating! Made with the same technique! Let’s Start First, show Timeline from Window>Timeline From Layer>Video Layers>New Video Layer from File, you can import the fire overlays Each folder has a one second perfect loop video inside it. Open “Fire6” folder and select “Fire00” to import all image sequence as a video. Make sure that Image Sequence is checked. Double-click “Fire00” to import all as a video. Your timeline will turn into a video timeline like this Change blend mode to Screen to remove the black Right-click and Convert to Smart Object I don’t know if you can see this edge! Let’s use Levels to fix it! CTRL+T to Free Transform. Hold ALT+SHIFT while resizing to scale it proportionally around the center. Right-click and choose warp Adjust the grid to fit the fire to the bun Great! Select both fire and levels layers and duplicate with CTRL+J CTRL+T to resize Duplicate again for the third burger CTRL+T then Flip Horizontal Use Warp again to adjust edges Make sure that all layers start from the 00:00 second If you have a layer like this you can drag it like this Awesome! But the 3 fires looks identical! Let’s import another fire to blend it with them to give us a realistic look Let’s import “Fire5” Change to Screen Convert to Smart Object CTL+T to resize Add another fire Choose “Fire4” 1-Screen Mode 2-Convert to Smart Object 3-Resize/Warp if needed Add another fire at the bottom “Fire5” 1-Screen Mode 2-Convert to Smart Object 3-Resize/Warp if needed I want to enrich this fire color and make it brighter Clip mask Levels layer Clip mask a Hue/Sat. Layer Cool! Select 1st layer then hold Shift and select the last one to select them all. Then drag to group them It should be 30 FPS! It’s laggy because I’m recording! let’s import the Fire Embers Move the layer to the beginning @ 00:00 Add Hue/Sat to change Sparks color Add another sparks layer Import “FireSparks7” this time drag to the start if it’s not 1-Screen Mode 2-Convert to Smart Object 3-Resize/Warp if needed Again Import “FireSparks2” The Last one “FireSparks3” Move them to the beginning Group all “Embers” Let’s See the final Result Great! IMPORTANT: Make sure that your work area is only a one second period. Let’s Export as a GIF Choose GIF and keep you settings as mine Wait a little bit to load the GIF The GIF is 18MB! to decrease the final size you can decrease image size as seen Wait to load! Now it becomes 5MB Make sure that Looping is forever Click save. or Just preview to see the final result Now, you’ve got a seamless animated fire effect with a perfect loop! Have Fun!


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    Also, if there is a way to cut the fire in half, I'd love to know.

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