AIRPLANE GRAVEYARD Bangkok – A Photographers Dream

what’s up guys welcome back to another
video and I don’t know if you can see behind me but we are here at the
airplane graveyard in Bangkok Thailand there was a crash years ago that
happened and all the remains are here in this field behind me we’re about to go
explore. This half of a plane behind me was involved in a fatal plane crash in
Phuket which killed 89 people in 2007 and arrived here outside of Bangkok in
2014 so this is a relatively new addition to the airplane graveyard but
the pieces are scattered everywhere which you probably saw through the drone
shots and people have built their homes inside of them. This is another piece of
the plane that crashed in Phuket and you can see it’s completely dislodged from
the front of the plane so this is like the cargo unit this is
like the first level of the plane as you can see there’s just a ton of these
cabinets here for storage We have our helpers here we got some new friends here. Pete and Pete. (Playing) One on each arm, hold the camera. Ready? 1, 2, 3! I don’t know if you guys were aware if you don’t follow our Instagram stories I busted my wide-angle lens just the other day so I’m not able
to get like really wide angle shots I’m shooting this whole vlog on my 24 to 240
so I’m I don’t know how well it’s gonna come out and I might be in a focus and
that’s the reason why. I went to the Sony repair store to have it shipped out to
get fixed and it should be back within like a week maybe two weeks hopefully
earlier I’m kind of pissed that I can’t get like super wide angles of this whole
thing for you guys but I think you’ll get the picture it’s really cool. This is
the biggest plane it’s two stories I’m assuming if it downstairs was cargo and
this is where all the passengers would be but what happened over the years is
people have stripped out all the seats and oxygen masks and sold them as scrap
and now families live here and just charge like a small entrance fee to come
tour. So there’s lots of scrap metal just laying around just chunks of cargo
this is like the cabinet space and stuff above the seats where you put your
suitcases and luggage and things this is the stairwell that goes up to the
cockpit let me bring you guys up there to show you it’s so neat up here so this is the
actual space where people would sit on the flight. There are pieces of equipment
laying all over some trash but it’s really neat to see this all like up
close and personal oxygen masks just hanging out this probably isn’t good to
be breathing in some asbestos in there maybe you know obviously you know you
had graffiti artists that come out here and tagged the whole place up
but let’s go into the cockpit right now it’s so awesome here’s the throttle and
everything. I wonder if it still works. Yeah, look at that it still works. And we have liftoff yes this is pretty crazy that all this
actually functions a little bit and not rusted shut. so this is like part of the
old control panel here this is cool this is really neat I thought this was gonna
be bigger and this is gonna have like more planes scattered throughout there’s
only like three here and there like partial planes, not full planes. this
is like I would say half of a plane and then I don’t know if there’s another
piece down there I don’t know if it’s like the other end of this plane the
other section or if it’s just another section of a different plane. it’s crazy
because like all this stuff it still works
it actually like the hydraulics in it look at it still like slowly Falls it’s
it’s pretty neat alright we’re going back down I’m assuming this looks like
the section where the flight attendants would have all the food and all their
equipment yeah so they would like slide in the food trays and things over here
and they’d have this is where like those rolling carts would go in and then these
are just like large pieces of the plane just laying here so we’re gonna go downstairs now and try
to go into the other plane still got a little tour guide here So right here this is just a
huge wing, look at the size of this thing you got to be careful because there’s
lots of like sharp jagged edges so when you’re climbing around or moving around
just be careful you don’t bump in this stuff. so we’re here at the top of the
second plane now this one is empty that I guess they took all the stuff out of
this one and put it in the cargo unit of the other one so this one is just
completely wiped clean. Ryan decided to fly his drone inside of the plane for
some reason super risky. this is very stupid yeah that noise didn’t sound good.
thoughts from the risky drone pilot Ryan Fredericks don’t ever do this I just told
him he go walk it through so this is by no means like in the top
five things to do in Bangkok or anything but we enjoyed getting out here and
doing something different from you know temples and shopping malls and stuff
like that it’s super interesting to see plain ruins up close and personal and to
be able to walk through them with our tour guide was a really cool experience
so I do recommend coming out here if you’re in Bangkok it’s about thirty
minutes outside of the main center city Say goodbye to Pete. Bye Pete! Thanks guys thank you. so that’s about it
for right now it is so freaking hot here like my shirt is soaked I’m dripping all
over my body but this is definitely an experience I highly suggest you come out
here and check it out if you are in the Bangkok area and you’re into this type
of thing it really is cool we are on our way back to the hotel right now to
shower change and eat and have a beer and maybe go in the pool so thanks so
much for watching guys if you enjoyed this cool little video hit the thumbs up
button on your way out and we’ll see you guys in the next video
see ya!


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