Amazon Puluz Portable Photography Studio Review.

Hi guys. Caitriona here, the Zebra Wheelie.
Welcome back to my channel. These are two new acquisitions that I’ve got for my YouTube
Channel. This might be of some interest to those who are into film making or photography.
This is my new light box. I’m not even going to try to pronounce that name. But you can
see it there. It says 20cm LED Portable Photo Studio. And It’s used for making professional
like photographs. This is my little Gorilla pod tripod that i got from Wish. I will be
reviewing this in my next video. Now, this is the portable light box. It’s made from
plastic and it has two strips of LED’s. Which are quite bright. If i turn it outside there’s
one. And there’s one in the back as well. I forget how much this was. But It’s not that
expensive. It’s powered by USB. Now, it doesn’t come with a plug. You have to use your own
plug. This being a UK plug, but I’m sure you can get them elsewhere as well. But for now
i have it rigged up to two power banks. But it comes with several different colours of
backgrounds. I have the white one on at the minute. Now, these are the (sorry). These
are the different colours that it comes with. Sorry, the lighting’s not that great in here.
You can see here. You can have a green screen or whatever if you want. But it’s really good.
It actually folds down quite small as well. It folds into this little bag that you seen
earlier. And it comes with instructions as well. If you can see there. But there’s not
really much need for the instructions. As you can see, it produces really good photographs.
Or videos in this case. I will put a link to it in the description below if you are
interested in buying it. It’s really, really good. Anyway, thank you for watching. I will
be reviewing this, the gorilla tripod in my next video. So please stay tuned. If you like
this video please like, comment and subscribe below. Thank you for watching. Bye Bye.

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