Amateur vs. Pro 360 Photographer: ROUND 3!!!!!

Peter, it’s that time again. – Yes, it is. – First location of the day, we’re here in Tibidabo in Barcelona. We have an amazing church behind us, I’m shooting with my Theta Z1, Peter’s shooting with his
Canon, with a Nodal head. We’re both gonna be shooting 360, and I think our first shot is going to be at the top of this thing,
because this will get us up super high, and get us an amazing
elevated perspective of the whole of Barcelona, as well as this beautiful old church. – Yeah, we have a new saying,
“The higher, the better.” – So Peter, let’s get high. – [Ben] Have what? – (speaks Spanish) But you can’t film. – So we just talked for
half an hour with security, and marketing, to ride a two minute ride, and luckily it went in
our favor eventually, after we used our persuasive skills, our gift of the gab, they gave us these, and we’re allowed to
ride this two minute ride with our cameras, but we’ve
got to be very careful with what we do. – Yes, we do. We are always careful anyways. – Yes, let’s ride. – All right. – Apparently we have roughly
30 seconds at the top to get our money shot, so wish us luck. (dramatic music) Ge that money shot, Peter. Yep, I hear it, I hear it click. – Clicking.
– Say cheese, everyone. (clicking) – [Peter] Getting multiple shots. (dramatic music) – Okay, my turn! Five, four, three, two, one. I just hope my settings are okay. Oh no, that was way over-exposed. – Over?
– Way over. I’m doing raw. Okay, five, four, three, two, one. (dramatic music) Now that was thinking quickly. – All right. – Looking at my photos now, I
got at least five money shots. – I got at least one. – Okay, so I just previewed
my 360 image on my phone, and oh my God, that is
literally one of the best 360s I’ve ever taken, so in this
case, persistence paid off. We talked to them, we
didn’t leave straight away, we tried to convince them to let us shoot, and you know what it took in the end? It was me showing them my Instagram page, and they’re like, “Oh my God,
you’re a good photographer, “and you have followers,
therefore here’s a pass, “you can go anywhere you want
to in this amusement park.” So there you go, people want
content, they want exposure, so if you can convince them that
they’re gonna get exposure from your shots, then they’re
more likely to cooperate with you shooting. I think I’ve found the symmetrical point, in between these three
lights and out here. Oh, that looks epic. (clears throat) Peter.
– Yes? – You stole my spot. – I did?
– I was right there. – Okay.
– That’s the money spot. – Yeah, I know, that’s why I’m here. – I turn my back for two seconds. I thought we were friends. – We are still friends. – No, we’re not. See you later, you jerk. – Still have the money shot. But I’m a nice guy, so
Ben can do it as well. – Okay, now we’re just above
the line of where we were, on that ride, so, I’d
say this is probably, once we get to the top, the
highest point of Barcelona. Peter and I don’t do drugs, but we do get high on a daily basis. – Yeah. We like to climb towers
and buildings and churches. Wow, is this the top of the top? – It’s the top of the top. – It is. – Oh, look, I can see Sydney from here. It’s over there. – Isn’t it over there? – No. It’s definitely that way. – So when we are at the
highest point of Barcelona, high is never high enough for me. I’m going to set up my Nodal Ninja pole, and go a little bit higher, to take the perfect picture. So I’m going to put up my DSLR
camera on top of the pole. I use this little device, it’s
the Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1. And it holds it like this, and then I can rotate it. So I just set up my camera,
it’s a full frame sensor, with my fish eye lens at 12 millimeters. Then I only need to
take four images around, that’s one, two, three, four. And I end up with a image,
an equirectangular jpeg image, which is about 18,000 by 9,000 pixels, which is pretty high resolution. – And while Peter took an
hour to set up that shot, I’ve already taken five. Here’s number six. Cheese! – One of the things that
we have to go through is the waiting game. I want my pictures to be empty of people, but it’s usually pretty
problematic in a touristic place like this. So it’s a matter of time and waiting, or taking multiple images. – I’ve been waiting about half an hour for the tourists to clear. Peter is very happy,
because they’ve just left. – Yes!
– He has a clean shot. So he’s shooting his little heart out. We have to hide from his
DSLR, or we’ll be in shot. This is what we call pole dancing. – Yes.
– Get out of the way of that pole! I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Peter is about to use a 360
camera, that isn’t a DSLR. What’s going on? – I’m going to use this camera, the Z1, because there’s a raw feature. – Raw is very good, I’ve been
shooting raw with all my shots here in Barcelona, and
they’ve been stunning, so I can see how this is
something that would be enticing to you, and maybe you’ll
decide to change systems and never shoot with DSLR ever again. – Simply depends on the
location, and where you are. I cannot bring my pole out and put a very heavy DSLR
just like this out there. But with this, it’s very easy, so, this is perfect for social media as well. – Yeah, it’s true isn’t it,
any camera is better than having no camera, so
if that’s all you have, in a location like this, you’re gonna get a stunning shot. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a DSLR, you have a fancy 360
camera, or even a basic one, you’re gonna get an awesome shot. – Indeed.
– How’s it feel, Peter? To join–
– It’s easy. – Join the 360 camera club? It was easy.
– Yeah, it was easy. – It was quick, and
it’ll look pretty good. – You think so? – Yes, I know so.
– Yeah, it will be. It’s raw, we had the right settings, so it’s going to look good. – Hey, that’s where we just were. Just there. – Yep, Tibidabo. – How did we get here? – I don’t know.
– Teleported. – Yes.
– Hey Peter, I thought of something that
I can do, that you can’t. – Okay.
– This. – So Ben, that was pretty impressive and quite a workout I guess. – Yes, oh, I didn’t even
break a sweat, actually. – But I can do something
that you can’t do. – What? – Taking pictures in very high resolution, and high dynamic range, what about that? – Shut up. (laughing) – Okay, so final shot of
the day here in Barcelona. I want to capture this amazing place, in really high resolution,
instead of Ben using his hyperlapse kind of thingie. – Okay, that was pretty
good, I will give you that. But, I thought of another
thing you can’t do with that. – Oh? Which is? (crickets chirping) – Well, Peter, it’s been fun. – Yeah, Barcelona has
been big fun, actually. – Got some good 360s. – Absolutely. – Have to do it again some other time, some other place, coming soon
to a YouTube window near you.


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