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So it’s finally here this is Adobe
Photoshop for the iPad the full version! So it’s been over a
year since we did our original video about that and it seems to take forever
for Adobe to release this app but it’s out today now it’s not officially
launched but I do have the direct download link on the app store if you
want to see that check out the description below and I’ll put that link
in there I’ve been using this now for about three hours it seems pretty good
and I’ll give you a bit of an overview of it in a second
so I think we should just jump into and have a look what’s new in Photoshop for
the iPad okay so let’s open up Photoshop on the iPad so it loads up very fast
it’s a very similar homescreen to the desktop version you can suggest new
features here to Adobe you can see your recent files there’s also a learn
section which is quite good it teaches you how to use the new version of
Photoshop for iPad and I’d recommend doing that because a lot of the gestures
and tools are a little bit different to the desktop version so I’m going to do
that this evening before I do the full review but let’s jump into it so you can
import an open from files from your camera roll if you’ve got Dropbox or
Google Drive enabled you can also import from that so I’m gonna open up let’s see
I’m gonna open up from the files app I’m going to open up a thumbnail example
that we’ve worked on for a recent video this was our final cut pro 10 masking
tutorial and you can see here it’s opened up the Photoshop file with all
the layers which is really really good and I was playing around with this
earlier there’s a few extra layers that shouldn’t be there but essentially
everything works as it should so let’s say I want to adjust the text here I can
select that you can see here that this font isn’t installed but we can change
that font to another one let’s just change that and then we’re gonna make that bold you
can adjust the size the color as you would expect let’s take that bet there
we go you even have hex codes and everything
you would expect from a normal Photoshop you can do a color picker so let’s say
we want to pick it and make it a gray color you can do that so that’s pretty
good but let’s go through some of the tools here on the Left it’s gonna click
done there so on the left here you have your selection tool so if you want to
select an icon you can move that around or a object within a layout that works
fine you have the transform tool and a few
different options for the transform tool which is pretty cool
so if you need to move or rotate an image you can see there in the corner
we’re doing that we have the quick selection and marquee tools they all
work so you can draw around they create a selection you can deselect it you can
mask it erase it invert it all the things you would expect from the desktop
version of this so we’re gonna do you select that you have the paintbrush tool
and if you hold that down you get options for loads of different paint
brushes there so if we create let’s create a new layer let’s just just paint
on top of that so it’s clicked a red color so you can see there that works as
you would expect I left the Apple pencil at home but I’ll
be doing a full test with the Apple pencil a bit later on
you’ve got the eraser tool as you would expect
you’ve got the paintbrush tool and a gradient tool let’s give that a test
let’s create a new layer there we go works fast it doesn’t seem to be any
slow down here it does seem to be working very very quickly which is good
let’s just hide that you’ve got a Healing Brush tool which seems to work
obviously this isn’t the best image to use to be honest there’s not not great
deal of things here but let’s just say let’s
let’s get down to this beach layer let’s try and get rid of say like so you’ve
got a duplicate and flatten to edit let’s do that so let’s get rid of these
little dots here in the sand there we go and we can see that that works pretty
well so I’ll do it a full test when we when we have there some better images
here but you can see you’ve got some of the tools that that come from the
desktop and they seem to be working very fast very fluid and working pretty well
you’ve got text tools and you’ve got whole selection of fonts as you may know
already you can import fonts from the Adobe iOS apps as well so that all
worked pretty well let’s click done on there you can import images from your
camera roll from your camera you can I drop at all and the color selection tool
on the right hand side here you have your layers
you’ve got effects and things like that one thing I have noticed though let’s
say you know we’ve imported this photo here and normally in Photoshop you would
use it to edit your photos you may want to increase or decrease the brightness
or contrast at the moment that don’t doesn’t seem to be a way to actually add
any effects like that you can see down here when you go to effects it says this
feature isn’t yet supported on this device so that is a little bit
disappointing that if you’ve got photos you can’t adjust the brightness the
contrast the saturation it really seems to be at the moment just a companion app
to the desktop version if you want to move things around or if you want to do
some sort of minor adjustments it does say it’s coming so hopefully within a
week or so we may see that feature added and of course we’ll look at that in the
full review but overall you know from a quick view here from a quick look it
seems to be working very fluidly it’s very fast there’s no crashes export
features if you look here there aren’t a great deal of publishing in export tools
but you can export in PNG in jpg in PSD and in a tiff and you can change the
quality of the size there at the moment as well it’s worth pointing out there’s
no CMYK there’s the RGB so really you can only use this
for for soft web and video you can’t really use this yet for for print media
so if you’re designing flyers or leaflets you may want to stick to the
desktop version at this moment in time so what do you think of Photoshop for
the iPad do you think it’s any good was it worth the wait and more importantly
if you have downloaded it are you gonna start using the iPad version maybe
instead of the MacBook Pro version if you’re out and about on the go let me
know in the comment section below I’d love to hear from you and if you want to
see our full review they make sure you subscribe to the channel because that
will be up very soon


  1. vishnu Shon November 5, 2019 at 2:02 am

    Which ipad are you using

  2. alfredo paez November 5, 2019 at 3:14 am

    Straight up garbage…the UI looks terrible and it’s been in development for so long and it’s still not ready…and u have to pay a subscription to use half ass software…I will go through the pain of learning affinity photo…

  3. Catalin Andrei November 5, 2019 at 4:00 am

    Downloaded and tried to import a .NEF file. File format not supported.

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